Discussion: The Hextech Revolution

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Greetings, Summoners!

The epilogue to the previous arc, Hextech Revolution, is being posted tonight. Obviously, this is way, way later than is normal or desired. I do think it’s appropriate, though, to provide a space to talk about what happened previously, and gather some reflections that we should bear in mind moving forward.

Link: Hextech Revolution Discussion Thread

What’s next?

  • The epilogue to Hextech Revolution.
  • The prologue to Nyroth.
  • The Nyroth arc will be extended by about a month, to compensate for the slow start.
  • Review and publication of the arc rules for Nyroth, including the World Systems and improved Featured Match procedures.
  • Nyroth begins in earnest, with an active story, interactive lore events, opportunities to expand Champion lists, Featured Matches that are more integrated into the storyline, and so on.

See you on the Fields, Summoners.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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