The Zaun–Bandle City Accord


The Zaun–Bandle City Accord

by 501st Big Mike

This is a Beyond the Battlefield story, set during the Hextech Revolution storyline.

This story is based off of the meeting between summoners playing for Zaun and Bandle City during the Hextech Revolution while trying to decide if Zaun would vote to aid Bandle City in Nefara’s attack. Most of what is told here is a reference to parts of the real life conversation that took place. Special thanks to harrythepenguin and ottoman 714 in their efforts to making that original treaty.

“Silence! Let this meeting come to order,” the summoner yelled out over the dull roar of the many conversations that were taking place in the room. Several yordles were huddled in a corner discussing the mothership in hushed tones. Singed discussed future plans for experimentation of pyrikhos with Viktor in another. There were many summoners scattered about the room talking among themselves. The conversations slowly grew quit until finally going silent. The crowd then began to settle into their seats, with the representatives of Zaun on the western side of the room, and the Bandle City representatives on the Eastern side of the room.

There had been much debate and argument over these seating arrangements. Neither the yordles or the Zaunites could agree on which side should get which part of the room; both sides seemed to want to have the north, east, west, south, and center parts of the meeting chambers that the Council had set aside for the negotiations. Then after they had finally agreed on where each side was allowed to sit, a new argument began when they realized that they had forgotten to set aside room for the summoners that the Council had placed in charge of the meeting.

After hours of arguing, compromises, discussion, even some all out brawls, the two factions had agreed on Bandle City taking the western side with Zaun on the eastern side, and the summoners that represented the council placed between them. However, immediately after reaching this arrangement, a strong breeze began blowing from the east, and began carrying the stench of Singed’s foul chemicals across the entire room. He absolutely refused to dispose of his concoctions, despite several yordles passing out from the fumes.

After three more fist fights and several hours of debate, the two sides agreed to move Zaun to the west, Bandle City to the east, and leave the council’s summoners in the center. The beginning of the negotiations had to be delayed until the next day though, as the day had been spent by the time everything had been resolved.

The summer addressing the crowd sighed quietly. “We meet here in the Institute of War today to discuss under which terms, if any, can be agreed upon so that the nation of Zaun will aid the state of Bandle City with the looming threat of an invasion of undead soldiers led by the lich known as Nefara. Let the record show that this meeting was organized by the Bandle City summoner, Harry, who some call ‘The Penguin’ due to a Harrowing costume they once wore. The official treaty, should one be made, will be written by the Zaunite summoner Ottoma N714” The summoner standing nodded towards first Harry ‘The Penguin’ and then to Ottoma N714.

The summoner was clad in a blue robe and standing behind a table that seated the summoners that the Council had officially delegated to oversee the negotiations. There were three summers in total. The one who was standing turned his head to the right, “Have the official representatives of Bandle City arrived for the negotiations?”

“We are here and are eager to settle this matter as quickly as possible,” Poppy replied, “We hope we can come to an agreement with little to no further arguments so that we may begin preparing for the undead hordes.” She was accompanied by the pilot Corki, the scientist Heimerdinger, Rumble, Tristana, several yordles who held official governmental positions, and various summoners who had pledged their loyalty to Bandle City in this current conflict.

“I object!” Viktor cried out, his mechanized vocal cords were set rather high. He grasped his neck with his third arm and made a quick adjustment. “Zaun objects to the representatives that Bandle City has sent here.”

The summoner stood there with a confused expression on his face. “Under what grounds do you object to the representatives that Bandle City has chosen? You do of course understand that the conditions that the Council set were made quite clear: each state is allowed to choose which ever delegates that they believe would represent them the best, without the influence of a foreign nation.”

“That is why we object,” Viktor stated, “There has clearly been influence from Piltover on the delegates that were sent here by Bandle City.”

All eyes in the room turned to focus onto Heimerdinger. Viktor’s comment had clearly been targeted towards him. He continued to sit there passively, waiting for Viktor to continue.

Viktor continued, “It is well known that Heimerdinger has more loyalty to Piltover than Bandle City, despite being a yordle himself. His presence here is without a doubt a result of Piltover trying to influence this negation when they are in fact banned from doing so.”

The summoners that sat at the Council’s table began to quickly mumble and discuss quietly the issue with one another. They knew that there was truth to Viktor’s statement, but were unsure how to proceed.

The summoner who had been addressing them stood to speak, “Concerning the yordle, Heimerdinger…”

“Concerning Heimerdinger,” Rumble interrupted, “I couldn’t agree more. His presence here is clearly against the terms the Council set for this meeting and he must leave or be removed immediately.” He smiled smugly while staring at the yordle scientist. He had been opposed to his appointment as one of the Bandle City delegates since the beginning.

Concerning Heimerdinger,” the summoner continued, “we accept Zaun’s objection and kindly ask him to vacate the room.”

Heimerdinger rose, whispered something into Tristana’s ear, and left without a word.

“Now with that cleared up let us continue on with…”

“Zaun still has more objections we wish to bring up before we begin the meeting.” Singed interjected.

The summoner’s face showed his frustration as he asked, “What further objections do you have?”

Singed turned and at one of two summoners sitting at the Council’s table, “Zaun objects that it is this summoner, known as Michelus Magnus, who is currently overseeing the negotiations, as he is Demacian scum.”

The other summoner sitting at the Council’s table was eating a cupcake. He set it down and rose. “He is not ‘Demacian scum’ as you so kindly put. Michelus’s current allegiance in the struggle over the pyrikhos is not a factor that will be used to determine his validity to be here. His place here was approved by the Council and he will remain a part of these discussions.”

Warwick grunted disapprovingly in response but made no effort to argue with the summoner.

“Now that Zaun’s objections are taken care of…” The summoner paused and looked over to the Zaunites, “Let us continue with the proceedings. Have the official representatives of Zaun arrived?”

“We have,” Singed replied. He was accompanied by Viktor, Warwick, Zac, several summoners allied to Zaun, and various ambassadors.

“Then let us begin the negotiations.”

It was three hours into the negotiations. Things had been going slowly, to say the least.

“Very well, Zaun will not assist in repairing damage sustained to Bandle City from the undead’s attack.” Tristana finally gave in after a long debate over this particular issue.

“While we may not be agreeing to repair your *cough* city,” Viktor spoke up, “I can still help you. I could improve your city and hopefully show you the benefits of the glorious evolution. I am currently developing a prototype for my new design of a thermo generator that could supply your city with cheaper energy. I have been looking for a suitable place to test it at as activating it near my lab could result in it being severely damaged in the event of a major explosion.”

The yordle delegates stood there with shocked looks on their faces. If they weren’t already worried about Viktor’s machine spewing toxic chemicals over their city, the last sentence made up their minds for them. “We appreciate the gracious offer Viktor,” Poppy responded, “but we must humbly decline.”

“What? You don’t want cheap energy? Why would someone not want a free thermo generator? I don’t understand you yordles. Blah, who could claim to be a researcher of science, yet turn down a device a brilliant as my thermo generator?”

On the seventh hour of negotiation, yet another issue was brought up that caused contention.

“What do you mean you want our corpses, are you trying to threaten us with war?” Corki yelled at the Zaunites.

The three summoners that sat at the Council’s table just sat there. They had very little success in speeding the negotiations along or trying to keep the two factions from fighting with each other over what seemed like every issue that had been brought up. They didn’t see why this issue would be any different.

“No, no, no,” Warwick answered, “the corrrrpses frrrrrom the fighting, frrrrrom when we fight the undead arrrrrmy togetherrrrrr.”

The delegates from Bandle City stood there horrified and shocked. Was Zaun actually demanding that they hand over their dead for Zaun’s mad scientists to desecrate the bodies with experimentation.

“You want the bodies of our dead? What kind of twisted society are you? We burry and honor our dead, not hand them over to mad scientists to mutilate.”

“What? Why would you do that with the corrrrrpses? Why do you want to honor them? You yorrrrrrdles have some verrrrry strrrrrange customs for warrrrrr.” Warwick was scratching his head in confusion.

Corki was growing angry and frustrated. He wanted to punch that half-wolf in the gut.

His face was bright red, some of the delegates began to half expect smoke to start billowing out of his ears.

“If I may interject here,” Ottoma N714 had stood up from his table where he was drafting the treaty. “I believe what Warwick is trying to express is that Zaun wants to take the bodies of the undead ‘zombies’ that make up the invasion force that is poised to attack Bandle City after the fighting is over so that we may study them.”

“Oh, well that I believe we can agree to.” Corki looked to the other delegates who nodded their approval. Ottoma N714 sat back down and began to write this new term into the document. The veteran pilot stroked his moustache as he thought, “As long as Zaun shares the results of that research with us.” Ottoma began scratching out the words he had just written down.

“What?!” Warwick yelled out, letting out a quick howl to accompany it. “Zaun will not see its rrrrresearch given to you, just so you can turrrrrn it over to Piltoverr, who will then hand it over to those cowards, the Demacians.”

“Well if want to get that research at all you are going to need to share with us.”

“Now please calm down,” a summoner that represented the Council said, “we can surely find a compromise that will meet both of your demands.” No one heard him however; they were too preoccupied with yelling at one another.

“And with that issue taken of, we should be completed with these negotiations after long debating,” harrythepenguin stated, “Unless Zaun has anything else to add to the treaty?”

“Actually, I think we’re good.” Zac replied.

“Alright then, will the delegates of Bandle City and Zaun come forth and sign The Zaun and Bandle City Accord.”

The delegates all rose and moved to the center of the room.


Everyone stopped and looked towards the doorway, where the noise had originated from. Mundo stood there, tongue dangling out of his mouth while waving his cleaver in the air.

What is it now? Rumble was tired and wanted the meeting to end along with everyone else who was involved; the day of negotiating had worn everyone out.

“Mundo has to sign all treaties for them to be real; it’s in the rules.” He pulled a notebook out of his pocket that was labeled in crayon “Te Roolzez.” He opened up the book and turned to a page inside it.

“See, rule number sixty-ten: Treaty not real if not signed by Mundo, as Mundo is the only Mundo smart enough to be polytician. That why Mundo brought Dr. Mundo PhD. here. Now Mundo must sign or you all washted yours time. Mundo’s time too and two.”

Everyone in the room turned to the Council’s table; it was up to the summoners there to decide how to proceed. One of the summoners stood, “The council does not recognize your rule book as League law and-and so…” Mundo stared at the summoner with an irritated look and his muscles began to flex; it was not clear if he was trying to make them bigger for intimidation or if it was an uncontrollable muscle spasm caused by the many chemicals in his veins. “…umm, we agree to Mundo’s request of signing the document as a Zaunite official.”

Mundo ran up and scribbled his name largely onto the treaty. The delegates from Bandle City and Zaun followed him and likewise signed.

Zaun & Bandle City Accord

In response to the imminent attack against Bandle City consisting of undead soldiers and led by the lich Nefara, the governments of Zaun and Bandle City agree to the following treaty including all the terms listed within said document. They are to obey the terms listed and enforce them upon the respective official governments as well as the citizens who live under the jurisdiction of said governments. The governments of Bandle City and Zaun also agree that the representatives who sign this document are official delegates of their governments and have the powers necessary to sign and ratify official legally binding treaties that their governments are required to follow upon being signed by their delegates. This treaty is also recognized and made legal by the Institute of War, whose approval of this treaty is shown by the signing of the summoners that the Council officially delegated to oversee the drafting and signing of the treaty. Their signatures also verify that all the representatives of Zaun and Bandle City followed the proper procedures that were set by the Council for the meeting where this treaty was drafted, and that all legal procedures set in Runeterra were followed in that drafting.

The following terms having been agreed to by both Zaun and Bandle City and are to be followed by their respective governments as agreed to by the signing of this treaty.

The formal government of Zaun Agrees to abide by and enforce the following:

  • Zaun will order its military force known as, and hereby referred to as, The Hexkorps to help defend Bandle City from the impending attack from an invasion force consisting of undead soldiers led by a lich known as, and hereby referred to as, Nefara.
  • The Hexkoprs will leave Bandle City intact and functional after said invasion is driven off. This includes the banning of accidental and intentional damage that The Hexkorps could cause to Bandle City and its citizens while fighting to defend the city. This clause also bans Bandle City from attempting to use damage to Bandle City or its citizens caused by a foreign power that is not an official force under the command of the Zaunite government as a means to break the terms agreed to in this treaty.
  • Zaun cannot order to bomb, sabotage, harm, or attempt to disable Bandle City in an attempt to slow, stop, or reverse their research progress or military forces without provocation.
  • Zaun will not engage in espionage or spying against Bandle City. This includes Bandle City’s government, research labs, and private citizens.

Bandle City’s Government Agrees to abide by and enforce the Following:

  • All corpses of the undead army that attacks Bandle City be surrendered to Zaun for experimentation and research. After much debate and discussion, it has been officially decided that Amumu will not be counted among said corpses.
  • Nefara’s body will be surrendered to Zaun for experimentation and research if she is successfully captured. All reasonable efforts must be taken to take Nefara’s body intact and in its animated undead state. If it Zaun and Bandle City fail to take Nefara’s body intact and in its animated undead state, whatever it state Nefara’s body is in must still be surrendered to Zaun.
  • Bandle City will grant the only other research rights for Nefera and her undead soldiers to Zaun and will enforce said rights against Piltover and Demacia.
  • Bandle City shall not perform any act of sabotage, bombing, or make any attempt of hostile action against the government of Zaun, any and all Zaunite corporations, or the Hexcorps, without provocation
  • Bandle City will not engage in spying or espionage against Zaun, including Zaun’s military, government, and corporations.

The following signatures by the delegates of Zaun hereby legally bind the government of Zaun to terms and conditions stated above:


The following signatures by the delegates of Bandle City hereby legally bind the government of Bandle City to terms and conditions stated above:


The following signatures are from the leading summoners selected by the Council to oversee the drafting and signing of the treaty that is this document. Their signatures verify that the delegates from both Zaun and Bandle City agreed to the terms and conditions described in the treaty before being signed by those delegates. The following signatures also indicate that the all legal proceedings that are required by the Institute of War were followed in the drafting of this treaty:


This document, having been approved by the Council leading the League of Legends, is now League law. Breaking of this treaty is the same as breaking the League’s edict and shall be swiftly met with due punishment. Let the League’s will be done.


3 comments on “The Zaun–Bandle City Accord
  1. Kawaii Asuna (Twilight Shroud) says:

    Ahaha I remember this. Fun times. I even see my signature :P

  2. Wizard996 says:

    Heh, this brings me back to those tense days of negotiations. It would not be a lie to say that this accord literally took hours of arguing over the course of 2 days or so, with the treaty being remade one or two times due to disagreements and new complications. But it was a glorious time for politicking, and is a really fond memory that cemented my investment in this community.

  3. Wizard996 says:

    First sentence of 5th paragraph says ‘summer addressing,’ where I think you meant ‘Summoner.’

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