Seeking Staff: BtB Reviewer

Here’s another staff position announcement.

We launched Beyond the Battlefield this arc as a way to allow the community to help fill in the lore, especially regarding parts of the story separate from the arc storyline. One problem, though,  is that reviewing all these submissions puts a lot of extra burden on Montesque and the rest of the lore team. Also, since BtB submission review is almost entirely about canonicity, I think this would be a job that would benefit from a dedicated staffer or two with special expertise in this area.

The position would be titled “Beyond the Battlefield Auditor”. I might hire more than one such person.

Key responsibilities:

  • Regularly check the BtB submissions GDoc.
  • Email authors to let you know you’ve received their piece, and begin reviewing it.
  • Review the piece for canonicity, both in terms of Factions lore and general LoL lore. BtB is Factions-canon, so we want to make sure it doesn’t contradict established story or put us into a corner. Technically, BtB is secondary canon, which means that in the event of a conflict the LoL lore or Factions storyline lore takes precedence, but we want to avoid such conflicts in the first place.
  • Identify any problem areas and discuss with the author. Generally speaking, if it’s not crucial to the story, the solution should be to remove those sections or rewrite them. e.g., rather than having the character assassinate Merricurry, they can assassinate some other scientist. If it’s really important that the story connect to these plot elements, that’s fine, but it will require considerable discussion with the lore team, and we’re pretty likely to say no, just to avoid tying our hands or changing arc outcomes. BtB is primarily meant as a means for creating other storylines and filling in the parts of the universe not occupied by the major Factions storylines, not to rewrite those storylines.
  • Once you’ve gone back and forth with the author and you believe the piece is fit for publication (or the only remaining continuity issues are ones that the author firmly believes need to stay as they are), send it along to the rest of the lore team (and to me) for final review.

Key qualifications:

  • Extensive understanding of Factions and LoL lore.
  • Highly responsive.

If you’re interested, apply below.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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