Mirrorwater Backstory

This marks the beginning of Mirrorwater, the first storyline of the Factions saga.

Mirrorwater Banner


by CupcakeTrap

Four states of Runeterra—Demacia, Ionia, Noxus, and Piltover—have turned to the League of Legends, arbiter of final resort among nations and the keeper of Valoran’s peace. For this weighty matter, these factions’ own greatest heroes have pledged to fight for them and them alone. Anything less would be treachery.

Less than one week ago, a flash of cold silver brilliance tore its way down out of the sky, shearing off a peak of Mount Targon and exploding into the ground not far from the Institute of War. Where this strange star struck ground it formed a bright pool of light, like a silver lake.

To be sure, there was some panic at first, but Runeterrans (especially those who live on the Institute’s grounds) are opportunistic folk, and GLORIOUS MOTHERSHIP PROTECT US WHAT IS THAT soon gave way to oooh, I bet you could make a potion out of that stuff.

The League itself made the first move. The star, or whatever it was, landed on international territory administered by the League. So it seemed fair, the Council argued, that possession should fall to the League itself—

Ha ha. Nice try, Summoners. Representatives of Demacia, Ionia, and Noxus were on the scene the very next day, each acting surprised to find the other there. After all:

… it was right on the outskirts of Demacian land
… except that it was still within the boundaries of League land, and the closest internal border was Noxian, and the Treaty of Kane plainly considers …
… it to be Noxian, true, but that treaty has no force over land overseen by the Ionian Astronomical Council, and

… a lot of awkward politics later, they submitted the matter to the League. Piltover interceded at the last minute, arguing that certain treaty language on otherworldly artifacts of techmaturgical significance entitled it to the “Mirrorwater” which has appeared. This claim was adjudged plausible, and Piltover was permitted to join the competition.

Tamaccius, venerable seer of the League gifted with arcane insight, was appointed to classify this “Mirrorwater” for purposes of describing it in the competition document. He says the strange pool of liquid silver light spoke to him.


it said.

And so the battle has begun!

Next Update: Piltover Rallies

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  1. Rextreff says:

    This reminds of the plot of Mario Party 3

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