Sun. May 25: Demacia v. Zaun schedule

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GD thread: (FACTIONS) Sign up — Demacia vs. Zaun matches this Sunday, May 25

If you’re asking “What’s Factions?” — click here for a quick intro. In short, Factions is a community-powered game mode in which Summoners declared for a faction (like Demacia or Ionia) and fight matches against other factions using faction-specific Champion lists. The outcomes of these matches set the course of a dynamic storyline.

Champion lists for each faction: Faction Rosters




We will be holding some shoutcasted Featured Matches on Sunday, May 25, beginning at 12:30 p.m. Pacific (3:30 Eastern). These Featured Matches are worth twice the base point value of an ordinary Factions match. The winner of this best-of-three set will have a random chance to unlock a new Champion for their roster.

Today, Demacia and Zaun will battle for dominance, as part of the Hextech Revolution storyline. As we go into these matches, these two factions hold the highest positions on the Balance of Power. They are both tanky, all-in factions with a “dogpile” teamfight strategy.

Where’s Mundo?


Dr. Mundo was last seen attempting to “science” the new Warpgate. It’s not clear where it’s pleased him to be, but we’re expecting he’ll return after this round of Featured Matches. However, he will not be available to fight on the Fields for this best-of-three set. Some Zaunite Summoners attempted to put a Mundo Mundo costume on Pantheon and pass him off as the Madman of Zaun, but unfortunately for them the referees are not quite that thick.

Who has released the Curator of the Sands from his study?

Earlier this morning, Nasus was seen consulting with Demacian Summoners over a heavy tome filled with glowing Shuriman glyphs. Not long after, Nasus approached the Council and submitted a petition to join the side of Demacia in the battle for control of the dark sand. Upon review, the Council granted the petition, awarding Demacia their Shuriman Champion at last. Just before the scroll was signed, a member of the Council asked Nasus to explain his intentions in joining Demacia and facing Zaun on the Fields of Justice, perhaps hinting at the significance of his “brother” Renekton on the opposing roster. Nasus said only this.


Here is the schedule, with start times and lineups. Slots listed as OPEN will be filled from the audience.

Each team has slots for Summoners of particular ranks. Rank is defined as the higher of S3 and S4 solo queue SR rank. We use end-of-season rank. Rank slots can be “underfilled”, but never exceeded: for example, you can put a Gold in a Plat or Diamond slot, but you can’t put a Diamond in a Gold slot.

Join the Factions chat to cheer on your favored faction:


And if you haven’t already, you can sign up for one of the four factions participating in the current storyline.

Match I

Starts at: 12:30 p.m. Pacific — 1:30 Mountain — 2:30 Central — 3:30 Eastern

Match One will use low-tier teams comprised of 3 Silvers and 2 Bronzes.

For Zaun

  • Silver: Helvaen (Captain)
  • Silver: XeronNosoul
  • Silver: rahh231
  • Bronze: congamadness
  • Bronze: Raptorattacks

For Demacia

  • Silver: 501st Big Mike (Captain)
  • Silver: Pantalamin
  • Silver: LUS Montplaisir
  • Bronze: HemiPoweredDrone
  • Bronze: OPEN

Match II

Starts at: 1:30 p.m. Pacific — 2:30 Mountain — 3:30 Central — 4:30 Eastern

This will be a Diamond/Gold match.

For Demacia

  • Diamond: Kaiden (Captain)
  • Gold: Kaenne
  • Gold: EpserOne
  • Gold: Yoyii
  • Gold: OPEN

For Zaun

  • Diamond: Naggarok (Captain)
  • Gold: Zalori
  • Gold: PenguiNation
  • Gold: KnightMayre

Match III

Starts at: 2:30 p.m. Pacific — 3:30 Mountain — 4:30 Central — 5:30 Eastern

This will be a classic “Rainbow” match, with all tiers represented.

For Zaun

  • Diamond: Naggarok (Captain)
  • Platinum: Companion Prism
  • Gold: orderlyanarchist
  • Silver: ArrowDealer
  • Bronze: OPEN

For Demacia

  • Diamond: Kaiden (Captain)
  • Platinum: OPEN
  • Gold: Xcentrik
  • Silver: LUS Montplaisir
  • Bronze: OPEN


This is an abbreviated version of the tournament rules.

Points. These matches have twice the base value of normal matches.

Disconnects. Normally, we remake Factions matches if there’s a d/c. This is problematic in a scheduled tournament. As a result, we handle it this way: each team has 5 minutes of pause time. Once that’s used up, the game plays on. Please check your connection before the match: if you d/c, you will likely throw the match for your faction.

Each team can, once per match, ask staff for a remake if a player disconnects within the first 5 minutes and doesn’t seem likely to come back.

Start times. Matches will begin no earlier than the posted times. If there are gaps still on the teams at the posted time, we’ll go to subs. 5 minutes after posted start time, we’ll open it up to the audience. A team with gaps on its roster at 15 minutes past start time forfeits.

Special rule (Pharmakon II). Zaun’s psi-mages can use their powers to curse an enemy Champion with a hex that closely resembles the sort of “summoning sickness” that Champions sometimes experience due to over-exposure to the magics of the Fields of Justice. Zaun may roll a d6 prior to Featured Matches and Tournament Matches; on a roll of 6, Zaun gains one “real” ban against the enemy faction.

Pharmakon II artwork by DarkbreakerEX, MistreiuZKo, and Shadowfox777.

Caitlyn, you monster.

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