November 15-16 Featured Matches Sign Ups and First Tournament Announced

Nyroth’s First Tournament


The first tournament for this arc, Nyroth, has been set. It will be taking place on the weekend of November 22-23. It is organized differently than an average weekend of featured matches, so we are going to have this weekend’s featured matches work as a practice weekend.

Teams will be pre-organized by players. Each team will have the skill tiers of HGGSB. (For the veterans who notice the change from the old DPGSB set up, we had to change the set up since we now combine Diamond and Plat into High tier.) The teams will be chosen by “captains.” Anyone can be a captain for their faction, they simply need to organize a team that fits the skill tiers, and all of the players are from their faction. Players can also sign up to play and will be put down on a list for the captains organizing teams so they can chose from players who are available.

Tournament Post



Captains are going to be needed to organize these games. Anyone can become a captain for their faction’s team. Here is what the job of captain entails:

  • Organize team: Find players from your faction to fill the skill tiers and submit the team rosters.
  • Invite players on game day: In the games your team is playing in, you will be invited to game lobby. You will then be given invite powers and will be responsible for getting your team in the lobby in time to play.
    • Continuing off of above, captains do have the power to make last minute changes to their team roster and get subs for their team, so long as the subs are from their faction. The overfill rule can be used, but only as a last minute resort. If you can not find a player to fill a skill tier, or underfill, staff can help (although the majority of the responsibility still lies with the captain), and only if no one can find a player to fill, the overfill rule will be applied.

Any of the responsibilities above can be delegated to your co-captain (if you have one).


Featured Matches Sign Ups

Here are the sign ups for this weekend’s featured matches. They are the same player organized set up as the tournament. Just to avoid confusion, I am going to clarify that this is not the tournament sign ups, these are the featured matches for November 15-16.

The Match Ups for this week are: Saturday, November 15 – Ionia vs Bilgewater; and Sunday, November 16 – Freljord vs Shadow Isles.

This week’s secondary prize for any faction that manages to go 3-0 in their featured matches will be +10 additional points added to their BoP score (losing faction would end up having 10 points subtracted from their BoP score).

Team Submissions – If you have a team assembled, submit it here.

Player Sign Ups – If you wish to play, but not to personally organize a team, sign up here so captains making the teams know you want to play.

Casting/Streaming – Standard casting and streaming sign ups.

Available Players – If you are a captain looking for players, here is a list of players who are willing and able to play this weekend.

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One comment on “November 15-16 Featured Matches Sign Ups and First Tournament Announced
  1. Wizard996 says:

    NOOOOOoooo, accursed tournament date! Busy all day Saturday, hope Bilge matches aren’t then T_T

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