Shon-Xan Interactive Lore Event Results Spoiler

I’m working on the lore update now, but people are (understandably and awesomely) excited to get the gist of what happened, so here you go.

Reminder of Setup

Ionia’s army is surrounding the fortified refugee settlement. The Noxian shock troops from the earlier sneak attack are in retreat away from the settlement, heading for an evac zone, where incoming Zaunite zeppelins will retrieve them.

I used point values to represent combat strength in an approximate way:

  • Ionian army: 3,000 points
  • Noxian legions: 800 points
  • Noxian settlement defenders: 300 points

I worked up a quick dice-rolling system to reflect combat outcomes based on relative point strength.

Ionian Decisions

Pursuing the legions

The consensus was to send two-thirds of Ionia’s forces after the Noxian legions. This reflected both a tactical assessment of efficient allocation of resources and a statement of priorities: Ionia wants to make sure that Noxus is no longer a threat.

Terms of surrender

Ionia decided to issue the following terms of surrender to the settlement defenders: lay down arms and disperse, and you’re free to remain in Ionia as civilians.


Ionia agreed that, should Noxus reject its offer, it would fight using conventional tactics, neither taking pains to avoid civilian casualties nor brutally torching the entire settlement.

Third Faction

There was also a vote to add a third faction. (A community-wide poll has already selected Bandle City and Piltover as the first two.) This came absurdly close, but Demacia ended up winning. The Void and Zaun were next up.

Factions staff will add a fourth faction that we think will work well in terms of lore and gameplay with the others. We’d like your input, though. We have an informal poll here, and we’ve set up an in-client chat: FOURTH FACTION.

Noxian Decisions

Orders for the legions

Noxus ordered its legions to continue their retreat, rather than redeploying them to reinforce the settlement.

Terms of surrender

Noxus rejected Ionia’s peace offer, saying they would stand and fight.


Noxus deployed Singed’s hextech biochemical weaponry. A vote nearly passed to not only deploy this weaponry in battle but to bombard nearby Ionian villages. It failed by one vote.


Noxus told Syndra to get lost.


Pursuit of legions

I rolled to see if Ionia would manage to catch up with the Noxian legions as they fled. They had a 70% chance of success. They succeeded.

Singed’s weapons

I rolled to see how much damage Singed’s weapons would do. The range was between 25% and 75%, following a 2d6 curve. I rolled an 8, corresponding to a 60% strength reduction for Ionia.

Battle: Ionian Army versus Noxian Legions

Ionia went into this battle with two-thirds of its force (2,000 points). Singed’s weapons reduced that by 60% to 800, making this an even fight. I rolled an 8: a devastating Ionian victory. Most of the legionaries were killed or captured, or succumbed to Singed’s weapons themselves.

Battle: Ionian Army versus Noxian Settlement

Riven and the settlement defenders refused to lay down arms, and Ionia attacked the settlement. Ionia began with 1,000 points of combat strength, reduced to 400 by Singed’s weapons. The settlement defenders had a strength of 300. This gave Ionia better-than-even odds of victory. I rolled a 2, a very good roll for Noxus. Noxus managed to hold the line against Ionia.

Other aftermath

When the sun set on March 28, fighting stopped by order of the Council. The Noxian legions were destroyed, but the settlement still stood, albeit with significant loss of life. Ordinarily, this would mean that the settlement would remain Noxian territory.

I rolled a d10 to determine the magnitude of the Council’s reaction to the biochemical weapons. I rolled a 4: a slightly-positive result for Noxus.

The Council has ordered all Noxian troops to leave Ionia immediately. The settlement will stand, but Ionia may disarm the refugees and keep them that way.

What’s Next

This is just a spoiler, again: the proper lore update should be out by tomorrow. That lore update will go into more detail about what happened.

The community’s become very passionate about this story between Noxus and Ionia. There have been a lot of questions about what the after-effects might be. In short: that remains to be seen! Although the war is over, and the League will soon be moving on to a new international crisis, there is a lot more story to tell. We hope to continue to develop this story, with community involvement through Beyond the Battlefield and other channels, as we proceed. So stay tuned!

As for the next arc, we’re hard at work coming up with a fourth faction and a story to tie all four factions together. You’re welcome to share your thoughts in this informal survey, or in the FOURTH FACTION chat room in-client.

Caitlyn, you monster.

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