Vote: How do you feel about the other factions?

Banner by Halfy.

Banner by Halfy.

There’s a lot of talk about alliances and rivalries lately. I created some polls to gather data on how each faction feels toward the others. None of this is binding. Previous results are available here.



the Shadow Isles

the Freljord


Caitlyn, you monster.

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2 comments on “Vote: How do you feel about the other factions?
  1. […] provide an opportunity for factions to ally with or oppose one another. To facilitate that, we recently asked factions how they felt about one another. There was a similar poll prior to that one, as well. Putting all these together, here are the […]

  2. Jpdaniel says:

    And now I feel like a jerk because I worded things harshly while tired and then moved away before I could change my wording. Thanks Obama.

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