Beyond the Battlefield

Beyond the Battlefield presents lore written by the general Factions community.  These stories accompany the lore and gameplay updates that make up the central Factions story, to which they may be connected to greater or lesser degrees. Anyone can put together a Beyond the Battlefield piece and send it in. Factions staff will review it to make sure it stays roughly consistent with Factions canon and, when it’s ready, publish it here. We encourage authors to contact us before they start writing, so that they can pitch the general idea and we can clear up any questions.

Although we organize Beyond the Battlefield stories by Factions storyline, it’s up to the author how much they want to tie their story in with the Factions plot. You can write something that closely involves the primary arc, or tell a side story with little or no connection to the lore or gameplay updates. The closer you want to intertwine your story with the Factions story, of course, the more review will be required to minimize contradictions. Speaking of contradictions, although we try to make sure that Beyond the Battlefield lore is consistent with canon before we publish it, Beyond the Battlefield is technically of secondary canon status. If absolutely necessary, we may retcon or edit Beyond the Battlefield stories post-publication; if we do so, we’ll first attempt to get in touch with the author to discuss, and in any event we will make a note of any changes we make.

Lore Index

These are listed based upon the time period during which they primarily take place.


Hextech Revolution




  • Why?, by 501st Big Mike


There is currently no Beyond the Battlefield lore for the Mirrorwater arc.


Tell Your Own Story

If you’d like to write a Beyond the Battlefield piece, start by sending us your pitch.

You can also pitch a story for the Summoner’s Herald, our in-universe newspaper.

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    If I submit a pitch now, will it actually get responded to?

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