Nyroth Lore Event II

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The first lore event gave each faction a new Champion and allowed Summoners to select an initial direction for their factions. This lore event, which takes place as the various factions are landing on Nyroth, accompanies the launch of the World Systems. Each faction can select a Research project to start the arc with. Research projects take about a month to complete, with victories accelerating progress.

With this event, I’m going to be handing over both World Systems and Lore largely to Naggarok and Montesque64, respectively. Please bear with them as they learn the ropes. For RL reasons, I’m forcing myself to take a more hands-off approach.

NOTE: Voting for Research projects closes on Friday, October 17, so that we can get everything ready for the Research rolls. The polls will close completely on Saturday or so.



A revised map of Nyroth, labeling each region with transcriptions of the name given that region by the Ancient Nyrothian, whose speech we cannot yet rightly apprehend. Also pictured is the port of Stormhaven, established by Bilgewater with the Council’s authorization.

One week after first contact with the Nyrothians, per the agreement then made with their representatives, Valoran has returned to the land of Nyroth. The Council has not yet revealed the role of the Valoranian Rune Wars in triggering the cataclysm that devastated the Nyrothian mainland. It has, however, discovered that Valoranians are somehow immune to the toxic thaumic field that permeates the mainland. This finding was first reported when Nami and Fizz returned from an initial expedition. The Council has received permission from the Nyrothians to make landfall.

Bilgewater has founded the port of Stormhaven in the northern part of Nyroth. The bay there offers shelter from the storms. The League has authorized all factions to begin exploring in the “Monsku” and “Bobu” regions. Scouts have reported isolated sightings of humanoid figures in the wilderness, but thus far said figures have evaded contact or close observation. For now, the Valoranians are focused on constructing shelter.

Lissandra of the Frostguard reports that she has revived the ancient Nyrothian discovered in a block of True Ice, but that his speech remains unintelligible despite extensive efforts to translate with linguistic hexes. He has been brought to the floating Nyrothian city at his request. The Nyrothians say that his speech is consistent with their records of ancient Nyrothian; though they have not yet discussed the matter in detail, they also seem to consider his lack of wings unsurprising.

Before the ancient Nyrothian left Valoran, he was presented with a map of Nyroth and asked to annotate it. He became rather upset and evasive when asked about the mainland’s features, but he did add crude sketches for each of the ten islands which are arranged (at strangely regular intervals) around it.


The map of Nyroth, annotated by the ancient Nyrothian.

The Council has authorized Bilgewater to select one of the four islands in the northeastern quadrant to explore. The Nyrothians in the floating city high above central Yoroth profess general ignorance as to these islands, explaining that they have avoided all terrestrial contact since the disaster. Presented with the ancient Nyrothian’s sketches, they were able to add a few remarks about the northeastern islands.

  • Avalon was the most populated of the islands at the time of the cataclysm. The Nyrothians remark that the sketched notes likely reflect the great buildings for which Avalon was known in ancient times. Its climate appears to be rather hot, and the Nyrothians make mention of many quarries and mines.
  • Emain Ablach is mentioned in ancient myths as a land of enchanted forests and jungles, and the source of many healing herbs.
  • Argyre is a mountainous, snowy island. The Nyrothians do not understand the sketch. Remote observation by airship does not reveal any clear signs of inhabitation, but the snowstorms are so fierce that it is impossible to say for sure.
  • Daeyux is unmentioned in the spotty ancient records available to the Nyrothians, save for a single remark in a scrap of a personal letter from before the cataclysm. The author of the letter was writing to a sister who had taken ill, and apparently urged her to go to Daeyux, perhaps for healing of some kind. The airship crew reports a desolate, barren waste with no signs of vegetation; they say that a “gray shroud” hangs over the entire island.

A ritual circle has been established within the port, allowing Summoners and Champions to teleport between Nyroth and the Institute. (This same magic is used within Valoran to allow movement between the Institute and member states.) As usual, however, ordinary individuals lack the arcane power to traverse this portal, and its “cooldown” makes it ineffective as a means of conveying supplies. Zaun has expressed interest in constructing a warpgate that would allow ready movement of supplies and personnel, but corporate representatives state that they are still assessing the prospects for profit and loss. (As a spokesperson remarked at a conference at the Institute: “Building a dimensional vortex generator on an unstable leyline network sounds like a serious liability. You guys do realize that warpgates go both ways, right?”)

For the time being, the primary task seems to be survival. Edible nuts and berries, as well as some foul-tasting but apparently non-toxic root vegetables, have been discovered and are being gathered, and carpenters are assembling living quarters.



Bilgewater holds a commanding lead on the Fields of Justice. The port of Stormhaven flies the flag of Bilgewater. Nami urges the Summoners of Bilgewater to direct their resources toward forging a new moonstone, before it is too late for the Marai. This alliance would be the foundation of a new Bilgewater: no longer simply a den of pirates or a merchant’s port-town, but the capital of the maritime world.

Bilgewater’s dominant position in the rankings gives it a greater range of options, and will enable it to help chart the initial course of the Nyroth dispute.

Research Projects

Select a project to research first. Projects take about one month to complete, with victories on the Fields bringing more rapid progress.

Bilgewater may select one of the following as its first Research project. Nami strongly endorses either the Moonstone or Atlanteans project.

The Moonstone

Collaborate with Diana to restore the Lunari and create another moonstone to save the Marai.
Nami recommends this project. Alternatively, she can see the sense in attempting to first locate the Atlanteans.

Nami’s people, the Marai, are losing more of their territory each day. As the moonstone’s power fades, the sea-beasts that stalk the depths grow bolder. The situation has grown rapidly worse since the Void War, and some say that the moonstone could fail within a matter of months. Nami proposes helping Diana to discover the lost secrets of the Lunari in order to forge a new moonstone.

The Atlanteans

Find Fizz’s lost civilization, the Atlanteans.

The Atlanteans have vanished from Runeterra, though their city remains largely intact. Bilgewater could join in the search for the Atlanteans, which might shed further light on the Moonstone mystery. What they find may not be pleasant. Although whatever they do learn would doubtless be useful in constructing a moonstone, time may run out if they delay by first seeking the Atlanteans.

Volcanic Forge

Construct a forge. Further industrializes Bilgewater, and may reveal something about Nyroth’s leylines.

The discovery of Nyroth has catalyzed new interest in geothaumic energy sources and leyline architecture. Hextech shipwrights propose founding a forge powered by an underwater volcano near Bilgewater. They believe that this project could shed some light on the thaumadynamics of Nyroth, while kickstarting Bilgewater’s industrial base.


Build skyships for exploration.

Both Piltover and Zaun have constructed large aircraft that rely upon pyrikhos fuel. Pyrikhos, however, is an increasingly rare commodity, and pyrikhosian engines inexplicably fail when one ventures out into the sea to the east of Valoran. Bilgewater could attempt to devise a new model of engine that does not rely on pyrikhos.

Reformist Bounties

Help Noxus hunt down rebels.

Grand General Swain is attempting to root out the last of the Reformist resistance in Noxus. He believes that they are using sea routes to smuggle artifacts and personnel in and out of the city. Bilgewater’s bounty hunters may be able to track these Reformists down and bring them to “justice”. This would move Talon and Sivir into the Secondary category.

Letters of Marque

Attack Demacian/Ionian merchant vessels and sell the plunder to Zaun.

Certain Zaunite megacorporations have noticed increased trade between Demacia and Ionia. However, with the Demacian navy largely held in harbor by the sanctions that followed the Battle of Shurima, these fleets are poorly defended. Though Ionia’s ever-changing trade routes are well-guarded secrets, if they were to be decoded, Bilgewater’s pirate fleets could secure a great deal of plunder by intercepting these ships. Zaun would be pleased to buy these goods. The League has not historically been aggressive about policing such small-scale naval engagements, as they pose little threat to Runeterra as a whole.

Pyrikhos Smuggling

Smuggle pyrikhos to Piltover, bypassing Zaun’s embargo.

Piltover has been largely cut off from the pyrikhos supply since the Battle of Shurima. In a rare show of unity, Zaun’s megacorporations have steadfastly refused to sell pyrikhos to Piltover. Bilgewater could procure some and smuggle it to the City of Progress, for which it would be handsomely rewarded; it would also greatly improve Bilgewater’s relations with Piltover, while running a risk of angering Zaun should this smuggling be exposed. The first step is concocting a plausible research project that would involve large quantities of pyrikhos.

Island Selection

Select an island to explore.

The Council has marked the islands of Nyroth as off-limits for now, apparently intending to open them up one by one as the dispute progresses. It has granted Bilgewater a special dispensation, in light of its victories on the Fields: it may select one of the following islands to explore. It will not interfere.

  • Avalon was the most populated of the islands at the time of the cataclysm. The Nyrothians remark that the sketched notes likely reflect the great buildings for which Avalon was known in ancient times. Its climate appears to be rather hot, and the Nyrothians make mention of many quarries and mines.
  • Emain Ablach is mentioned in ancient myths as a land of enchanted forests and jungles, and the source of many healing herbs.
  • Argyre is a mountainous, snowy island. The Nyrothians do not understand the sketch. Remote observation by airship does not reveal any clear signs of inhabitation, but the snowstorms are so fierce that it is impossible to say for sure.
  • Daeyux is unmentioned in the spotty ancient records available to the Nyrothians, save for a single remark in a scrap of a personal letter from before the cataclysm. The author of the letter was writing to a sister who had taken ill, and apparently urged her to go to Daeyux, perhaps for healing of some kind. The airship crew reports a desolate, barren waste with no signs of vegetation; they say that a “gray shroud” hangs over the entire island.

Relations with Nyroth

Should Bilgewater reveal that the Rune Wars caused the Nyrothian cataclysm? And should Bilgewater reveal its dire need for the moonstone?

The Nyrothians have gleaned the impression that Bilgewater is the mightiest of the factions now present in their lands, and that Nami is their appointed leader. She meets privately with her Summoners and advisors to discuss how she should proceed. There are two key questions.

The Rune Wars

It is strongly suspected that whatever disaster destroyed Nyroth centuries ago was caused by the Rune Wars. The Council’s official position is that this matter should not be discussed until they have had more of an opportunity to investigate, although it has stopped short of issuing a formal decree to this effect. Nami could reveal this secret in private. It might help win the Nyrothians’ trust, or it might backfire. Nami is a skillful diplomat, and will feel out the situation when she meets with the Nyrothians before taking any action, but she seeks your advice as well.

The Moonstone

Regardless of what Bilgewater chooses to research, Nami is eager to pursue any avenues that might shed light on the magic that created the moonstone. She also suspects that the fierce magical storms that ravage Nyroth may be related to the monsters that roam the depths closer to Valoran. She would like to ask the Nyrothians about these topics. The concern is that, by tipping their hand in this way, they will make it clear to the Nyrothians that this is a matter of great importance to them, and imply that they are willing to bargain generously.


What materials and personnel should Bilgewater bring to Stormhaven first?

Bilgewater can select one convoy to reinforce Stormhaven.

  • Mercenaries — Gangplank can scrounge up some pirates and ne’er-do-wells to ensure that, if things get rough, Bilgewater will have fighters to defend its interests. (Use Commerce to hire mercenaries and ship them over.)
  • Marai — Nami would like to bring in Marai scouts and scholars to help comb Nyroth for anything that might help them forge a new moonstone. (Will grant a higher chance of Research bonuses from discoveries, and may open up additional options in lore events.)
  • Engineers — Miss Fortune proposes bringing in a team of engineers and workers to accelerate construction on Stormhaven. (Will help build up the port and reduce the impact of disasters should the environment turn less hospitable.)
  • Merchants — There is surely money to be made on Nyroth. A convoy of merchant-scouts could help scour the island for valuables. (Will increase the odds of locating treasure and other sources of Commerce.)


Bilgewater has discovered a hostile automaton in the wilderness; should it reveal this discovery to the others?

Fizz and Nami report that they encountered a hostile humanoid automaton constructed of enchanted metal. It attacked them, and Fizz disabled it. The question has arisen as to whether this information should be shared with the Council and the other factions. Nami sees no harm in doing so, but others believe it might be wise to remain silent for now. She seeks your opinion.


You can discuss these decisions with other Bilgewater Summoners here.


Bilgewater’s Summoners decided to begin the Moonstone project, and to bring help from the Marai. They declined to share with Nyroth the true origins of the cataclysm, but did express their urgent need for the moonstone. They did not share information on the automata with the other factions.



Ionia is struggling on the Fields. Its declared intent is to protect the native inhabitants of Nyroth from Valoran’s greed, but at present it lacks the ability to do so. Fortunately, Karma is a clever strategist, and has brought Ionia to victory under much more difficult conditions. Although Piltover is not permitted to directly participate in the dispute or voyage to Nyroth, its researchers are prepared to make use of whatever Ionia may uncover there.

Research Projects

Select a project to research first. Projects take about one month to complete, with victories on the Fields bringing more rapid progress.

Ionia may select one of the following as its initial Research project.


Rebuild southern Ionia. Lessons learned may apply to Nyroth. Move Sona from Secondary to Core.

The southern regions of Ionia have been repeatedly ravaged by war. Much of the land still bears the taint of Noxian sorcery and the contamination of Zaunite biochemical techmaturgy. The wilderness of Shon-Xan, the site of a ferocious battle with Noxus mere months ago, is in particularly poor condition. Ionia could devote its energies to finding some means of mending the damage. What would be learned in this endeavor would in turn bolster Ionia’s defenses against such dark magics, and perhaps shed light on how to repair the damage done to Nyroth. Perhaps revealing that she has absorbed some Demacian ethics in the time she has spent there, Sona is particularly moved by the plight of these beleaguered innocents, and would change from a Secondary Champion to a Core Champion if this project were completed, making her easier to recruit.

Ghosts of Galrin

Give Zed control over haunted Ionia temple to stop attacks. Zed becomes a Tertiary option.

Part of the island of Galrin has been overrun by dark spirits, the vengeful souls of slain Noxians and Ionians alike. Many Ionians have tried and failed to banish them. Zed, who not long ago orchestrated a series of brutal assassinations that paved the way for a Noxian invasion of Ionia, has sent word that the Order of the Shadow could contain these spirits. In exchange, he demands control over that small part of Galrin, and immunity from Ionian prosecution for his prior crimes. This could pave the way to recruiting Zed to the Ionian cause as a Tertiary Champion, but Shen is not alone in fiercely protesting such a dark bargain.

The Clockwork Monastery

Join Ezreal in exploring the ruins of an ancient Ionian monastery. Move Ezreal from Tertiary to Secondary; add Orianna as Tertiary.

The Clockwork Monastery lies in ruins, and is said to be inhabited by vengeful spirits. The old stories speak of many wondrous inventions curated by an eccentric order of monks who have now (presumably) died off. Its gates are sealed with seemingly unbreakable metallic mechanisms, and no living soul has set foot inside for centuries. Ezreal claims that, with Ionia’s help, he could decipher this mystery and gain access. Many Piltovian researchers are curious to learn what is inside.

The Kinkou

Rebuild the Kinkou Order. Move Jax from Tertiary to Secondary.

The Kinkou Order is in ruins after Zed’s attack on their temples and monasteries. It not simply a matter of rebuilding the ruins or even of finding new students: induction into the Kinkou Order requires ancient artifacts, many-tiered lacquered boxes called the kaiden-bako, that allow students to commune with the spirits of those who have gone before. Zed destroyed all known kaiden-bako when he destroyed the Order, but it is believed that one still exists, concealed by powerful celestial magic somewhere in Ionia. Discovering it would revive the Kinkou and place its elite agents at Ionia’s disposal, greatly increasing its Espionage capabilities. This would also attract the attention of Jax, a skillful teacher of the fighting arts, moving him from the Tertiary category to the Secondary category.

Cosmic Harmony

Learn to combat the Void and necromantic magic, and to commune with the souls of slain Nyrothians.

Kennen has learned much from his studies with the yordles of Bandle City during the Hextech Revolution. The secrets of Nyroth offer new insights that could further advance Ionia’s understanding of the dimensions, including the many conduits that the souls of the departed may follow. This would significantly increase Ionia’s ability to commune with the souls of the slain Nyrothians, and perhaps to thwart any dark schemes the Shadow Isles might seek to enact.


What stance should Ionia take toward the Noxian refugees in Shon-Xan?

Noxian refugees from the Void War still inhabit the ruined patch of territory that Noxus won during the war for Shon-Xan. Zaunite biochemical weapons devastated this region in the final day of fighting. The League forbids Ionia from taking direct action against these refugees, but it seems now that they’ll succumb to starvation and disease soon at any rate: local Ionians, having suffered greatly during the war, are refusing to trade with them or help them in any way. It is likely that they would face violence if they left the settlement’s boundaries. The remaining refugees number less than one thousand, and are mostly combat-ready adults: Riven led most of the non-combatants to safety during the siege.

  • Maintain isolation. Ionia could lock in the status quo: no travel to or from the settlement, and no trade. The area would remain Noxian territory even after all the refugees have died, but would obviously pose less of a threat.
  • Offer them safe passage to Piltover. Piltover has taken in Riven and her Lost Legion, and would be willing to absorb these refugees as well.
  • End isolation. There is some ambivalence even among the local Ionians, some of whom distinguish between these refugees and the High Command. Karma’s word would suffice to end the settlement’s isolation, allowing it to survive. Those who wish to leave would be permitted to do so.


You can discuss this event and your options here.


Ionia’s Summoners decided to begin the reconstruction of the Kinkou Order, and to end the isolation of the Shon-Xan settlement.



Once you’ve already died and come back as an undead being, it’s hard for political setbacks to really get you down. Still, the Isles are obviously having a very difficult time in this dispute.

Research Projects

Select a project to research first. Projects take about one month to complete, with victories on the Fields bringing more rapid progress.

The Shadow Isles may select one of the following projects. Pardon the bare bones descriptions. Stygian Chains, Eternal Rest, and Soul Spire are mutually exclusive.

Stygian Chains

Prepare a spell to bind the souls of the slain Nyrothians into undead slaves for the Isles.

Nyroth teems with hundreds of thousands of restless souls slain in the cataclysm. They are trapped in the residue from the blast that destroyed Nyroth, and it will require special preparations to extract them and lock them into controllable undead forms. This would give the Shadow Isles control over a mighty undead army, though one restricted to Nyroth itself. The Shadow Isles could then offer to share what they learn with Noxus, which is always eager to gain greater understanding of necromantic magic. (Sion would move from Secondary to Core, making him easier to recruit via petition.)

Eternal Rest

Free the trapped souls of the Nyrothians slain in the cataclysm and send them to their eternal rest.

The Shadow Isles could use its necromantic powers to free the slain Nyrothians from their torment and allow them to enter the afterlife. This would win the Shadow Isles favor with the League and the living Nyrothians—perhaps even opening up the possibility of less hostile relations with Ionia. They may also be able to glean some of the secrets of Nyrothian magic from the grateful spirits. (This would not affect the availability of any particular Champions, but would bring more general and open-ended benefits.)

Soul Spire

Devise a means of feeding Nyrothian souls to the Void; if implemented, makes it easier to recruit Void Champions.

Develop magic to channel restless souls into the Void, using Nyroth’s leylines. When the project is completed, all of the Void Champions on their list will become Secondary instead of Tertiary. This would, of course, not be well-received by the League or the other nations of Valoran: this would instantly recall memories of Discord, and the Void rift that nearly destroyed Runeterra mere months ago.

For each phase (Alpha, Beta, Gamma) of the project that is completed, another Void Champion would move from the Tertiary category to the Secondary category, making them easier to recruit via petition. When the Shadow Isles recruits its first Void Champion, it will raise suspicions and create a level 20 Secret which other factions may attempt to uncover. If this Secret were exposed, in addition to the usual penalties, Yorick would leave the roster, dedicated as he is to helping souls through the many phases of the afterlife and afraid that turning them over to the demons of the Void would prevent him from ever filling his “quota”.

Upon completion of the project, the Shadow Isles may begin an Industry task to create the apparatus for constructing this “Soul Spire”. If completed, the Shadow Isles would have the option of either sending all of these tormented souls to the Void, unleashing a Void horde on Nyroth, or sending only some of the souls, having a more moderate impact.

Nefara’s Favor

Build an undead Shuriman empire.

The Lich Queen Nefara, reanimated and driven mad by the taint of the Void creeping up from the sands of Shurima, has begun to create an undead empire, a twisted mockery of the ancient civilization that Azir now works fervently to rebuild. Not long ago, she used her powers to seize control of several undead Champions to bolster her assault on Bandle City—but still there’s little bad blood between them, if you know what I mean. (Eh? Eh?) The Shadow Isles could join forces with her, and offer Amumu a more welcoming home than he now finds in Bandle City. (Amumu would change categories from Secondary to Core, making him easier to recruit.)

Night Terrors

Develop a covert means of weakening enemy Summoners before important matches. (Chance of Summoner Spell ban.)

Many Summoners are foolish enough to oppose the Shadow Isles, the keepers of nightmares beyond mortal comprehension. These unwise meddlers can be dealt with. Though the Institute is well-warded, Nocturne knows its corridors well, and a means of bypassing these defenses could be developed.  Nocturne could assault Summoners in their sleep on the eve of important matches, disrupting their abilities without drawing undue attention—Summoners and other mages have reported frequent nightmares ever since the Void rift opened in Shurima, and these attacks could be disguised as such. (Would grant a 1 in 6 chance per Featured Match or Tournament match to ban a Summoner Spell from the opposing team’s list.)

Secrets of the Dead

The Isles can ask the Nyrothian spirits a few questions.

The necromancers of the Shadow Isles have the ability to commune with the spirits of slain Nyrothians. This will be difficult, and at this early stage they are not likely to get more than a small measure of information before the churning of the ether drowns out the link. They must choose their focus carefully.

  • Island information. They could select an island and ask to know more about it. This would significantly improve their odds of success should they explore that island.
  • Assist Bilgewater. They could inquire about whichever island Bilgewater chooses to explore, then attempt to trade that information for a share of whatever Bilgewater might there uncover. (If Bilgewater turns them down, they might also be able to leverage this information to hinder Bilgewater’s efforts.)
  • The cataclysm. They could seek to learn more about Nyroth itself, and the nature of the cataclysm. This might assist them in discerning how to control the phenomenon and bend Nyroth’s energy to their own purposes.
  • Spectral assassin. They could attempt to take control of some of the spirits, and send them to attack a targeted Champion. (This would have a small chance of backfiring. If successful, it would significantly increase the odds of success on their next assassination attempt using the Espionage system.)


You may discuss these options here.


The Shadow Isles has begun its Night Terrors schemes, while seeking knowledge of the cataclysm from the spirits of the slain Nyrothians.



The Freljord has made a strong showing under Ashe’s leadership. An impoverished and fragmented land, it seeks to rise to the status of a great power through Nyroth, whether by uncovering secrets or forging new alliances.

Research Projects

Select a project to research first. Projects take about one month to complete, with victories on the Fields bringing more rapid progress.

The Freljord may select one of the following projects. Ashe strongly supports the frostgem mining project.

Frostgem Mines

Entice Piltover to extend its Velocitronic Rail network to run from Demacia to the Freljord.

The Freljord has yet to develop a means of efficiently mining frostgems. If it could do so, it would have a valuable trade good which could entice Piltover to build a Velocitronic Rail link between Demacia and the Freljord, strengthening ties between those nations and bringing greater prosperity to the impoverished Freljord. Ashe supports this option. (The Freljord could supply the labor necessary to complete the railway, if Piltover is otherwise occupied.) Completion of the railway extension would allow the Freljord to move two of its Demacian Tertiary options (Galio, Garen, Jarvan IV, Quinn) into the Secondary category, making them easier to recruit.

Naval Tactics

Refine the Freljord’s naval and amphibious assault tactics, providing military buffs.

Sejuani’s warriors are fierce, but for generations now they have primarily focused on ground combat in the tundra. Sejuani proposes that the Freljord’s sages and battlemasters focus on devising better strategems for naval battles, landing actions, and other scenarios likely to arise in Nyroth.

World Runes

Devise means of controlling Nyroth’s leylines using ancient Frostguard magic.

Lissandra remarks that the ancient texts concerning the Watchers may hold knowledge which could be used to better understand Nyroth’s leylines, even to control them. (You can trust her. MUAHAHAHAHAHA.)


Encourage collaboration between the Frostguard and Zaun?

Lissandra reports that she has been approached by certain Zaunite researchers. They have rediscovered ancient Shuriman secrets concerning dimensional theory and cosmic magic. Lissandra requests permission to grant them access to certain sites of arcane importance within the Freljord. Ashe is deeply suspicious of Zaun, and believes that Lissandra’s scholarly inclinations have left her naive. Nonetheless, she seeks your opinion.

  • Collaborate with Zaun. Allow the Zaunites to explore the Freljord and consult with the Frostguard.
  • Deny Zaun access. Forbid Zaunites from entering the Freljord’s lands.


You may discuss these options here.


The Freljord has begun construction of the Frostgem Mines. It has given Zaun the cold shoulder.

Next Update: The Harrowing Approaches


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