End-of-Arc Research Rolls

I was planning to do end-of-arc research rolls tonight. We do in fact have everything pretty much spelled out in a GDoc, so it won’t take that long. However, I have pressing RL obligations that must be met by midnight tonight, so it’s very possible that I’ll have to postpone the rolls until Saturday (perhaps after the tournament?) or even Sunday.

I do apologize, and I assure you that I’m just as curious to see if Bandle City builds its poro farms as you are. If I’d worked a little faster today, it would have been possible, but unfortunately I think I’m going to need the rest of the night for RL things.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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2 comments on “End-of-Arc Research Rolls
  1. Rick6tkh says:

    we’ve already got our moonbase, from there’s just a matter of expanding them into moon CITIES that are self-sustaining.

  2. StormRevolver says:

    well atleast the friday ones before the tournament pweeety plz? :)
    but yea sometimes rl calls :)

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