Vote (again)! Re-do of Shadow Isles research project selection poll.


I usually try not to screw up in the first place. Sometimes when you screw up, you just need to suck it up and move forward. However, there are also times when it’s appropriate to go back and take another shot at it.

The second interactive lore event of the Nyroth arc included a research project selection question. I admit I set that poll up rather quickly, being pressed for time. Since closing the poll, I have received a lot of feedback from community members and staff, concerning problems with the Shadow Isles options. Here are a few:

  • The Soul Spires “feed them to the Void” option was not well explained.
  • There was no “good guy Shadow Isles” option. The Shadow Isles is spooky, but not necessarily evil: some, like Yorick and Karthus, are actually rather benevolent, at least in a very peculiar way. By omitting a “good guy” option, we were essentially forcing the Isles to be diabolical in one way or another.
  • Some of the other options were poorly explained, leaving Summoners with a “sounds fun, but … what impact is that going to have on anything?” sort of reaction.

Given that the Shadow Isles also failed to make any progress at all in its first research roll, it seems fair to give the Isles a second try. This time, I’m also using a “checkbox” poll, which eliminates some of the procedural problems with “multiple choice” options.

Please vote, and do your part to share this around so that everyone can make their voice heard. We’re aiming to get a new forum set up for all of Factions, with sub-boards for each individual faction; in the interim, please continue to use the Shadow Isles forum to discuss options.

The revised project descriptions, and the voting form, follow below.

Research Options (Revised)

The Shadow Isles may select one of the following projects. Pardon the bare bones descriptions. Stygian Chains, Eternal Rest, and Soul Spire are mutually exclusive.

Stygian Chains

Prepare a spell to bind the souls of the slain Nyrothians into undead slaves for the Isles.

Nyroth teems with hundreds of thousands of restless souls slain in the cataclysm. They are trapped in the residue from the blast that destroyed Nyroth, and it will require special preparations to extract them and lock them into controllable undead forms. This would give the Shadow Isles control over a mighty undead army, though one restricted to Nyroth itself. The Shadow Isles could then offer to share what they learn with Noxus, which is always eager to gain greater understanding of necromantic magic. (Sion would move from Secondary to Core, making him easier to recruit via petition.)

Eternal Rest

Free the trapped souls of the Nyrothians slain in the cataclysm and send them to their eternal rest.

The Shadow Isles could use its necromantic powers to free the slain Nyrothians from their torment and allow them to enter the afterlife. This would win the Shadow Isles favor with the League and the living Nyrothians—perhaps even opening up the possibility of less hostile relations with Ionia. They may also be able to glean some of the secrets of Nyrothian magic from the grateful spirits. (This would not affect the availability of any particular Champions, but would bring more general and open-ended benefits.)

Soul Spire

Devise a means of feeding Nyrothian souls to the Void; if implemented, makes it easier to recruit Void Champions.

Develop magic to channel restless souls into the Void, using Nyroth’s leylines. When the project is completed, all of the Void Champions on their list will become Secondary instead of Tertiary. This would, of course, not be well-received by the League or the other nations of Valoran: this would instantly recall memories of Discord, and the Void rift that nearly destroyed Runeterra mere months ago.

For each phase (Alpha, Beta, Gamma) of the project that is completed, another Void Champion would move from the Tertiary category to the Secondary category, making them easier to recruit via petition. When the Shadow Isles recruits its first Void Champion, it will raise suspicions and create a level 20 Secret which other factions may attempt to uncover. If this Secret were exposed, in addition to the usual penalties, Yorick would leave the roster, dedicated as he is to helping souls through the many phases of the afterlife and afraid that turning them over to the demons of the Void would prevent him from ever filling his “quota”.

Upon completion of the project, the Shadow Isles may begin an Industry task to create the apparatus for constructing this “Soul Spire”. If completed, the Shadow Isles would have the option of either sending all of these tormented souls to the Void, unleashing a Void horde on Nyroth, or sending only some of the souls, having a more moderate impact.

Nefara’s Favor

Build an undead Shuriman empire.

The Lich Queen Nefara, reanimated and driven mad by the taint of the Void creeping up from the sands of Shurima, has begun to create an undead empire, a twisted mockery of the ancient civilization that Azir now works fervently to rebuild. Not long ago, she used her powers to seize control of several undead Champions to bolster her assault on Bandle City—but still there’s little bad blood between them, if you know what I mean. (Eh? Eh?) The Shadow Isles could join forces with her, and offer Amumu a more welcoming home than he now finds in Bandle City. (Amumu would change categories from Secondary to Core, making him easier to recruit.)

Night Terrors

Develop a covert means of weakening enemy Summoners before important matches. (Chance of Summoner Spell ban.)

Many Summoners are foolish enough to oppose the Shadow Isles, the keepers of nightmares beyond mortal comprehension. These unwise meddlers can be dealt with. Though the Institute is well-warded, Nocturne knows its corridors well, and a means of bypassing these defenses could be developed.  Nocturne could assault Summoners in their sleep on the eve of important matches, disrupting their abilities without drawing undue attention—Summoners and other mages have reported frequent nightmares ever since the Void rift opened in Shurima, and these attacks could be disguised as such. (Would grant a 1 in 6 chance per Featured Match or Tournament match to ban a Summoner Spell from the opposing team’s list.)


Discuss these options here.


Cast your vote. Again. And please share this link with other Shadow Isles Summoners! We’ll keep the poll open as long as we can, at least through Monday, October 20, but time is of the essence.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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9 comments on “Vote (again)! Re-do of Shadow Isles research project selection poll.
  1. BlackRose02 says:

    So, since the Shadow Isles are re-choosing their research project, will they get two research rolls this week in order to allow them the same degree of progress as the other factions? Or will Shadow Isles only get 1 research roll this week?

  2. Wizard996 says:

    Not a Shadow Isles player, but I tip my hat to you regardless, as even I was somewhat confused by the potential impact of some of the less evil options. Thank you for clarity’s sake, especially since those poor souls couldn’t even make progress.

  3. Damaster00777 says:

    Dude, that’s a strong (and in my case, opinion changing) nerf to Soul Spires. Yorick is one of the strongest champs on the SI roster, and even the risk of losing him is something that ALL spooky summoners should take into account.

    • CupcakeTrap says:

      Yeah, one of the major feedback points was that Yorick wouldn’t want anything to do with feeding the souls of the dead to the Void. I thought about adding something like a free Champion pickup along the way to balance it out, but … to be perfectly honest, I don’t think the storyline can really withstand ANOTHER Voidpocalypse. So I’m okay with leaving it on there, but only as an “if you guys REALLY REALLY want another Void War, okay, fine, but it’s going to kind of (realistically) suck” option.

  4. Azrael Michaels says:

    Yush :3

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