Seeking Staff: Recruiting and Community

With the addition of RaptorAttacks as Lead Raptor for the Recruiting/Community team, I’ve decided to take a moment to solicit additional assistance. Raptors hunt in packs, after all.

We need people who are well-spoken, friendly, and proficient with forums/Reddit/other means of communication.

Recruiting and Community Responsibilities

Here’s what R/C staff will do.

  • Recruit more Summoners. More players means more matches, more energy, more ideas. Increasing the number of active Summoners is a primary, ongoing objective. Recruiting staff help publicize Factions and coordinate recruitment efforts.
  • Help new Summoners. We need people to take the lead in welcoming new Summoners to Factions and helping them get started.
  • Facilitate communication. It’s important to keep people informed of upcoming tournaments, lore events, and the like.

Specific Examples

Here are some very concrete examples of tasks I might assign.

  • “I’m going to put you in charge of helping out new Ionian players. They’ll be told to friend you when they sign up if they need some help.”
  • “See if you can get us over 100 viewers for the stream this weekend. Maybe do a GD/Reddit thread? Up to you.”
  • “Can you talk to Piltover and gather some ideas for their next lore event? Maybe start a thread if you think it would help?”

However, staffers are free, encouraged, and in fact expected to take the initiative. In the case of R/C, that means anything that helps improve the community or bring in more Summoners.


Apply below.



Caitlyn, you monster.

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2 comments on “Seeking Staff: Recruiting and Community
  1. RaptorAttacks says:

    My Infinite Raptorocity knows NO BOUNDS.

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