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(August of 21 CLE) High Councilor Kolminye oversees construction of the Crystal Scar.

I (CupcakeTrap) run Factions with the assistance of these fine Summoners, who generously volunteer their time and talent. Largely for logistical reasons, we start with an essentially blank slate each arc, and build our staff around who’s able to make a roughly three-month arc-long commitment. Factions would be utterly impossible at its present scale without staff help.

Starting with Arc VII, we’re going to be erring on the side of transparency. The downside of that approach is that it may shatter the illusion that we know what we’re doing. The significant upsides include making it easier for the community to pitch in and making it clearer that, when things seem slow, it’s usually not because we’re just sitting around theorycrafting ADC Karthus builds. To start with, you can access our current agenda here.


The essential tasks necessary to the administration of Factions can be categorized into a few different departments.

  • Matches. Encouraging pick-up matches, as well as running featured matches and tournaments. Devising rules for keeping matches fair.
    • Leads: 501st Big Mike and Porkchopz
  • Lore. Writing the lore that develops based on match outcomes, as well as overseeing roleplay and the like.
    • Lead: CupcakeTrap
  • Recruiting & Community (RC). Recruiting Summoners and harnessing community energy to improve Factions.
    • Lead: RaptorAttacks
  • World Systems. Overseeing the probabilistic systems that underly some aspects of the story, and framing the interactive lore events by which Summoners can help decide what their faction does at critical junctures.
    • Lead: Naggarok
  • Regions. Each region outside of NA is headed by a dedicated staffer.
    • EUW: Azazalis
    • TR: Exiledfrombadmen

Each department has one or more lead staffers, who oversee assistant staffers. We also actively solicit volunteer help on an “as able” basis. The main issue here is time commitment. A department head needs to be pretty responsive and available. (Within the limits of sanity: this is a pretendy funtimes enterprise, after all.) Assistant staff should be able to commit to doing a fair bit of work over the course of the arc. A volunteer role is more appropriate for people who aren’t sure how much time or energy they’ll be able to commit, and just want to join in as they’re able.



Factions is built around matches. Matchstaff facilitate those matches and develop rules to ensure fairness.

Matchstaff for Arc VII

Matchstaff Lead: 501st Big Mike
Matchstaff Lead: Porkchopz
Assistant Staffer: Wistful
Assistant Staffer: insaiyanbacca
Assistant Staffer: Shiisaa
Assistant Staffer: XalkXolc


We’re always looking for more matchstaff. But specifically:

  • Streamers. It would be fantastic to have a standard set of people who are willing and able to stream matches.
  • Casters. Likewise, it would be good to have some dedicated shoutcasters. Perhaps we could have a contest?

Recurring Tasks

  • Run Pick-Up Matches
    • While anyone can start or join a match anytime, it would also be good for staff to help organize matches.
  • Featured Matches
    • The first three weekends of each month are devoted to shoutcasted featured matches. Summoners sign up in advance for these matches; a random selection method is used to determine who will participate in which match.
  • Tournaments
    • Once per month, we have a large tournament with high-tier premade teams. Whereas featured match teams are assembled by lottery, tournament teams are premades.


Summoners Herald I-1 Front Page

The core concept of Factions is an evolving storyline built around actual match outcomes. This is the storyline part. Lore staffers are also called upon to make sure that Data’s evil twin brother doesn’t destroy the Enterprise with his nefarious schemes.

Arc VII Lore Staff

Acting Lorestaff Lead: CupcakeTrap
Assistant Staffer: ShadowKnight1224
Assistant Staffer (Art): 333lom
Assistant Staffer (Art): TheMushroomWizar
Assistant Staffer: LordHippoman
Assistant Staffer: Junpei Tenmyouji
Assistant Staffer: XalkXolc


We have a bunch of applicants. I need to dig through and select some to start with. But yes, we need people!

Recurring Tasks

This is still coming together; we need to organize the arc a little more first.

Leftover Nyroth Tasks

We’ve actually got a fair bit of catchup to do for Nyroth.

  • Recap
    • As a stop-gap measure, I need to go in and punch in some bare-minimum quick-and-dirty lore so that we know what happened.
  • Complete updates
    • Lots of lore updates that need to be revised or written.
  • Summoner’s Herald
    • We need some Herald issues from this time period.

Fanciful Dreams and Ambitions

  • Factions Tabletop
    • We have a lot of people interested in roleplaying in the League/Factions setting. It would be nice to facilitate this.
    • I’ve actually drafted a fair bit of material for this already.
  • Lore Wiki
    • We should create a Factions lore wiki. Some people have already started on something like this.
    • Concrete steps include:
      • Select a server/service.
      • Create the framework.
      • Select an admin or two.
      • Probably have an initial phase of staffers putting in the important bit and some model pages.
      • Then have a general phase where we let everyone fill stuff in.
      • Then we go back to a staff-curated system.
      • And then we have magical unicorns and rainbows everywhere.

Recruiting & Community


These staffers focus on recruiting new Summoners and facilitating the development of the Factions community. This is obviously critical in a community-run initiative like Factions.

Arc VII RC Staff

Lead Raptor: RaptorAttacks
Assistant Staffer: CrazyMLC
Assistant Staffer: Matsokune
Assistant Staffer: Purple Bavarois
Community Feedback Staffer: RustSka
Community Feedback Staffer: GGPallys
Community Feedback Staffer: Theoretica

We’re still looking. I have a few people in mind to start with.

Recurring Tasks

  • Update Summoner Lists
    • The NA Summoner list needs to be regularly updated with new signups.
    • Purple Bavarois is handling this right now.
  • Manage Forum
    • Crazy MLC and Matsokune are doing this right now.

World Systems

World Systems covers many of the more regularized aspects of the developing Factions world, such as the probabilistic rules that determine what happens when two factions attack each other, as well as the interactive lore events that lead to such events in the first place. It overlaps considerably with the lore department.

Arc VII World Systems Staff

World Systems Lead: Naggarok
Assistant Staffer: CrazyMLC
Assistant Staffer: HeartlessWytche

Recurring Tasks

This is all rather up in the air right now, as we’re still working out what World Systems will look like in Arc VII. More Soon(tm).

Joining Staff

It is vital, and should not be glossed over, that staff must be upstanding members of the Factions community. There’s no need to be stiff or overly formal, but a staffer should be mature enough for the role. Being a staffer means, unfortunately, that you will get hassled from time to time. You need to be able to resist the urge to respond in kind.

Other than that, the main requirement is commitment. I’ve tried to develop certain tiers to accommodate different levels of ability to commit, but anyone on staff should be able to make at least an arc-long commitment to regularly participate.

25 comments on “Factions Staff
  1. ProjectRysa says:

    Is there a place we can apply for certain possitions? I would like to help in some way shape or form. Thanks!


  2. Ask Konata/Kawaii Asuna/Wistful says:

    Please change the name from “Ask Konata” to “Wistful” due to name change (like Sgt Porkchops)

  3. We have a FActions wiki, currently it only holds summoner profiles and very basic outlines on the previous arcs. We shoudl make use of it by tdetailing the arcs more in detail.

  4. We have aFActions wiki, currently it only hodls summoner profiles and very basic outlines of arcs. We should use that and develoip the arc outlines deeper

  5. x01Quadda says:

    Is there anyway to join on the Latin South America server? I’d really like to. :c

  6. CrazedPorcupine says:

    Hey Cupcake, Perhaps you should add Masked and I to the official staff rosters under Beyond the Battlefield Reviewers

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