The Summoner’s Herald, Vol. I, Issue 2

Previous issue: Vol. I, Issue 1

Cover illustration by Summoner 333lom.

From The Editors

When the Herald began publication little more than a month ago, the horrors of the Void War and the terrible bloodshed of the Shon-Xan conflict had at last given way to peace. In our preface to our inaugural edition, we expressed our faith that Valoran was entering a new era of prosperity and friendship. How naïve we were! The ink had scarcely dried before fresh blood was spilled in Shurima. It was as though all the specters of our past had returned for vengeance: even as the killing fields of Shon-Xan came to life before our eyes, the demons of the Void clawed their way into our world once again, and for a moment Runeterra hung on the verge of apocalypse.

Yet we take heart, for these gruesome specters were swiftly exorcised. The Void rift forming within Zaun’s pyrikhos mines was sealed shut, and peace returned once more. Summoners of the League, we beseech you, as you strive on the Fields of Justice for the fates of nations and advise your nations’ leaders: let this brief remembrance of darker days be an admonition! The peace we have won is ours to lose.
3 August, 24 CLE.

Notice From The Institute Of War

By order of the Council, we publish the following notice:

Hear ye and be warned that the Shuriman dispute begun the 31st day of March, 24 CLE, has been adjudicated before the League of Legends. The Council proclaims that the Teknopolis of Zaun is victorious. The greater part of the dark sand found in Shurima shall be Zaun’s to dispose of as it wishes. Rules and procedures concerning the use of the dark sand shall be principally the provenance of the Zaun Techmaturgic Institute, in consultation with the Council.

Let the word of the League be as law, lest all the powers of Runeterra arrange themselves against ye. There may be no appeal.

Shuriman Battle-small

King Jarvan III leads Demacia into battle against Zaun’s techmaturgic HexKorps.

Lead Story

Our lead story in this issue concerns the Demacian attack on Zaun’s pyrikhos mines in the Shurima Desert.

Notable Events

Significant events, summarized for your reading convenience.

Summoners’ Briefing

A range of authors critically examine today’s most significant trends from their personal perspectives:

We publish these articles that we might present our readers with a diverse collection of opinions and stimulating lines of argument, and to satisfy the terms of the charter which the Institute of War has seen fit to honor us by granting. In so doing, we make no representation of agreement with the factual or philosophical premises contained therein.

Valoranian News In Review

The Summoner’s Herald presents a selection of top stories from the best-read news sources in Valoran:

Further Reading

In these humble pages we can hope to do no more than highlight the most salient information. Should this modest apéritif stimulate a more substantial appetite for knowledge, we would direct you thusly:

Letters to the Editors

From an anonymous Summoner:

“I’m confused. I fought for Piltover in the Shuriman Dispute. I’m not sure if Piltover is even going to be allowed to compete for rights to explore this new island. Either way, do I have to stick with Piltover? I’m going to be honest: I was mostly in it for the gold. And the Shadow Isles is paying pretty nicely.”

League law is quite clear on this point: not only may you declare for a new faction in the next dispute, but in fact, even if Piltover were to be party to this next round and you wanted to keep fighting on their behalf, you would need to go through the declaration process once more. In short: each dispute is totally separate. —eds.

From Summoner Tamaccius:

“Whatever happened to the mirrorwater? I tell you, that stuff was talking to me! It wasn’t just sparkly magic space water. I’ve got a bad feeling about it.”

We are honored to have received a letter from the venerable sage Tamaccius. We plan to do a little more reporting on the mirrorwater situation in the next edition. We would welcome your thoughts. —eds.


If you would like to contribute articles, interviews, reports, illustrations, or other materials to the next issue of the Summoner’s Herald, kindly write to us or visit our offices at:

Summoner’s Herald Editorial Office
XVII Sablerock Field
Scholars’ District
The Institute of War

We regret that we cannot guarantee the return of submission drafts without the enclosure of a stamped return envelope.


Editors: Summoners DarkbreakerEx and TheTactician
Errors are the ultimate responsibility of Summoner Cupcake Trap, who performs final revisions and to whom all complaints, objections, and service of legal process should be addressed.

Illustrations contributed by Summoner 333lom and members of the Riotous Fists Clan.

Editing, reporting, and writing by Summoner Companion Prism, Summoner Cupcake Trap, Summoner Darkbreaker Ex, Summoner TheTactician, Summoner Montesque LXIV, and other writers whose names appear in association with their respective writings. As the League includes Summoners with a variety of names in a variety of languages and orthographies, not all of which may be accurately reproduced in typeset form, we must beg the reader’s indulgence for certain errors and peculiarities.

We welcome your comments.


The Summoner’s Herald is pleased to sponsor a discussion concerning the events described within this first issue. It shall be held in the Forum Redditoriae, at the Institute of War.

8 comments on “The Summoner’s Herald, Vol. I, Issue 2
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  2. Wizard996 says:

    Under Valorian News in Review, there is no link to the story about the glorious lecture excerpt from one sagely man. Just asking if you can link to that, so people don’t simply assume that A Message to the Void is the last one, I want people to read my article.

  3. Companion Prism says:

    Quick note, Valoran has a show called Mythbreakers; Earth has a show called Mythbusters. The link has the two worlds mixed up XD.

  4. 501st Big Mike says:

    If I am not mistaken, didn’t the first issue of the Herald move you directly to the article you selected and not just the top of the page it is on. If you could do that again it would be very appreciated. Also, on a more personal note, why isn’t there a link to my article on the front page?

    • CupcakeTrap says:

      Actually, no; it’s been by section since the first issue. I think Notable Events at least has to stay as one page. Maybe I could create separate pages for other articles.

      On the link: fixed. Your article was (I think) the last one added, and I forgot to update the list.

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