PSA: Spam-bots

Merricurry portrait complete3

Merricurry has had just about enough of your nonsense, BenB930. She’s holding those glasses on with pure anger.

Sometimes, spam-bots prey upon the Factions chat. This is very sad. It’s even more sad for them when we have to cast them into the Void.

2014-09-21 - BenB930 Spam-bot

To do so, please configure your thaumex scanner to confirm that no dimensional rifts are forming, lock down any pyrikhos in the local vicinity, and then right-click on the spam-bot’s name in the chat display and select “Block Player”. You might also want to send in a ticket to Riot, so that they can ban the account.

Speaking of the Factions Chat

If the Factions chat is full, try Factions2. It’s super-fun, perhaps twice as fun. Actually, if you’re in the Factions chat and it’s at 200 Summoners, consider leaving it for Factions2, to help balance things out a little.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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