Nyroth Lore Event I

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This interactive lore event follows the prologue. Each faction may select a new Champion for their roster, as a sort of compensation for the delayed start. Each faction also has another decision to make. The results will be announced this Friday, 10 October, 24 CLE, prior to this weekend’s Featured Matches.

Updated with results in red!


Champion Selection


Sometimes the deck is stacked, the dice are loaded, and there’s really only one Champion option. Bilgewater started this dispute with Katarina, leaving only one other Secondary Champion on its list.


Three Champions have come forward to claim leadership of Bilgewater in this dispute. Whom will you support?



It was close, but Bilgewater did in fact decide to go with Twisted Fate. It also selected, by a narrow but not razor-thin margin, to appoint Nami as its leader going forward.


Champion Selection



Ionia is known for its careful diplomacy and deep networks of alliances. It is considered the most “international” of the League’s member states, thoroughly committed to the Institute’s mission of maintaining balance in Valoran.

As it ventures to Nyroth, Ionia may choose to cooperate with one of three factions, or to remain aloof. This alliance will not open up new Champion options. However, it may grant Ionia other resources, and will help determine its path forward.


Demacia is primarily concerned with ensuring the safety of Nyroth’s inhabitants, and preventing any further damage from the magical forces that caused the cataclysm.

Piltover seeks to investigate Nyroth’s magical and technological assets and derive whatever new understandings it can. It is also very interested in arranging trade relations.

Bandle City is curious to explore Nyroth. Like Piltover, it is also curious about the magic and hextech that Nyroth may hold, and would love to get some trade going.

Finally, Ionia could go it alone for now. In so doing, it would maintain maximum freedom to chart its own course, but would also have less access to the resources of these other factions.

Ionia selected Ahri as its new Champion, and has decided it will collaborate with Piltover.

Champion Selection


Restless Souls

The cataclysm that destroyed the Nyrothian mainland must have slain hundreds of thousands, if not millions. What does the Shadow Isles intend to do with them? The time is not yet here to act, but secret preparations must be made.

Free them. Send them to their eternal rest.

Enslave them. Use them as the base of an army of the dead.

Feed them to the Void. The concentration of so many tormented souls must surely be straining the dimensional fabric. The proper incantations could tear open a Void rift and feed them to the demons beyond.

By an EXCEEDINGLY close margin, the Shadow Isles have selected Urgot over Sion. The Isles have also secretly begun preparations to feed the souls of the slain Nyrothians to the Void.


FreljordAsheFreljordSejuani FreljordLissandra

Champion Selection


The Freljord’s choice of initial leader will also determine its Champion selection. Ashe will recruit Gragas, Sejuani will recruit Olaf, and Lissandra will recruit Trundle.

The Freljord has, by a razor-thin (arrowhead-thin?) margin, selected Ashe to lead it as it ventures into Nyroth. Gragas has joined the cause, pledging several barrels of his best brew as a lubricant for any difficult negotiations that may arise. Lissandra humbly offers the Queen of the Freljord her services, as they may be required.

Next Update: Lore Event II


21 comments on “Nyroth Lore Event I
  1. StormRevolver says:

    uuuh cant the free the souls guys change their vote over to enslave them if we can win over the void guys? i mean we would even prefer that over the void, and then we could have maybe changed the results. its a shame these votes are a bit static. if this was realy a debate im sure we would change our votes based on whats going on

    • StormRevolver says:

      and if we go the void route i guess i will just sit out this arc :(

      • StormRevolver says:

        actualy all 3 other faction made a choice that i would have picked if i was there XD

    • CupcakeTrap says:

      It was a non-exclusive vote, so they already had an option to do that.

      There’ll probably still be at least one chance for SI to change its mind, though.

  2. Wrath of Avarice says:

    If someone who voted for Ashe would formally apologize and change their vote to Lissandra, that would just be super. Winning by one vote… Lissandra and I will not forget this.

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  5. endervictorious says:

    ShadowIsles is excited to have yet another ap champion… *yay*……..

  6. animorpher says:

    Can Bilge start playing with TF right now, if we wanted? Or do we have to wait for the vote to finish>

    • CupcakeTrap says:

      General rule: go by the Champion Lists page. Currently, TF is not listed on the Bilgewater roster, so Bilgewater can’t use him. To answer your question more fully: since the other factions won’t be getting their Champions until Friday, it seems fair that Bilgewater shouldn’t get theirs early.

      • Wizard996 says:

        Best of luck in getting SonofTill to accept your reasoning of allowing TF onto the same roster as Graves.

  7. Wrath of Avarice says:

    I’m not saying that Freljord summoners have to vote for Lissandra, but I am saying that if you vote for Sejuani, we can’t be friends. Make of that what you will.

    • Suicide Sin says:

      I’m a loyal Avarosan but I must admit, that for long term strategy, Lissandra is out best bet. Trundle will be VERY useful and if you with her mediation we can adopt a “wait and see” policy. Should Ashe’s diplomacy fail we can rely on Sejuani’s might to win us the day.

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    • 501stbigmike says:

      Twisted Fate is more of a ripoff of Spider from Mega Man X:Command Mission than Gambit from X-Men. I would post an image of him here to show just how much of a carbon copy he is to Spider, but I don’t think it’s possible to post an image here.

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