Vote to decide the third playable faction for next arc (and for how Shon-Xan ends!)

The final chapter of Shon-Xan is now being written, and in the spirit of Factions we want to put you, the Summoners, at the center of the action.

March 28 is the last day to cast your votes. We actually don’t have that many cast so far, and on several critical questions some options are literally within one or two votes of each other.

Click here to begin.


As the victors of the Shon-Xan storyline, Ionian Summoners get to cast a vote to decide a third playable faction for the next arc. (The first two playable factions, Bandle City and Piltover, were selected by a general community vote.) They also get to decide how Ionia will play out its victory: will it massacre the Noxians or show mercy? Will it focus on reclaiming its territory, or on breaking the Noxian war machine?


Noxian Summoners also have some important decisions to make, which will shape the outcome of this conflict and chart the course for Noxus in the future. Is it time to start fighting dirty again? Is Noxus having second thoughts about choosing Riven over Singed? How much do Noxians care about protecting those refugees versus safeguarding what remains of its military power?

So go vote!


Caitlyn, you monster.

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