Intermission Tournament IV — Variety Pack


Ziggs is kind of a jerk.

Welcome to Intermission Tournaments, where it’s all made up and the points don’t matter.

The sixth arc will begin soon™ — most likely within the next week or so. We already know that Bilgewater is in, and I’ll be closing the public poll and announcing the next two contenders this Sunday. (If you haven’t already, please do cast your votes!) But until the next arc starts, we’re going to be running some Intermission matches each weekend. Each weekend has a theme.

This weekend’s theme? A zany assortment of faction matchups, based primarily on my personal whim. I’ve thrown in some lore tidbits for each; some represent actual matches, others more symbolically represent other events. These won’t have a massive story impact, but I’ll try to work the outcomes in.

Blue/Purple assignment will be determined by coin toss.


Matches will be streamed at VODs will be posted here as matches conclude.

We’d like to gather some community casters to shoutcast and stream these matches. We very strongly prefer casters who have an audition video to share. This could be from a time you’ve casted before, or just a quick upload from a recent intermission match you cast.

Click here if you’d like to cast or stream.

How To Get On A Team

Sign-up links for each faction are provided below. I’ll randomly create mirrored-rank teams using the signups and post them up here Friday evening. [Update: Teams posted below. However, there will likely be no-shows, so if you’d like to play, try to be there at match time! Team configurations may be altered as necessary, but we’ll try to keep them mirrored.]

You can also just show up at match time:


It’s quite possible that we’ll have last-minute gaps, so if you just show up ready to play, there’s a good chance of being selected.


We’ll use tournament rules, though we’ll be a bit more flexible seeing as this is just intermission.

For Champion lists, we’ll use the intermission rosters.

Saturday, August 9


Match One — Bilgewater vs. the Void

As the light of the Moonstone fades, Void demons and other terrifying monsters have begun attacking ships closer and closer to shore.


Match Two — Piltover vs. the Shadow Isles

A Piltovian racing zeppelin crash landed in the Shadow Isles. Piltover wants its people back. The Shadow Isles insists they’re quite happy where they are, or soon will be.


Match Three — Ionia vs. Zaun

The extensive use of pyrikhos fuel has drastically increased the amount of pollution coming out of Zaun. Ionia insists they take some environmental mitigation measures. Zaun’s corporations say that if Ionians care so much they should start wearing breath masks.

Sunday, August 10

Note: player lists not yet revised to reflect who actually played.


Match Four — Bandle City vs. the Freljord

Bandle City and the Freljord have started arguing over how the royalties from poro sales should be divided up. They’ve agreed to settle it on the Fields.

  • 12:30 Pacific — 1:30 Mountain — 2:30 Central — 3:30 Eastern
  • Team Configuration: PGGSB
  • Bandle City: SonOfTill, ElJako98, Sodaman64, Mixizm, Legostrike
  • the Freljord: Rakdosis, Menarndi, ottoman714, InsertCleverNckn, Razzindi
  • Recording:


Match Five — the Shadow Isles vs. the Void

They didn’t actually disclose to the League what they were fighting over. Probably souls of the damned or something.

  • Begins at 1:30 Pacific — 2:30 Mountain — 3:30 Central — 4:30 Eastern
  • Team Configuration: DPGGB
  • the Shadow Isles: _____________, RustSka, rahh231, Sodaman64, RaptorAttacks
  • the Void: Naggarok, TempestEP, ottoman714, Still Eternity, Legostrike
  • Recording:


Match Six — Demacia vs. Noxus

Both sides have valuable prisoners from the Battle of Shurima. They each want them back.



Caitlyn, you monster.

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  1. […] Intermission Tournament IV continues Sunday, August 10. […]

  2. ChroniclerC says:

    Decided against using the Icathia crest for the Void?
    Also, I would come to represent the Void once more, but I’ve got a birthday party to go to. Mine! ^w^

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