Demacia: Select a new project

Here’s a quick research system update, in advance of the rolls tonight.


Demacia won the EUW duel tournament, which gave them two random breakthroughs. They’re currently at gamma-phase on their only project, The Dawnbringers. That project is now complete. They no longer have any projects, and it seems fair that we give them a new one.

Here’s a poll with some options:

Vote quickly! The poll will close in probably a few hours.

These projects are pretty high-powered, since Demacia doesn’t really lend itself to a gaggle of crazy random mini-projects like the other factions do.

By the way, Demacia still needs to get its team together for the tournament this weekend. Throw your name in the hat, if you’ll be available, or set up a team yourself and submit it. This is the tournament that ends the Hextech Revolution arc: be part of Factions history!

Bandle City

Bandle City also got a random breakthrough. I rolled to decide whether that was applied to Strategic Hexplosives, Lunar Base, or Poro Farms, and got a 2: Lunar Base it is. There is now a hamster tube city on the moon. (Yay!) This will give them a research boost, in the form of a +1 global bonus to research rolls.

They’ve also unlocked Space Troopers. Aww. So cute! (I might update the name of this project to something more interesting. Star Scouts? Yeah. That sounds Yordle-y.)

Caitlyn, you monster.

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2 comments on “Demacia: Select a new project
  1. StormRevolver says:

    and piltover doesnt get any new main research just the champion ones :(
    i got lots of ideas if thats the problem

    • StormRevolver says:

      and the dawnbringers are strong :) all we got are these military researches and they are not even that good because piltover is not good at those XD

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