Hear Ye And Be Warned!

HextechRevolutionBanner-GeekeeWasTaken2Hear ye and be warned!

Now, bearing the seal of the Council of the League of Legends, the Summoner Tamaccius, venerated seer of the Serene Order of the Jay and the Hawk, memorializes the following account for all time —

—that following the discovery of the dark sand in Shurima, and the demonstration of its connection to the Abominable Void, the League asserted full territorial jurisdiction over the dark sands on 31 March, 24 CLE;

—that conflicting but substantial arguments were presented by the member-nations of the League of Legends concerning how the dark sand might be permitted to be used, notwithstanding this threat;

—that the Municipal Republic of Piltover, the Amicable Realm of Yordle Land and Bandle City, the Teknopolis of Zaun, and the Kingdom of Demacia were granted standing to contest the matter, and the ownership of the dark sand, and authority within those parts of Shurima in which it lay;

—that martial contests were held on the Fields of Justice;

—that three parties to the dispute, Demacia, Piltover, and Bandle City, did transgress the boundaries laid by the Council and enter, vi et armis, to seize the territory held by the Teknopolis of Zaun;

—that much blood was spilled by this trespass;

—that Demacia, Piltover, and Bandle City did assert that they acted to prevent a great cataclysm brought about by Zaun’s exploitation of the dark sand;

—that the skies did darken, and a great host of Voidspawn did come forth from Zaun’s mines, and a cataclysm was adjudged to be at hand;

—that Zaun, by use of arcane science, did avert the catastrophe;

—that King Jarvan III of Demacia of his own will did place himself into the custody of the League of Legends, that he might be questioned so long as the Council should see fit, and did give his oath as Sovereign King of Demacia to abide by their decisions;

—that a final tournament was held, in which Demacia did prevail over all others;

—that the contests were brought to a close, with four hundred and sixty-one written declarations concerning them admitted to the record under sacred oath;

—that a final accounting was performed as to these declarations, with full and adequate opportunity for review by all members of the Institute, and it was found that the balance fell in the favor of the Teknopolis of Zaun.


Now hear ye the declaration of the Council of the League of Legends, guardians of Valoran’s peace and final arbiter among nations —

—the petition of the Teknopolis of Zaun shall be granted, that the dark sand may be used freely and without restraint by all nations, howsoever each should see fit;

Field XIV, in which have been found many peculiar varieties of the dark sand, shall be placed under the sole dominion of Zaun;

Field III, in which has been found the red sand, shall be placed under the sole dominion of Piltover, provided that Zaun shall be granted reasonable access;

—one half of all other dark sand shall be placed under the authority of Zaun;

—one quarter of all other dark sand shall be awarded to Demacia, one eighth to Piltover, and one eighth to Bandle City;

—all nations shall permit the Council reasonable access for study and monitoring;

—that in subsequent adjudication Demacia, Piltover, and Bandle City shall answer for their acts of illegal war, and Zaun shall submit to investigation as to the cause of the Void Rift;

—that the Council shall place sentries along the borders of the Kingdom of Demacia, and that it shall send forth no army except by authorization of the Council.

Let the word of the League be as law, lest all the powers of Runeterra array themselves against ye. There may be no appeal.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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55 comments on “Hear Ye And Be Warned!
  1. […] and invite others to come settle it. It would all be especially awkward given that the League has just finished carving up most of Shurima’s territory. Nobody freaking lives there. Not yet, […]

  2. Ikleyvey (333lom) says:

    Awesome arc!

  3. StormRevolver says:

    guys come to the reddit and work on new tournament rules :)

  4. mixizm says:

    Also, go look at the Balance of Power. Tell me how that is fair.

    Cupcake himself made this huge statement and continue to state that “This tournament would not decide the outcome of the arc” … I’m pretty sure this tournament decided the outcome of this arc pretty strongly.

    • CupcakeTrap says:

      “I’m pretty sure this tournament decided the outcome of this arc pretty strongly.”

      Well, I mean … if that were the case, wouldn’t Demacia have won the arc?

      I’m thinking that in the future, tournament matches and featured matches should not in themselves be worth any points. As someone pointed out, here Piltover actually ended up getting punished for making it to the finals, in that they had to play 5 high-stakes matches against the strongest faction in the tourney. Instead, I think the matches themselves should be point-neutral, with prizes (points or whatever) being distributed at the end once all the results are in.

      • mixizm says:

        Or, instead of even reducing points for losses, we make the BoP larger/Lower point gains from victory. This way any faction doing well doesn’t have to worry about a backlash.

        I feel the entire Balance of Power system needs Riot level reworked.

  5. mixizm says:

    This was all swung in Zauns favor ever since the roster’s came out. Zaun had the most flexible team and then instantly started raking more champs in to make that pool even better thus winning more features and THUS earning more chances for champions. By the time other factions finally got larger pools, it was too late.

    The scoring for the tournament was unfair, and no one can deny that. It forced whichever factions made it to the finals or had to play the most matches into a situation where they could lose more points than gained from their wins. It was like “Oh hey? You finally beat your rivals and made it to the finals? GREAT! Here’s -40 points because you lost against a team with a comp and roster that counters yours”

    EVERYONE in Piltover figured this out already, and when it came down to it we were being forced to play 5 delayed matches which would:
    1) Conflict with real life schedules.
    2) Ruin your chances of winning because of the scoring decision.
    It was a lose lose that frustrated us SO TERRIBLY. Factions is supposed to be fun, not lure you out into a false sense of security thinking it’ll be fun until it crushes your chances and effects your life.

  6. Hunstoppable says:

    Piltover won the red sand. That’s all that matters >=D. Zaun probably deserved to win at least a little bit and sometimes the strong antagonist wins.

    Excuse me while I swap our red sand shipments to Zaun with cherry kool-aid.

    • Wizard996 says:

      You can’t fool us with such silly matters, as we proved at the beginning, WE can swap phyrikos successfully.

      More importantly, will Zaun also get the Hexplosives research that both Pilt and BC have, or are we able to use it on another project of some kind (obviously explosive, not much else to do with it).

      • StormRevolver says:

        Yes i think u will be able to do a research like that in the future since why shouldnt anyone who got some pyrikhos do explosives with it (maybe not so effiecently without enough red sand), but reasonable acces doesnt mean you can mine all of it when u think so :)

      • InsertCleverNicknameHere says:

        Yeah, let’s give the winner of the tourney (who was winning practically the entire arc) the only advantage the loser (the real loser BC) had at the end. Good thinking.

  7. CrazedPorcupine says:

    I’m still really sad and disappointed that Zaun won because in all honesty, them losing on the first day gave them a huge boost in points in the fact that they only lost 10 points from the final tournament, while Piltover lost over 50 because of the fact that they lost to Demacia. I find this INCREDIBLY unfair that PILTOVER who took 2nd in the tournament came Dead last because of poor tournament structuring. and I know that I’m not the only one who feels this way. A large number of people including people from Demacia Zaun and Bandle City feel this way. I honestly think that for a large tourney liek that, points shouldn’t be done as if each match was a featured match, because then you can end up with a giant nearly 50 point swing like happened here. Points honestly should have been given/taken based on performance and location on the BoP. Like Demacia should have been given 40 points for winning overall, Piltover should have been given 20 points for getting 2nd, and Zaun and Bandle City should have lost 20 points each for getting eliminated Day 1. Zaun benefitted more from Losing than Piltover did for getting 2nd. Plus LOOK at the final Balance of Power, Piltover’s giant drop is just “WTF?!?! How the Hell did Pilt lose 50 points at once?” And then you realize that Piltover essentially got punished for coming in 2nd place and ended up losing the entire arc because of it.

    • Mixizm says:


      He forgot to mention the constant delays (as per usual), and the fact that the tournament was starting to effect RL things. We had like 3 people (including me) have to drop out because the tournament was starting to run behind schedule and would have conflicted with things we had scheduled around in real life.

      • CupcakeTrap says:

        I think limiting tournament/featured matches to no more than, say, 4 per day would be a good rule. We’ve been focused on rules that insist that teams not hold up match start (e.g. 15-minute auto-forfeit); the tournament made it clear that we also need rules and procedures that ensure other actors don’t delay match start. For instance, we should probably have a rule that says the match must begin within 10 minutes of the teams being ready: if the streamers all get eaten by velociraptors and twitch.tv goes down, the match still starts.

        It’s something that had been on my mind: “we’ve started enforcing the 15-minute forfeit rule quite strictly, but tournaments are still ending up an hour behind. What’s going on?”

    • CupcakeTrap says:

      Like I mentioned on Reddit, my thinking is that going forward, tournament matches should not be independently scored at all, because doing so can result in weird situations like Piltover being forced to play a bunch of high-stakes matches against the strongest faction. Instead, I’d rather have most of the value in tournaments come from prizes based on final outcomes.

      Really, it’s another example of something that we’ve just been doing so long that we haven’t thought about it critically.

      I’m not sure which order we’ll do the specific Intermission discussion threads in, but I think tournament/featured match rules will be one of the first.

    • Ser Doza says:

      Please don’t skew your point by saying that “people from Zaun think this way.” We don’t. A very small minority of us think that the tournament was handled improperly, and an even smaller minority (read: myself) think that the tournament should have involved no loss of points whatever.

      But none of us at all ascribe to your point of view on point gain and loss during the tournament, which is rather silly.

    • Rick6tkh says:

      ALL of this. plus there was other shady shit going on as well, zaun got a ROLLED SANCTION changed and got points from BC when they should have been denied any points at all. if they had been denied those featured points, Demacia would have won. I STILL cry foul about retconning a ROLLED RESULT just because it “seems unfair”

      BULLSHIT: BC made a roll and got invaded by fuckin undead. THATS mean, but we dealt with it. this whole thing has been skewed for zaun from the start, from their research bonus without risk, to the their actual research goals (the hexcorps in particular was OP as hell, in the future, something with that much impact needs to be broken down into at least two “Tiers”). and the staff have pretty much ignored any and all naysayers.

      • Rick6tkh says:

        as far as that attitude of “thinking/going forward” that’s just not going to work until you stop fucking it up piltover’s 50 point switch and many other events are just prime examples.

      • StormRevolver says:

        you should have brought this up in the review. then i think it would have been valid if the second sanction was forgotten. but now its water under the bridge

      • Rick6tkh says:

        it was brought to them directly at the time and I was brushed off, and it stood to reason then that doing so in the review wouldn’t accomplish anything. it’s not water under the bridge, it’s BS.

      • CupcakeTrap says:

        The sanction was changed from “no points awarded even if they win” to “Bandle City gets a ban against them” because it seemed more important to give Bandle City a fighting chance than to have a total stomp and then award no points.

        Maybe we should have given Bandle City more than one ban. It’s tough, though; with two bans, you can do crazy stuff like ban all the ADCs.

      • StormRevolver says:

        sry CCT but that then was just plain stupid
        1. you shouldnt change around sanctions based on “feelings”
        2. i can prove that even if those 2 sanctions are equal on how hard it penalised zaun, the less chance bandle had to win the more the change favored zaun. i can write down the math i used for it but we should bring this to reddit if we want to continue.

      • Rick6tkh says:

        “fighting chance” “total stomp with no points” BC would have gotten points if we won ANYWAYS, as for the second point, THAT WAS THE POINT OF THE DAMN SANCTIONS.

        • CupcakeTrap says:

          No, the point of the original sanctions was that Zaun wouldn’t gain points if it won. The original sanctions, however, did nothing to increase Bandle City’s odds of victory. Zaun had beaten Bandle City repeatedly. I decided that instead of another demoralizing stomp, I’d rather give Bandle City some help so they’d have a shot at victory. I also realized that my hastily concocted “no points even if you win” sanction was just a terrible, terrible idea.

          For what it’s worth, Zaun pleaded with me to have the original sanctions restored. They said they weren’t going to score many points anyway, given the BoP difference, and would rather play a match with no hope of gaining points that have a very real chance of losing points. They demanded to know why I was being so hard on them, and accused me of punishing them for their success by turning the difficulty up so high that they were no longer going to be able to maintain the lead.

          To me, what this illustrates is that unclear rules make everyone freak out and believe the admin are out to get them — to the point that both sides will be absolutely convinced that I’m persecuting them and favoring their opponent.

      • Rick6tkh says:

        by doing shit like that it has longer reaching affects on the outcome of the arc and the BoP. don’t pancake based on feelings. they had the damn sanction, it sucks, but they can deal with it. it goes right back to the start of the arc where they had a wider success range without penalty, essentially. woopie, the occasional missing champion. that they don’t even use that much.

      • RaptorAttacks says:

        Rick, you’ve convinced me that too much salt in my diet IS bad. Thank you for helping me understand.

      • rick6tkh says:

        and raptor, you’ve convinced me you’re a bitch who cant come up with anything original. shut the fuck up already.

      • Rick6tkh says:

        which part, the part where you’re making a mockery of the lore of LoL, very obviously skewing things by calling audibles that change your own system’s generated decisions in favor of someone else, or my responding to assholes? granted, the last two are the causes, and the first is the resulting effect. hilariously, I’m not the only person aggravated by it, but go figure I’m the most vocal about it.

  8. InsertCleverNicknameHere says:

    Bandle City got third, but got the least amount of pyrhikos…

    • CupcakeTrap says:

      Yordles are tiny and need less of it.

      • RaptorAttacks says:

        But Cupcake, Bandle has to share the Pyrhkiros with their Poro Overlords!

      • InsertCleverNicknameHere says:

        This is what I despise about the other nations of Valoran. Demacia is orderly and enforces “justice”. Zaun is a place of science and magics gone awry, where chaos abounds, but also great scientific discoveries. Piltover is much like Zaun, but is more controlled and safe. What is Bandle City? To most people it’s where the Yordles are from. That’s it. Just where the people are shorter and furrier. That’s it. BC is undoubtedly the best place to live in Valoran, with a great scientific community, a respectable military, low crime (except for Veigar’s occasional antics) etc. But to the rest of the world? Where the Yordles live. To give the losers the bigger prize then the people who actually won it makes no sense, but because of “muh science”, they get more. That, CCT, is BS!

    • LordoftheFourth (formerly LERY JNKNS) says:

      probably has something to do with the fact that they broke, not only league rules, but also violated a league witnesses treaty with zaun. meaning they broke the most rules.

      • InsertCleverNicknameHere says:

        All the nations broke their fair share of rules, I mea, Demacia outright attacked another nation to steal their land.

  9. StormRevolver says:

    Weee its done :) i realy want to see the missing research rolls :)

  10. Kuronan says:

    Uh Cupcake, I only have one issue with this update… I like Zaun being called the Zaun Imperium rather than the Teknopolis of Zaun. other than that, good update, glad to see even Piltover and Bandle City get some of the Pyrikhos and HOT DAMN I CAN’T WAIT FOR THESE SANCTIONS!

  11. Companion Prism says:

    Seems like this outcome means that everyone but Demacia got what they wanted; Zaun just got a bit more.

    • BlackRose02 says:

      It does seem that way, doesn’t it? Also, I am perfectly happy with the entirety of your observation. Especially since Demacia decided to attack our mines.

  12. BlackRose02 says:

    I am happy about how things turned out, but I have a question. When will the three research rolls and their results be posted? I want to hurry up and see what projects have been finished!

    • ottoman714 says:

      As a follow-up question, will we get to vote on immediately obtaining one of Xerath’s long-term researches? We are unable to reach one now because the arc was ended earlier than expected. It’s only fair that Zaun would get to choose one now that they have undisputed access.

    • BlackRose02 says:

      Also, why does Demacia get 1/4 of the remaining pyrikhos, while Bandle City and Piltover each get 1/8? I mean, it seems to me that Bandle and Piltover need the pyrikhos a lot more than Demacia does, given the faction’ projects.

      • ottman714 says:

        I think the 1/4 is because they won the final final tourney. And as a follow-up question regarding research, what about Xerath? Xerath’s path was the “long-term path to greatness” but the arc got ended early. Will Zaun be given a vote at the end to choose which of Xerath’s possible great techs they can get? It’s only fair since the arc was ended short, making the long-term greatness impossible.

      • Companion Prism says:

        Because Demacia came in second while, thanks to the alliance, Bandover came in third. It is a shame all that valuable goodness will likely just be foolishly ‘purged’ out of all usefulness. Ah well, whatever makes the Demacians sleep better at night.

      • BlackRose02 says:

        Ah, I see now. Thanks for explaining that for me.

      • CupcakeTrap says:

        I think that the Council giving Demacia a bunch of the territory is basically a way for them to dial down the impact of the Hextech Revolution. As for what Demacia will do with it, I think it depends. Exorcising it would probably help prevent another Void disaster, but right now Demacia has a weakened army and is looking at a very powerful Zaun/Noxus alliance. They might want to keep it around to channel to Piltover.

      • CupcakeTrap says:

        For Xerath’s research: this is something that’s on the staff agenda to talk about. My current inclination: they might not finish the whole Shuriman tech tree. It might be something they carry forward into the next arc, even if they’re not featured.

      • StormRevolver says:

        i tought long term means more than 1 arc. it would be kinda disappointing if it would bear fruit just after this arc

    • CupcakeTrap says:

      We’ll need to figure out how that’s going to work first. It might not be until this weekend.

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