Summoner’s Herald, Vol. V, Iss. 2

This issue of the Herald is based on Lore Event I.

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Vol. V, Iss. 2 (11 December, 26 CLE)

Piltover in Crisis; Demacia Sends Aid

Ironspike Mountains

Piltover has rid itself of the worst effects of the Black Winter, thanks to aid from its ally Demacia.

Piltover’s own techmaturgical strategy, based on broad deployment of vivatronic accelerator weapons patented by resident inventor Dr. Gerald Lumos, faltered as the Black Winter intensified. In response to League inquiries, Dr. Lumos explained that although his devices could function in a typical Harrowing manablight environment, the elemental ice magic associated with the Black Winter disrupted his adaptations. He himself soon fell ill with what Institute officials called a “necrotic plague”, and was unable to participate in efforts to revise the technology. By early December, Piltover had descended into chaos. Undead attacks on the velocitronic railways system blocked the exit of refugees or the ingress of reinforcements.

The crisis reached its apex on December 9, when cybernetically and chemically altered corpses were reanimated by the Mist and broke through Piltover’s city walls from Zaun’s slums. A senior civic official informed the Herald that Piltover’s defense forces were on the verge of utter dissolution when knights flying the banner of House Crownguard charged down the central boulevard and stopped the undead advance. As of today, however, reports are still arriving of these Zaunite zombies entering Piltover through subterranean tunnels.


“The League gave Zaun its sovereignty. And how callously Zaun now abuses it.”

Joint Demacian-Piltovian motions before the League to allow entry into Zaun to investigate the source of these undead were voted down on Friday, and again on Saturday. The motion was carried today, when Ionia changed its vote to favor intervention. The reversal was likely prompted by shocking testimony by League Champion Shauna Vayne, who produced a confession signed by Zaunite CEO Klaus Tingson, along with laboratory records showing his researchers experimenting on the bodies of necrotic plague victims, implanting hextech devices and performing poorly understood incantations derived from the examination of undead remains from the attack on Bandle City and the Battle of Shurima during the Hextech Revolution. Sir Honnan Laurent, a senior Demacian diplomat and one of the signatories of the first League charter, took the floor to condemn Zaun’s “wickedness” and lament his part in the League treaty that granted the city-state separate sovereignty from Piltover. The same voting bloc also approved a motion for sanctions against Zaun. That motion was vetoed by High Councilor Vessaria Kolminye, who called it “rash and excessive in this time of universal crisis.”

Shortly before press time today, Institute sources confirmed that Demacia and Piltover had deployed to secure the Piltover-Zaun border. Although order has been restored to Piltover, no cure has yet been found for the necrotic plague brought on by the Black Winter.

Neritum, Daeyux Invade Nyroth; Ionia Responds

Nyroth - Southern - 11 Dec 27 CLE.png

Undead from the islands of Neritum and Daeyux have invaded the Nyrothian mainland. Despite Ionian assistance, more and more Nyrothian territory continues to fall under the Black Winter’s advance.

Reports received today confirm that the joint Ionian-Nyrothian operation to secure the capital region of Yoroth has failed. Troops have retreated back to the capital city itself, where a last line of defense has been established. Nyrothian sources report that serious disagreements have broken out among Ionia’s clans, with units refusing in the heat of battle to accept orders from outside their own clan hierarchies.

Lich-lords from the island of Daeyux have seized control of Yanti, a province known for its ancient temples and strong religious traditions. The entire province has now been evacuated. League Summoners report that the region is now permeated with necromantic energy similar to that found on Daeyux itself, capable of causing spontaneous reanimation of the dead.

The Black Mist’s manablight has caused many of Nyroth’s ancient automata to cease operation. Yordles from the Ionian village of Nuigu have tried and failed to reactivate them. Though fortunately no harm was done to the automata or anyone else, it appears that fundamental differences persist between Nyrothian and yordle techmaturgy.

On the heels of Piltover’s motion to censure Zaun, representatives of Ionia appeared before the Council today to request an investigation into Bilgewater’s shipping operations in the weeks prior to the arrival of the Mist. Ionia alleges that, perhaps without the approval of Bilgewater’s central leadership, pirates and merchants exchanged necromantic artifacts with the rulers of Neritum and Daeyux. Archsummoner Talik Lathner, overseer of the defense against the Black Mist, quashed the motion pursuant to his executive authority. Nyrothian forces from several islands controlled by Bilgewater have announced their intentions to retreat to their island borders, in protest over Ionia’s “scandalous allegations”.

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