What’s Next

I’d like to take a quick moment to share my plans going forward. This is largely for my own personal benefit: doing this helps me formally set my priorities, and also explains what I’ve been up to lately.

Priority One: Sign-Ups, Scoreboard

Factions matches are the core of Factions. I’ve spent a lot of time on the statistical geekery that went into the new and improved scoreboard. Banane des Bois is in charge of entering match data. The explosion of signups means that we need to recruit some more scoring volunteers — click here if you’d be willing to help with scoring matches — but this aspect of Factions is pretty much running smoothly as of today, leaving me free to move on to other objectives.

One remaining task in this area: I need to help get the BR match submission form and other associated documents going for other regions.

I’m still personally handling some aspects of this, such as updating the List of Summoners for NA and copying the match results into the Balance of Power spreadsheet after tidying them up. I think there are probably staffers who are better at this than me, so I’m going to try to hand those tasks off as well.

Priority Two: Lore

We’re a bit behind on lore. This is my current focus, now that I’ve finished up the scoreboard infrastructure. Hextech Revolution was such an epic storyline that I want to make sure we do it justice.

Hextech Revolution Lore

The first task is formally wrapping up Hextech Revolution. This means:

  • Update 10: The Battle of Shurima (fighting through the Voidswarm to get into the mines)
    • Montesque64 has this mostly completed.
  • Update 11: Closing the Portal (closing the Void rift and averting apocalypse)
    • I’m working on this now. I promise that Kassadin will Null Sphere Malzahar right in the face.
  • Epilogue: A faction-by-faction overview, ending with the yordles spotting Nyroth from the moon.
    • I’m working on this as well.

Nyroth Lore

Next, we need a proper opener for Nyroth. I have this outlined. We’ll want to move into a lore update or a first interactive lore event soon, but the opener is the main thing I’m working on right now. It’s awfully silly being several weeks into an arc and still not having an opener.

As for lore going forward, we’re going to try to expand our lore team; the loss of Agrofox to busy RL has left Montesque and I scrambling somewhat.

Priority Three: World Systems

This is a new addition to Factions, for the really hardcore types. It includes research, military, and other big-picture aspects of the Factions world. Naggarok is going to be handling most of this, and is already hard at work making the tech trees and such. Once I finish with the lore described above, I’m going to meet with Naggarok and perhaps some members of the lore team to run through these rules and do a final revision.

Figuring this out will be important for Featured Matches, as well; we need to have these systems in place to determine what prizes and such are going to be won from these events, e.g. a research boost.


All in all, there’s been a little too much Soon™ this arc, for which I apologize. However, with the help of many talented staffers and volunteers, things are moving forward despite my busy RL status.

Thanks again to everyone who’s helping out. Factions could not be sustained at the size it’s expanded to without your assistance. I am but one cupcake, but together we are strong!


Caitlyn, you monster.

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4 comments on “What’s Next
  1. I resent your promise of kassadin null sphering malzahar in the face. Kassadin wasn’t even in the arc.

  2. CrazedPorcupine says:

    Hey guys, I want to remind you that if you have epic ideas for Lore, Send in a pitch to beyond the battlefield. If it’s written well, it can become part of Factions canon and may be referenced in the storyline!

  3. StormRevolver says:

    dont break your back :)

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