Summoner’s Herald (Vol. I, Issue 2) Credits

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  • DarkbreakerEx, TheTactician, and CupcakeTrap


  • If it’s nice and not Riot’s, it’s 333lom’s.

War In Shurima

  • CupcakeTrap

Notable Events

  • CupcakeTrap

Perfectly Pleasant Pet Poros

  • CupcakeTrap

An Admittance From Bilgewater

  • CompanionPrism

Swain Crushes Reformist Uprising

  • CupcakeTrap

Demacian Summoners Gain Naming Rights in Tournament

  • 501st Big Mike

The Shon-Xan Conspiracy

  • ShinRaigeki

Mythbreakers: Man vs. Machine Review

  • CompanionPrism

The Voidling Behind The Eyeball

  • RaptorAttacks

Zaunite Summoners Delve Into Sewers

  • Hallos

A Message To The Void

  • OrderlyAnarchist

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