World Systems Has Begun! (Now with more dice)

Naggarok here, and I am please to announce that World Systems is now in a usable state. Some things are still in a work in progress and may be changed, but the all the systems are now in place. In this post I will cover the active factions research, featured match prizes, and inactive faction research.


Void Runes

Active Faction Research

While the actual lore event will last a few days longer, votes for research will be considered closed at 5 PM PST(8 PM EST) this Friday. At that time, all votes will start to be counted. If any votes are entered during that period and are seen, they will counted. Any votes afterward will be discounted.  At 6 PM PST(9 PM EST), rolls will begin here. They will be using the linked website in the lobby “Factions” for accountability.

Research for active factions is as follows. Start with their Base Research inherent to that faction which is then multiplied by two. Then the Balance of Power(BoP) is factored in. If the faction is positive, the bonus from it is the BoP is multipled by 4 and then is added. If it is negative, then it is reduced by half then subtracted from the final research. If the faction has a Research stat above 50, then any Balance of Power bonus (or penalty) is increased by 1% for each 1 Research the faction has above 50.  Finally, a d100 is rolled. the number is the subtracted by 50. The positive number is added while the negative is subtracted from the final research total. In summary the research equation looks like this:

Base times 2 + BoP times 4 times (100+Research-50)% if total>100 OR BoP times 0.5 if BoP<0 + (1d100-50)= Research Done

All research projects are out of 1000 points. Each project also has five phases. Reaching each phase confers a benefit but the full benefit will not be gained until the project is finished.

Once the research is added to the factions progress, the second half begins, the danger rolls. This roll represents the potential for something bad to happen to the faction during the week. If you want more information on danger rolls or want to know more about the research system look at this page.

Featured Match Prizes

Featured matches have been underscored for a long period of time due to working out the exact mechanics. While the specific numbers are still in consideration, I can tell you what the potential prizes now are.

To start with there is always a Primary prize. This is fairly self explanatory as it is then main reason you should win the featured matches. There can also be Secondary prizes. These are smaller than primary prizes and can very small if a faction goes 2-1, They are mostly to add a bit more variety to the featured match prizes. Not all featured matches will have secondary prizes. The prizes available are as follows:

  • Champion: Gain any champion of your choosing if 3-0. If you go 2-1, you may pick any primary or secondary or have the option of boosting a petition to gain a tertiary champion by a large amount.
  • BoP: Winner gains 2 (2:1) to 3 (3:0) times the normal amount of points and the opponent loses the equivalent.
  • Favor: 3-0: Winner gains large amount of favor. 2-1: Winner gains a moderate amount of favor. The loser gains a small amount of favor.
  • Research Bonus: 3-0 Winner gains large research bonus. 2-1Winner gains slightly small bonus. Loser gains a small amount of research.
  • Power Chart Bonus: The winning faction gains a boost to one of six areas, listed here for each faction. If 3-0, the faction gains that boost from the rest of the arc. If 2-1, it gains it for a limited period of time.
  • Lore Impact: The winning faction succeeds in the story posted in featured match signups If it goes 2-1, the losing faction will have a partial victory in the story. This will be the rarest of prizes for logistical reasons.

As of this writing there are currently, there are four weeks of unscored featured matches. Two matches will be primarily a Power Chart bonus along with a secondary reward of favor. One will be a Primary reward of Favor with a Secondary reward of BoP. The last one will be a Primary of BoP with a Secondary of Research. These will randomly decided before the research rolls this Friday.

If you have any questions about these prizes or how it works, either comment below or ask me (Naggarok) directly in the Factions chat. This leads us to the final topic

Non-Active Faction Research

The rest of the factions do progress along side the arc as glorious progress may not be stopped. There are some conditions however. First, all gains are reduced by 40%. Secondly, they obviously do not gain BoP points. Third, if they roll MIA or Buy Another, nothing of lasting note happens. The Non-Active Faction Research equation is:

(Base times 2 + 1d100-50) times 0.6= Research Done

So without further ado, lets get into the rolling. No graphics will be included within this post for now because I don’t want to bother figuring it out now. So kindly just use this instead.

Bandle City

Bandle City is researching Space Scouts. After reaching the moon and establishing a base there, Bandle has decided that it needs to be able to respond to any threats across the global by creating the Space Scouts, made in the glorious image of Our Lord Teemo. This was researched up to the Gamma phase within the Hextech Revolution and there will start at 600 out of 1000. Bandle as has a reputation for cursed dice so this will be interesting.

Math: Base=60. 60×2=120. 120 +32-50=102. 102*0.6=61. 61+600=661.

Space Scouts is now at 66 percent completed.

Danger Roll Failure Level: Base 5%+Hexplosives 2%= 7% total danger threshold.

Danger Roll: 2. Goddamnit Bandle. Fails by 5. Cosmic Balance reduces it by half resulting in a 2.5 which gives us 3 because I round up. The potential failures are below:

Setback MIA Drawing board

Danger Roll 2, The Dangering: 1. Bandle loses all research this week. 661 to 600. Space Scouts now at 60%.

If Teemo tells you to undo your helmet in space, please do not listen or this happens. MOVING ON.


In potential fit of foresight, Demacia is currently in the process of building an anti-undead legion lead by Lucian under the name of The Purifiers. If completed, it cause severe problems for the Shadow Isles and help recreate the military might Demacia enjoyed before the Battle of Shurima. This project, like Space Scouts, starts at Gamma Phase(600)

Math: Base=40. 40×2=80. 80+85-50=115. 115*0.6=69. 69+600=669. Purifiers are now at 66.9%

Danger Roll Failure Level: Base 0%+Secrets of Shurima 1%(They weren’t very good secrets)= 1% total danger threshold.

Danger Roll: 1. Words do not even begin to explain how much twitching I am currently doing. Fail by 0.

Buy another Buy another Setback

Danger Roll 2, Redanger: 1. Solarian shields provided for training are accidentally disintegrated due to a misunderstanding involving a supposed affair between Garen and a hedge. Across the continent, Diana spontaneously laughs and doesn’t know why. The shields are replaced for a fee. Nothing of further note happens.


Noxus has been long out of the game due to a void invasion followed by another failed attack on Ionia. However, the victory in the Battle of Shurima did much to inspire Noxian faith in Swain and the help provided by Zaun, both in suppressing the rebellion and helping healing the land, has also done much. There is still much to be done however,.The land has not fully healed despite Zaun efforts. The troops are not as strong as they could be and reformist scum still litter the land.  In this vein, Swain has begun to fix these problems under the name of Noxian Cleansing. When completed, Noxus will be stronger than it was before the Void Wars as they are now being called with very little dissent within its borders. It begins in Alpha(0)

Math: Base=50. 50×2=100. 100+94-50=144. 144*0.6=86. 86+0=86. Noxian Cleansing is now at 8.6%.

Danger Roll Failure Level: Base 5%=5% Total Failure Threshold



Piltover was working on the Undersea City. However, it was revealed, as the plans were laid, that the Ironclad Fleet that had been thought finished had critical problems. These problems would result serious causalities of the fleet should combat ever be done. They now work to fix these problems. The ships are still there however so the project starts in Gamma(600).

Math: Base=70. 70×2=140. 140+65-50=155. 155*0.6=93. 93+600=693. Ironclad Fleet is now at 69.3%.

Danger Roll Failure Level: Base 5%+Hexplosives 2%= 7% total danger threshold.


Drawing Board Lost talent Sanctioned

Danger Roll 2, ELECTRIC DANGER: 1: Drawing BoardIronclad Fleet knocked back to Beta Stage(300). Ironclad Fleet now at 30%. The voidling-filled train that previously plagued Piltover spontaneously reappeared as the ships were all lined up for routine maintenance causing catastrophic damage. No remains of the train or voidlings were found. Piltover is not pleased with these events, with both Vi and Caitlyn flabbergasted as to how the terror train reappeared.


Azir and his subjects were incapable of starting any research due to a plague of locusts swarming around Azir’s position. Azir has reduced the swarm some, but it still bugs him to an extreme degree.

The Void

The Void has established their foothold on Icathia. However, the city is still in ruins and while no one would dare attack it right now, they might realize that the city would fall to a combined assault and deal a crippling blow to the Void’s plan for Runeterra. As such, Malzahar is attempting to tune in with his void masters to learn the magic required to animate Icathia up and become fortified to magic. He dubs this attempt Icathia Rising.

Math: Base=40. 40×2=80. 80+77-50=107. 107*0.6=64. 64+0=64. Icathia Rising is now 6% done.

Danger Roll Failure Level: Base 5%(Void magic is fun) +3% Icathia Rising=8% Total Failure Threshold

Danger Roll: 57. RNGsus feels like being evil apparently.


Having researched everything on their plate, Zaun continues its research into the daring. Having won the Hextech Revolution and the acquisition of Mericurry, a pyrikhos scientist of top caliber, Zaun has the prestige of researching two proejcts at once.

The first is based of the Solar Codex, a book so graciously revealed to Zaun by Xerath. Azir is not pleased that his bedtime story book was taken, but is okay with it right now since the locusts would eat it. The page that Zaun is researching right now is Primordial Power. This will allow for pyrikhos, a highly dangerous void energy source, to be somewhat controlled through Shuriman magic. This Shuriman magic could also be potentially used on other power sources resulting in a much safer Zaun and a slightly cleaner Zaun (you can last a minute more of the smog.)

The other project Zaun is pursuing is Special Phyrikos Extreme Speed Systems, known as S.P.E.S.S. for short. This project will enable Zaun to mass produce spacecraft to reach the moon and various places on Valoran. NOW LONGER WILL THE MOON BE DOMINATED BY THE YORDLE SCUM. Rocket science isn’t easy or safe however, even for Zaun adding 3% to Zauns Danger level, which will reduce to 2% once finished.

(Primodial Power) Math: Base=90. 90×2=180. 180+84-50=214. 214*0.6=128. 128+0=128. Primordial Power is now 12.8% done.

(S.P.E.S.S.) Math: Base=90. 90×2=180. 180+83-50=213. 213*0.6=128. 128+0=128. S.P.E.S.S. is now 12.8% done.

Danger Roll Failure Level: Base 10%(So dangerous)+2% Warpgates+1%Void Energy+3% S.P.E.S.S.=16% Total Failure Threshold.

Danger Roll: 94. I give up. I legitimately give up on understanding anything related to rolls.

This concludes today’s fun. The rolls for Bilgewater, Ionia, Freljord, and Shadow Isles will be done on Friday along with revealing the research choices. So, if you haven’t already, go vote in Nyroth Lore Event II.

If you have any questions about the above or just in general about world systems, either comment on this or talk to me in Factions chat on League. And with that, I will return to you tomorrow. This post might be prettified later.

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20 comments on “World Systems Has Begun! (Now with more dice)
  1. BlackRose02 says:

    As a proud member of Zaun, I am pleased with these rolls.

  2. Matanui3 says:

    Xom is amused.

  3. LordoftheFourth says:

    RNGsus wants to see valoran become a crater. because F*** you lissandra

  4. Hellioning says:

    The RNG giveth and the RNG taketh away.

    Mostly taketh away. Those are some BS rolls right there.

    • naggarok says:

      Hey, Piltover is trying its hardest to win at irony.

      It’s succeeding.

    • CupcakeTrap says:

      I think Bandle City’s dice results are some kind of elaborate short joke committed by the universe against yordlekind. Remember that Nefara herself was a “yeah, right” rare outcome on their pyramid break-in lore event. They rolled abysmally. I had filled the outcome list mostly with good things; I threw in a couple bad things, as well, and in the very worst corner, there was something like “if they screw up this badly, I don’t know, have like an evil Lich Queen attack Bandle City.”

  5. StormRevolver says:

    so zaun did get a second research slot. because why not :) and piltover got a finished project knocked back beckause why not :) meh actualy i dont even know why i tought it would be different

    • naggarok says:

      The second research slot was for winning the arc they were in. This was announced ahead of time.

      Ironclad fleet was not actually finished as it actually failed its completion roll by 1, leaving it at gamma. That roll cupcake forgot to factor in the sanctions due to Battle of Shurima for Piltover. This was found and fixed three months ago which is why Ironclad Fleet was not noted of Piltover’s world systems section. So this is nothing that couldn’t have already noted or seen.

      • StormRevolver says:

        just because it was announced ahead of time that they will get something like that i tought you guys would know that giving a 100% scaling boost on technology over every over faction is not realy balanced. On the other hand i didnt knew that there was an error in that roll sry :( but maybe you guys could have noted it somewhere.

        On another note is the instant win point limit still at 60? it is kinda impossible to get it, when now the bop is realy 0 sum. it would nead that either everyone else is like 60-80 points behind you or some faction are waaay to behind in like the -40 -60 so you beat the last faction with like a 100 points

      • StormRevolver says:

        oh and what does merrycurry give zaun now? i dont see anything related to her in here

      • naggarok says:

        Instant win points are still 60. It is not designed to be a feasible way of normal victory. Instead it is supposed to be a mechanic where, if one faction is completely dominating the others and gets to that 60 points, the arc will have the option of not dragging on for long.

        As for Merricurry, her special roll needs to be reworked which will probably happen next week. Its impact will be much smaller than before due to Zaun not being active within the arc.

      • StormRevolver says:

        naga that 60 point needs around 90%+ win rate. thats kinda absurd. Shadow isles got 15 point for a win and losed 2 for a loss. for just around 40 point difference. getting 60 point means you have avarage 80 point lead over the others. You would have to win like 10+x matches just to get back from 1 loss. I dont mind if its intentional, but im not sure it is.

  6. ChroniclerC says:

    So then, is work being done in the background towards figuring out what Shurima is going to be doing in Factions?

    I can’t help but cackle at Demacia failing a 1% Danger Role. xD

    Also, yay Icathia.

    • naggarok says:

      Azir will be having fun in background during research rolls and may come up during this arc as a one-off thing, but other than that, nothing is really set up.

  7. endervictorious says:

    to sum it up:
    evil factions: +∞
    everyone else: -∞

    • naggarok says:

      Well Zaun isn’t really evil, its more amoral with Noxus being somewhat similiar.
      Bandle is pretty close to being pretty damn evil with all the backstabbing.
      PIltover Is getting darker.

      In short, grimdark for everything.

      • StormRevolver says:

        blaming an apocalypse on others is pretty evil :)

      • XeronNosoul says:

        @StormRevolver I guess that would make Demacia, Pilt, and Bandle evil as well? Giving Jinx the peaceful negotiations document wasn’t the wisest move really.

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