Lore Event V: Zaun


Research over regulations.
 Results over rules.
Revolution over revision.


These are Zaun’s options for Interactive Lore Event V: The Beginning of the End.

Zaun holds a dominant position, and stands at the brink of victory. However, after the recent disasters in the Shuriman mines, some fear that Zaun and all of Valoran could end up paying dearly for this new power. So far, the megacorporations running the mines are blocking efforts to investigate what’s going on down there.

Zaun’s Path

Zaun may select one of three paths, each bringing with it the support of a new Champion.

This is a one-time opportunity to select a path forward. Though the Champions listed here might be available through (e.g.) tournament victories, doing so would not grant Zaun the full effects of the path they’re associated with.

A New Leaf

  • Champion: Janna (joins as a secondary Champion)
  • Janna and Zac urge Zaun to turn over a new leaf, rein in the megacorporations, and make Zaun better instead of simply stronger.
  • “Good Guy Zaun”
  • Initiates the Noxian Decontamination project with a +2 bonus.
  • HKEM, NecroTek, Demonic Pact, and certain other psycho options are no longer available.
  • Reduces Danger Level by 3.
  • Zaun becomes a nicer place.

The Call of the Void

  • Champion: Vel’koz
  • Vel’koz is fascinated by Zaun’s progress. He offers to reveal the true power of the Void.
  • “Embrace the Dark Side”
  • +2 research bonus for: NecroTek, PsiKorps, certain other Void-related projects.
  • Void Energy upgrade: Zaun summons Voidlings and other monstrosities during battle.
  • Increases Danger Level by 3.
  • Zaun picks up two new projects this week, rather than just one.
  • Zaun gets spookier. They might be opening the door to all the Void monsters that have been scratching at the windows for aeons.

Ancient Power

  • Champion: Xerath
  • Xerath is impressed by Zaun’s mastery of the pyrikhos. So far, Zaun and every other faction has been stitching together bits and pieces of half-understood old Shuriman texts. Xerath is a “living” Shuriman mage of immense power. He cannot simply “teach” them, but he will tell them of the Solar Codex, an ancient tome hidden in the space between moments in the deepest ruined foundations of Shurima. It is the bedrock of Shuriman magic, whence could spring anew those lost arts.
  • “The Long Road to Greatness”
  • Initiates the Solar Codex project, a gateway project that would unlock new high-tier research projects.
  • This “tech tree” offers fewer immediate benefits than ordinary research options, but has the greatest potential over time. How much time? It is hard to say.

New research

Zaun has some new research options.

  • NecroTek: Research the undead from the battle against Nefara and try to create tech-zombies to fight for Zaun. (Danger Level +2)
  • HKEM: Large-scale techmaturgic biochemical weaponry. Singed’s project. Poison gas, flesh-melting distortion beams, radioactive bombs. (Danger Level +2)
  • PsiKorps: Train psionic secret agents with techmaturgic camouflage.
  • TekFortress: Reinforce Zaun’s defenses.
  • Noxian Decontamination: Cleanse Noxus of the Void contamination from the Void War. Would potentially limit Zaun’s access to the raw materials for Pharmakon, though with Extradimensional Theory they can manufacture their own now.

Extradimensional Theory

Having completed the Extradimensional Theory project, Zaun may also select a high-level research project building upon that one.

  • Hyperspace Tunnel: Warpgate upgrade that allows teleportation without a receiving warpgate. (Much more limited in terms of range and what can travel through.) (Danger Level +1)
  • Infinity Engine: A Void-powered propulsion system, a building block for aerospace technology.
  • Chaos Capacitor: A massive spire that absorbs surges of chaos energy and reduces the chances of rift formation.
  • Demonic Pact: Zaun could begin bargaining with the demons of the Void, seeking a patron of their own. (Danger Level +3)

Build a warpgate

Zaun currently has a warpgate to Shurima. They can start building another to provide warpgate access to one of the following places:

  • Demacia
  • the Freljord
  • Bandle City
  • Bilgewater

Spy on Bandle City.

Zaun can try to spy on Bandle City’s space program. If successful, they can start their own space research. The odds aren’t great.

  • Chances of success: 50%
  • Chances of being caught: 40%

Would violate the treaty with Bandle City.

Noxian Uprising

There are riots in Noxus. Swain asks for help putting them down. Zaun has three options:

  • Deploy troops (Power 2) to quickly smash the rebels. Would strengthen the Noxian regime and help cement its alliance with Zaun.
  • Do nothing.
  • Secretly help destabilize the regime. This would increase the chances of eventual regime change in Noxus. If Zaun feels the old regime is broken or ineffective, this might be a good option. Likewise, if Zaun wants to turn over a new leaf, this might increase the odds of a reform-minded government eventually taking hold in Noxus.

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12 comments on “Lore Event V: Zaun
  1. silencermage says:

    This is just my personal opinion but i feel as though we need to take a step back from all the void research. I for one voted for the ancient path feeling that in time it will pay off and that by pushing our limits with the void may cause us to end up like bandle city broken and shattered. I also feel that at this time supporting noxus could be a good idea but at the same time shows everyone that were most likely going to stay on this path of choatic creation which may bring even more hate down on us from the other factions. Instead of supporting the current noxus i think we should try to bring change to them and ourselves. I support the research ideas that wont bring danger upon us and will make us stronger in the long run rather then a quick fix solution.

    • Ser Doza says:

      We’re working on change at a slow pace. Reformation is the key, but we do not want to, and should never, be like Demacia or Piltover.

      Demacia is Demacia, and Piltover barely progresses at all; even if we slow down and initiate a better system of checks and balances, we can (and should want to be) more forward thinking and reaching. We’re taking a major step back from void study, but we aren’t dissing it entirely.

      I don’t see how aiding Noxus would make us look bad — we’re sticking with allies who have supported us for decades. We plan to decontaminate their land; either now or in the near future. We just want to keep Swain in power, I see no problem with that. He, himself, was a type of reform over the old Noxian High Command. He’s the best thing for the city.

    • LERY JNKNS says:

      Silencer, if you wanna be a good toe shoes, GO JOIN BC, DEMACIA OR PILT.

      We are ZAUN, the Third most Evil and Chaotic faction in the world of factions, or we WERE before you all started being little whiners about how we were not being “good” enough.

      that said, you all STILL seem to have failed to realize that a) ashe will not support zaun period, as the avarosan are allied with demacia anyway. b) with a foothold in their region, as a “recieve only” gate, they would be forced to be more wary of attacking us, as we could simply attack their cities if they tried.

      also do not forget that usurping Swain will only leave zaun with no allies, nor do you have ANY guarentee of making allies with anyone in the freljord or bilgewater, and may even be attacked if negotiatons are not made first, as we are still considered on whole as EVIL (thanks singed)

      One Final note: mike said this was the beginning of the end of the arc, so do we REALLY have time for the shuriman plans to win out? is turning zaun into a goody goody nation worth it? if you say yes to the last one, invite some friends and leave, for you have failed your zaun citizenship test.

      • Companion Prism says:

        Begone, traitor! Lol. JK (kind of).

      • Ser Doza says:

        We aren’t becoming ‘goody goodies,’ you fool.We are becoming more powerful, and stepping up to all that that means. We cannot afford to be blatantly evil, for that will bring upon us the ire of the other nations and the unwanted eye of the Institute of War.

        The research gained by tracing our power into Xerath’s might will not end with this arc — it will, like the technology gained in this arc, continue on into the rest of Factions history. We are making a bid for the future glory of the Revolution, not deciding to be evil because “lol everyone else is white knights.”

        Not a single person has seriously decided to usurp Swain: we all want the present regime to retain power in Noxus. There’s simply no benefit to oustering him.

        Also, no, the Avarosan are /not/ allied with Demacia — had she made that foolish mistake, Sejuani would be knocking down her gates to kill the Queen. Not a single Frejlordian enjoys the presence of Demacia, and a single scout does not an alliance make.

        On a Final note: If you want to be part of the “lelevil” nation, I suggest that you start repping for the Shadow Isles. Otherwise, get with the program, brother, and join us in the future. For Glorious Revolution.

  2. BlackRose02 says:

    Looks like Zaun has a number of choices. First, I recommend either taking the good guy or the ancient secrets path, cause lets face it, our danger level is way too high for my liking. Second, I recommend Noxian decontamination, since that will boost our PR, not increase our danger level, and we can now make the ingredients for Pharmakon. Third, I suggest we choose to research the chaos capacitor, since that might help us lower our danger level. Fourth, I suggest we build a warpgate to Bilgewater, for trade reasons. Fifth, we should NOT spy on the yordles. Last, but certainly not least, we either do nothing or support the rebels in Noxus. What do you guys think we should do, and why?

    • BlackRose02 says:

      Just got confirmation from Cupcake on Reddit that the Chaos Capacitor will lower our danger level, So, we have a bit more freedom. But we need to be smart about it.

    • Companion Prism says:

      I agree with most of that, but we absolutely support the current Noxian government. Think of it this way, the rebels are tired most strongly to Riven, a person who despises Zaun to the degree she is willing to stage a civil war in her beloved homeland simply to see us out of Noxus. If we aid the rebels, we lose an ally, and gain nothing. On the flipside, a combination Decontamination defense could bring Noxus back into fighting form thus restoring a powerful ally to our side, humiliate Riven even to her own supporters to destabilize her ally of Piltover, and, perhaps most importantly, grant Zaun the assistance of the Master Tactician Swain, in the event of conflict with Demacia. Zaun does not abandon our allies or our principles that easily.

      • XeronNosoul says:

        Getting swain would also likely strengthen our military, since he is the “Master Tactician.” Between him and Viktor, we have the “mental” edge on everyone.

      • BlackRose02 says:

        True, but we shouldn’t forget that Demacia might start attacking soon. We need to improve our defenses and lower our danger level, and if we send troops to aid Noxus, then that is 2 power we wouldn’t have to defend ourselves if we were attacked.

    • Ser Doza says:

      As I recall, we’re opting Ancient Secrets path and a good number of us are voting for PsiKorps, on the grounds that, should we win the tourney next week, we plan to pick Janna as our secondary champion — she comes straight with Decon.

      We’re still out on the warpgate, but last I checked the chat opted for Freljord: this could allow us to build diplomatic ties with Ashe and/or Lissandra, and would potentially give us access to a greater military force in the world; at least against our common enemies. It may — this is my theory, of course — also grant us the ability to study the Mirrorwater.

      We’ve opted not to spy on the wordles, but we’re sending troops to Noxus, as has already been mentioned here — we like the current regime, and we would like to have Noxus’ support again.

      We’re also pushing for the Infinity Engine. Naga /really/ wants Orbital Mundo drops.

      • Companion Prism says:

        I believe that the Chaos Capacitor carries with it an additional benefit: were it to be destroyed it would likely send out a shockwave of monumental proportions. In addition, the very rifts it was intended to prevent could very well erupt. What I am saying is simple, Zaun would become the proud owners of a doomsday device; a fail-safe in the event of catastrophic losses.

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