Interactive Lore Event II (Nefara): Second Round

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Stage II

The Factions of the Hextech Revolution have cast their votes, whether or not to assist the Yordle’s against the Undead Hordes.

The undead hordes are massive, well beyond initial expectations, and it seems certain that Bandle City alone could never stand against the massed ranks of the dead.  The question remains, then, will they have to?

* * *

As a special rule, this Saturday we will be holding some swarm games, as determined by the votes of the Summoners.  The rules for this game mode follow, as presented to the Summoners of Piltover (if you are not one of them, assume all mentions of Piltover are your faction):


  • Swarm: Piltover elects one summoner, of Platinum level or higher, to hold back the undead tide.  That summoner may request any number of opponents, from 2-5, to play in a custom game.  These opponents must be, at minimum, 3 tiers below the Piltover representative (i.e. a platinum player can pick Bronze players, but a Diamond could pick Bronze or Silver.)  The non-Piltover summoners will be playing champions from the undead roster.  The Piltover player selects the battlefield from amongst these options: Crystal Scar, Howling Abyss, or Summoner’s Rift.  If the game lasts for longer than 15 minutes (HA, CS) or 25 minutes (SR), OR the Piltover player gets more kills than (4* # of opponents on HA/CS or 6 * # of opponents on SR), it counts as a win for Bandle City.  If neither of these conditions are met, it counts as a win for the undead.  In either case, the points awarded for the win will be modified by how badly the Piltover summoner was outnumbered (For instance, a Piltover win vs 3 would be more valuable than vs 2, and vice versa for the undead)

* * *

How will you choose?  The fate of Bandle City, and perhaps the world itself, may well depend upon the choices you make here.


Bandle City




Caitlyn, you monster.

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8 comments on “Interactive Lore Event II (Nefara): Second Round
  1. RaptorAttacks says:

    So… What Champions are in the “Undead” Roster? Yorick, Karthus, and Mordekaiser and?

    • Montesque64 says:

      You are correct thus far, but I’m keeping the full roster under wraps until later in the week. You can probably make some educated guesses, though :)

  2. Companion Prism says:

    In an unrelated note, it slightly confuses me why committing more troops from the defense of Zaun to the defense of another city state against a marauding undead legion is considered a more ‘evil’ or ‘aggressive’ position than only sending a handful via the Z-Men. It seems to me, defeating a literally soulless enemy with less casualties by offering increased fire support would be looked to more positively than barely squeaking by with limited Zaunite aid, all while Zaun holds back massive troop reserves to potentially take advantage of weakened rivals.

    TLDR: I feel option two for Zaun is tonally incorrect. It ought to be a good thing that we invest more heavily into defending Bandle City rather than randomly being an idea Singed loves.

    • Montesque64 says:

      Why is it automatically a bad thing if Singed approves of it? He wants a chance to show off his new toys, and the Undead are a perfect target. And since when has the Mad Chemist been one for half measures?

      • Companion Prism says:

        I guess the question is, would we still have the chance to add Janna to our roster with this option. If not, that is where my question stems from.

  3. Companion Prism says:

    I have another, with Zaun’s Chronosphere (warpgate) technology finished, would it be possible for us to either rapidly construct one or ship a prefabricated one to the front lines? This seems like the perfect time for our ability “to project our military power across Valoran by building a secret network of warpgates, and to react quickly to multiple threats,” to be useful. I am just trying to think at what other time in the arc such a technology would be as impactful.

  4. Da Chowda says:

    Here’s a question: Do the champions added to Bandle City roster stay in the roster for the rest of the arc?

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