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The League of Legends has been called Valoran’s greatest triumph: an arbiter of last resort among nations, with the power and respect to hold the demons of war at bay. Though widely respected, it is not much liked, with many member nations using it as a lightning rod for blame.

The Politics system allows factions to use diplomacy and politicking to achieve their objectives. Factions can bring their petitions before the League, for example to add a new Champions to their roster. Sometimes, Factions also end up before the League involuntarily, such as when the Council hears about untoward activities and issues sanctions.

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15 comments on “Politics System
  1. […] Politics System […]

  2. […] Politics System […]

  3. Wizard996 says:

    “Such a petition is not required for certain Tertiary Champions with special “loyalty quests” and the like; completing the quest gets the faction the Champion.”

    Please go into detail what a loyalty quest entails; ie: how you get one, possible ways to complete it, etc.

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