Research Rolls: June, Week II

Here are this week’s research system rolls.

Balance of Power modifiers:

  • Piltover: +2
  • Bandle City: +2
  • Zaun: +4
  • Demacia: +2


Piltover-Velocitronic Rail

The Velocitronic Rail (Gamma Phase) — High-speed hextech levitating train system
Target: 8 or higher
Balance of Power Modifier: +2
Roll: 4
Total: 6



Piltover has lifted its ban on bio-augmentation to pursue an ambitious project to amplify human (and yordle) capabilities with hextech.

Impact: Piltover has pushed the boundaries of ethical experimentation to create serums, implants, and other treatments that greatly enhance recipients’ abilities. Nearly everyone can benefit to some degree from this project — and a select few individuals with heightened sensitivity can become truly superhuman. Piltover’s military strength is increased by +1. This also opens the door to Zac potentially joining Piltover as a secondary Champion.


Airship Armada (Gamma Phase) — Build a fleet of hextech airships
Target: 8 or higher
Balance of Power Modifier: +2
Roll: 1
Total: 3


Strategic Hexplosives (Gamma Phase) — Use pyrikhos to mass-produce high-yield explosives
Target: 8 or higher
Balance of Power Modifier: +2
Roll: 6
Total: 8

Breakthrough! Project complete!

Impact: TBD. Will presumably give a significant military bonus.


The Lost Legion (Beta Phase) — Cure and re-equip Void-sickened Noxian refugees led by Riven
Target: 8 or higher
Balance of Power Modifier: +2
Roll: 4
Total: 6

Danger Level: 2
Roll: 4 (success)


Bandle City

It is the declared intent of the Mothership Elders to, before this dispute is over, land a yordle on the moon and return them safely to Bandle City!



Refuel the Mothership — Attempt to refuel the Yordle Mothership with pyrikhos-based fuel

Impact: Provides considerable bonuses to Bandle City’s spy rolls, via orbital surveillance. Unlocks new research projects, including a hamster tube city on the moon.



Kennen has applied Ionian arcane theories to the balance of Order and Chaos in an effort to understand how these two forces relate to the greater cosmos. If he is successful in understanding this balance, it is believed that it could pave the way for the safe use of pyrikhos, and help avoid another “correction” such as the Void invasion Demacia provoked by aligning itself with Ceruleana.

Impact: Bandle City can reroll failed Danger Level checks.


Yordle Submarines (Beta Phase) — Explore the sea searching for Fizz’s lost civilization
Target: 8 or higher
Balance of Power Modifier: +2
Roll: 8
Total: 10

Breakthrough! Project advances to Gamma Phase.


Strategic Hexplosives (Beta Phase) — Use pyrikhos to mass-produce high-yield explosives
Target: 8 or higher
Balance of Power Modifier: +2
Roll: 6
Total: 8

Breakthrough! Project advances to Gamma Phase.

Danger Level: 3
Roll: 5 (success)









Twisted Fate has discovered a strange interaction between his powers and the pyrikhos: while normally he can only teleport himself, with concentration he can reach through a charged pyrikhos field and use it to teleport another object instead. With his help, Zaunite researchers have developed a hextech portal-to-portal instantaneous teleportation system.

Impact: This technology allows Zaun to project its military power across Valoran by building a secret network of warpgates, and to react quickly to multiple threats.


Extradimensional Theory (Gamma Phase) — Investigate the nature of celestial and extradimensional beings
Target: 7 or higher
Balance of Power Modifier: +4
Roll: 4
Total: 8

Breakthrough! Project complete!

Impact: Zaun has just figured out the fundamental theory of extradimensional reality. That, uh, might not be a good thing.

Danger Level:  7
Roll: 4 (FAILURE)

Zaun failed the Danger Level check by 3. Rolled 2d4, got 3 + 4, added the margin of failure (3). Result: 10, the worst level of the Danger Level check table. Rolled a d6; got 1.

Result: Sanctions II, x2. For the next 2 sets of Featured Matches, Zaun is on the defensive. It gains no points or prizes from wins, but loses 10 points if it loses the 2-of-3.





Demacia sought the power to exorcise the demons of the Void. As they delved deeper into the nature of the Void, Demacia’s mages and clerics discovered an eerie connection between the Void and the necromantic energies that animate the undead. They have found holy magic to drive back the demon and purify lands contaminated by these dark powers.

Impact: In battles with the Void or the undead, Demacia rolls twice and keeps the higher roll. This also adds a degree of resistance to Zaun’s psi-magic, forcing Zaun to seek an 8 on a d8 (instead of a 6 on a d6) when using Pharmakon II’s Champion-ban bonus against Demacia. Finally, this opens the door to recruiting Kayle or Lucian, either of whom will unlock the Dawnbringers project.


Since Demacia has completed all its projects, I decided to give them an early roll on the Dawnbringers project, which will formally launch with the next lore event.

Balance of Power modifier: +2
Roll: 1
Total: 3

Danger Level: 1
Roll: 8 (success)

Stay tuned for more!


Caitlyn, you monster.

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3 comments on “Research Rolls: June, Week II
  1. BlackRose02 says:

    So what is Zaun going to do now, research-wise? I remember their being two other projects we could have chosen in the last interactive event, could we maybe get those now?

  2. BlackRose02 says:

    Welp, looks like Zaun is in for a rough time these upcoming weeks.

    • CrazedPorcupine says:

      Nah, Zaun this just means that Zaun won’t get further ahead from featured matches is all, And gives the other factions chances to catch up. And if Zaun loses, well, that’s an even bigger loss for them, because it becomes a very large swing.

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