Synar’s Journal


Synar’s Journal

by CrazedPorcupine

This is a Beyond the Battlefield story, set during the Hextech Revolution storyline.

From the Journal of Grand Summoner Synar

May, 24 CLE

I leapt down from the wall, landing in a crouch in the alley way. Getting to my feet, I sprinted towards the door inscribed with a locking matrix. I need to get inside. Where it’s safe… I disabled the locking matrix and entered my sparsely furnished room and slammed the door behind me. It was getting worse. My personal research had always had risks, but I made sure that I was always the one subject to the tests. I had secretly been researching Ceruleana and the magic that she controlled. Storm magic, not unlike Janna’s, but on a much larger scale, mixed with potent sea magic. I performed many tests trying to reach into the realm that Ceruleana must have come from, where the other spirits that gave instances of power to Demacia resided. All tests met with failure. The price was incredibly high though, reaching through dimensions was no easy task. Rumors were spreading that Zaun was also doing Trans-dimensional research.

I had stopped participating in matches on behalf of Piltover, yet I was still very keenly following the dispute over the Dark Sand. I was never much one for fighting, though I was very skilled in the arcane. I wouldn’t be a summoner otherwise now would I?

Stop running Synar, You know We’re always here with you.

My eyes grew wide. Not even the mental stability hex etched into the floor of my room helped anymore. I collapsed slumping to the floor leaning against the door, finally giving up the fight with my sanity. I had begun hearing the whispers not long after my first tests to draw power from the realm Ceruleana is from. After my latest strings of failures the whisperings had been getting louder and harder to block. It seems that only the Mirrorwater that has been claimed by the Tribes of the Freljord has the power to connect to that other realm.

“What do you want from me?” I asked, finally talking to the whispers.

We want you to help us take shape. We can show you the way to give us forms.

“What are you?” I wondered.

We are wisps, lesser spirits that exist within nature and outside of it.

“So, you are elementals?” I was confused and weary.

No, we are not bound to the elements, but we draw power from them.

“What type of wisps are you?”

We are Wisps of the sky.

“Very well, teach me, and I shall do my best to give you form,” I finally gave in. My heart had risen somewhat. Perhaps I wasn’t insane. Perhaps my research was actually a success! Only time will tell, and if I truly could give these voices bodies, who knows what could happen!

I’ll be called mad, I was always called “The Porcupine” but now? Now I’d be called mad, crazed, insane. None would believe me, and many would frown upon my secret research. I don’t know where my research will lead me now. All I know is that I will certainly be called “Crazed Porcupine”.


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