Pick-Up Match Recordings

This page highlights some of our favorite pick-up match recordings.

Anyone can start a pick-up match anytime.

Intermission (following Hextech Revolution)

2014-08-05: Bandle City vs. Piltover
A pickup Intermission match between these two frenemy factions.

Hextech Revolution

2014-06-15: Piltover vs. Zaun
A casual pickup match with some light casting.

2014-05-02: Piltover vs. Zaun
A 4v4 Summoner’s Rift match. Casting by OrderlyAnarchist and Sgt Porkchop.


2014-03-21: Noxus vs. Ionia
Jungle Ezreal and ADC Karma.

2014-03-21: Noxus vs. Ionia
An alternately hilarious and intense match in which Ionia forgoes a ranged ADC in favor of botlane ADC Master Yi.

2014-03-18: Noxus vs. Ionia
A fairly typical pickup match.

2014-02-01: Noxus vs. Ionia
A casual match played after the first day of the February 1–2 tournament. Very fun match to watch; includes a Jungle Urgot. A good illustration of the contrast between the strengths of these two factions.

Bonus: Ancient History

2012-02-27: Demacia vs. Zaun
Before the present implementation of Factions, I organized some one-shot mini-tournaments. The first was Demacia vs. Zaun: The Prism Shard.
Here we have a video of a Demacia vs. Zaun match in which the legendary Renekton Bot graced us with his presence.

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