September 27-28 Featured Matches Sign Ups

Featured Matches so far

Quick update on how the featured matches have gone so far.

In NA Bilgewater is undefeated with 4 victorious weekends. Freljord has 2 winning weekends, and meanwhile Ionia and The Shadow Isles have 1 victory each (victory count is not number of games but the number of their best of 3 sets they won); ironically both of them got their single win while playing against the other.

Since EUW plays sets of 2 and not best of 3s, the victories listed here are simply the number of featured match games won. Freljord is in first place here with 3 wins, Shadow Isles and Bilgewater are tied with 2 victories each, and Ionia has only a single win.

NA Sign Ups


September 27: Ionia vs Bilgewater

September 28: Shadow Isles vs Freljord

EUW Sign Ups

Halfy has been caught in a traffic jam caused by yordles and poros stopping to snuggle in the middle of the road. While it would be easy for everyone to walk/ride around this scene, everyone has stopped to take pictures and try to join the yordles as they cuddle with the poros. Halfy has torn herself away from the yordles and poros and has gotten the sign up forms to us.

EUW Featured Matches Sign Ups (match ups are same as NA)



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