Shon-Xan Update 9: Peace

At long last, we have the conclusion to the Shon-Xan storyline.

Shon-Xan Update 9: Peace

This is merely a big-picture overview, which leaves a lot unsaid — including some significant surprises. We decided to go with this sort of sweeping overview piece to conclude the arc so that we can move on to the rather involved business of getting everything ready to launch the next arc on March 31.

Once we get the new arc going, we’ll revisit the conclusion of Shon-Xan and begin fleshing it out with both staff-written pieces and community-written lore from Beyond the Battlefield and The Summoner’s Herald.

In addition to filling in some richer detail about the final day of the war for Shon-Xan, even as the new arc becomes our primary focus we will work to develop the Noxus–Ionia storyline as an ongoing plot. The war might be over, but the story of Shon-Xan is not.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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