Research Rolls

Hi all,

I went on a trip this weekend, and forgot the charger to my laptop. I’m going to postpone this week’s research rolls until Sunday; it makes sense anyway, given that we’re sort of in a timestop regarding this possible Voidpocalypse.

Yes, Piltover will be getting a new project from Nautilus. I welcome suggestions. Piltover will also be helping Bandle City with those Yordle Submarines, applying a bonus from Nautilus.

Likewise, the resolution of the Battle of Shurima will have to wait until Sunday. I’m still writing the lore update preceding it, but will commit to getting it published by Sunday. (I’d wanted to get it done today, but laptop issues have compromised those plans.)


Caitlyn, you monster.

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2 comments on “Research Rolls
  1. […] each phase (Alpha, Beta, Gamma) of the project that is completed, another Void Champion would move from the Tertiary category to […]

  2. Rick6tkh says:

    I thought it was pretty much agreed that Piltover told us they wanted to help with the space station?

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