Schedule: August 30–31 Featured Matches

I am pleased to announce the schedule for this weekend’s Featured Matches, the first of the Nyroth storyline. They have been arranged by the head of Factions matchstaff, 501st Big Mike, with much-appreciated assistance from Sgt Porkchop.

We selected Summoners for each match by first arranging a suitable blend of tier-slots for each team and then randomly drawing names from the list of sign-ups. Where possible, we’ve identified some subs, as well. Even if you’re not listed on the schedule, you’re encouraged to show up at match time, as last-minute complications do (unfortunately) often arise which call for an emergency fill from the audience.

Note on Spectator Mode Glitches and Streaming

A strange thaumic fluctuation has afflicted the Fields of Justice of late, sometimes enshrouding the battlefield in storms of visual distortion. The Council has ascertained that these fluctuations pose no threat to safety, but may impede the audience’s view of the action.

We normally stream Featured Matches, with live commentary, on Unfortunately, it seems that Spectator Mode is bugged at present, and unless a fix is forthcoming we may not be able to stream this set. Our priority will be getting the games run without disruption or delay; we will also do what we can to stream them, perhaps from a Summoner’s POV with a stream delay.

Schedule of Matches

Matches will be streamed on, to the best of our ability given the spectator mode glitches.

Saturday, August 30 — the Freljord versus the Shadow Isles

A Freljordian Summoner affiliated with the Frostguard, Jost Remlijkson, was found dead in the depths of the League archives. Forensic thaumexamination performed by Lissandra revealed traces of a necromantic death curse. Tryndamere, who had been drinking with Olaf when he heard the news, left this informal Avarosan–Winter’s Claw “mead summit” and smashed his way into Karthus’ study, where the two briefly fought before being restrained by guardian Summoners. The slain Summoner Remlijkson had been investigating an alleged connection between Nyroth, Ceruleana, and a rumored spirit-bridge between the Freljord and the Shadow Isles. The matter has been scheduled for adjudication as part of the Nyrothian dispute.


  • Match One: 12:30 pm Pacific — 1:30 Mountain — 2:30 Central — 3:30 Eastern
  • Match Two: 1:30 pm Pacific — 2:30 Mountain — 3:30 Central — 4:30 Eastern
  • Match Three: 2:30 pm Pacific — 3:30 Mountain — 4:30 Central — 5:30 Eastern

Sunday, August 31 — Bilgewater versus Ionia

The Ionian Navy has begun sailing around Valoran toward Demacia’s harbors, where its admirals intend to establish a staging point for the exploration of Nyroth. Their course necessarily takes them through waters patrolled by Bilgewater, and Bilgewater is attempting to charge Ionia a hefty toll for this transit, and to force the fleet to submit to the sort of contraband inspection that merchant vessels face. Ionia quite understandably protests.


  • Match One: 12:30 pm Pacific — 1:30 Mountain — 2:30 Central — 3:30 Eastern
  • Match Two: 1:30 pm Pacific — 2:30 Mountain — 3:30 Central — 4:30 Eastern
  • Match Three: 2:30 pm Pacific — 3:30 Mountain — 4:30 Central — 5:30 Eastern

Who’s Playing? Summoner Lists for Each Match

Since I’ll be out of town for much of the weekend, I’m embedding 501st Big Mike’s GDoc directly. This will allow him to update the schedule as necessary.


We’re still doing some final revisions to our featured matches system. For this weekend, we’ll stick to points and Favor.

If a faction beats its opponent 3–0, it will gain 10 points of Favor with the League, and take 15 points of Balance of Power from the losing side.

If a faction wins 2–1 instead, both sides will gain 5 points of Favor, and the winner will take 10 points from the defeated faction.


These matches will use standard Factions tournament rules. 501st Big Mike is empowered to make ad hoc rulings as necessary to address ambiguities in the written rules or adapt to unforeseen circumstances. Such rulings should be reported to me (CupcakeTrap) for review, especially if they arise from an apparent flaw or oversight in the written rules.

Caitlyn, you monster.

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