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The Fate of Nyroth

The museum’s preservation enchantments have kept the colors bright on the scraped Freljordian vellum used to create this primitive map of Nyroth. When you squint through the glass, you can see the contrast between the carefully inked map and the

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Final matches of the Nyroth dispute accepted

A yordle messenger steered her hang-glider around the bends of the Institute’s corridors. She spun into a corkscrew to avoid an impact with a crowd of Summoners, and swooped into the small office in which the final results were being

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League Petition Outcomes (Nov. 21)

Here’s the tl;dr from the League’s latest session, at which the four factions from the Nyroth dispute submitted their petitions for general voting. Speak with Naggarok if you have questions, or if another Summoner turns into a Void monster and

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