Research Update/Reminder

In roughly 5 hours, the research votes for the four active factions in Nyroth will be closed, counted, and then rolled.There was a detail left out of some researches and that detail was that some projects(usually magically powerful, void-based, or just generally risky) add to the danger level of the faction. I don’t believe it will affect any votes in a meaningful way, but for the sake of clarity, it should be known. The projects with danger levels, by faction, are below.

  • Bilgewater: Volcanic Forge has +2%(Volcanos aren’t very nice) and Phyrikos Smuggling has +2%(It is Void Crack basically.)
  • Freljord: World Runes has a +3%( screwing with magic leylines is rather harmful for the health)
  • Ionia: Cosmic Balance has a +3%(Dimensions are hard. Just imagine a tesseract made up of tesseracts) and Ghosts of Galrin has a +2%(Cleasin’ ain’t easy.)
  • Shadow Isles: Soul Spire has a +5%(Create a giant gateway dedicated to sending mass amounts of souls to the most chaotic and dangerous place known by Runeterra? What could possibly go wrong?)

For reference, each faction has a base 5% chance and the roll is out of a 1d100.

Important Note: The lore event voting will still continue on for a least a couple days. If you aren’t sure what to vote for besides research, that’s fine. Research and research only will be considered to be closed at 5PM PST.

If you have any questions, comments, or objections, either comment below or ask me directly in Factions chat.

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One comment on “Research Update/Reminder
  1. endervictorious says:

    RNGsus be kind to the shadow isles

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