Megapoll Results Summary (including Champion selections)


How say you, Summoner?

Part of Factions is giving each faction’s Summoners a chance to guide the course their faction takes. This began in Mirrorwater and has continued since. We recently held a “megapoll” to decide several important questions.

It bears repetition that the in-universe decisions made here likely do not represent an actual in-universe vote. Instead, these polls represent a combination of two factors. First, the leaders of each faction are known to consult with Summoners as part of their decision-making process. Second, these polls also represent a sort of “guiding spirit” force, with you the players deciding not only what your Summoner characters will advocate but also, to a degree, deciding what important NPCs like Karma or Swain will decide.

Though the voting was somewhat disrupted by the forum downtime, apparently the result of a DDoS attack against Zetaboards, the polls are now complete. Here is the quick version.

Complete Results

The “raw” results are viewable here.

Below, I go topic-by-topic and highlight the key results.

New Champion Selection System

So far, we’ve been using the Politics system to handle Champion pickups. Though much less snowbally than the Featured Match-based system it replaced, it was still inappropriately random. (I’m all for randomness when it makes things more exciting, or helps keep authors honest, but I don’t think it served either role here.) I proposed a new system at a recent meeting: a “flat” Champion pickup system, where each faction, regardless of BoP or World Systems standing, got the same opportunities to add to their Champion lists.

Since this would be such a significant change, I decided that it would only be implemented for the rest of Nyroth if all four factions agreed. They did, quite strongly.

The Politics page will be updated shortly. In the meantime, here’s how the new system will work for the rest of Nyroth. (Its implementation in future arcs may vary, pending further discussion.)

  • This week: each faction may select a Core or Secondary Champion to recruit. (A faction may instead recruit a Tertiary, but this will consume their current pickup as well as next week’s.) We built this choice into the megapoll, and here are the results:
    • Bilgewater recruited Maokai. (He was added to their list of unlockable Champions through their exploration of Emain Ablach, which turned up extraordinarily hardy thaumavorous plant species that might be able to restore part of the Shadow Isles to their former verdant state.) 83% of Bilgewater Summoners who voted supported this decision.
    • Ionia recruited Wukong, a student of Master Yi himself. 100% of Ionian Summoners who voted supported this decision.
    • The Shadow Isles recruited Kalista. 100% of Shadow Isles Summoners who voted supported this decision.
    • The Freljord recruited Quinn. (She was moved down to Secondary status through the completion of the Frostgem Mines project.) 85% of Freljord Summoners who voted supported this decision.
  • Next week: each faction may select a Core or Secondary Champion to recruit.
  • The week after that: each faction may select any one Champion on their list to recruit.

Some factions won pickup boosts from the tournament, e.g. a bonus to their next petition roll to recruit a Champion. We’ll obviously need to replace those appropriately; perhaps they’ll be permitted to recruit a Tertiary in place of a Secondary, or will get a few extra unlockable Champions. This is something for further discussion.


The Freljord voted (albeit narrowly) to retain Ashe as their leader in Nyroth, with Lissandra nearly being chosen instead. This indicates that the Freljord is continuing its pro-Demacia, diplomatic approach, with a focus on practical measures to develop the Freljord’s infrastructure and alleviate its poverty.

Bilgewater chose to continue with Nami. Bilgewater’s Summoners preferred Nami and Miss Fortune to Gangplank by quite a dramatic margin; as for deciding between Nami and Miss Fortune, about 70% favored the Tidecaller over the bounty hunter.


The various World Systems (such as Politics and Espionage) provide an opportunity for factions to ally with or oppose one another. To facilitate that, we recently asked factions how they felt about one another. There was a similar poll prior to that one, as well. Putting all these together, here are the patterns that emerge.

Bilgewater detests Ionia, and likes the Shadow Isles

Bilgewater has been pretty consistent: it does not like Ionia one bit. Some say that this is because the many Zaunite Summoners who declared for Bilgewater in this dispute are convincing Nami to stay away from the Demacia–Ionia–Piltover alliance.

Bilgewater is rather fond of the Shadow Isles so far, and provided naval support for their assault on the tyrant’s fortress on Neritum. As noted below, Bilgewater and the Shadow Isles also both threw their support behind Zaun and Noxus for this tournament. It is worth noting that the Shadow Isles does not “command” the Black Mist as such, and more spiritually inclined Champions like Karthus and Yorick have only a loose affiliation to the more aggressive Champions such as Mordekaiser and Hecarim. And Elise is offering free vacations, with all travel and meals included. She’s so friendly! Look at her, laughing and laughing. Sounds like a fun time!

Ionia loathes Bilgewater, and likes the Freljord

(Insert musical number between Ionian and Bilgewater Summoners who’ve been made roommates at the Institute.)

There is no love lost between Ionia and Bilgewater: perhaps surprising, given Bilgewater’s increasingly internationalist inclinations. It may be that Bilgewater’s connections to Noxus are the cause, though Ionia generally practices fairly flexible politics.

Ionia does seem to look favorably upon the Freljord. Kennen even offered his help to the Freljord in their explorations on Argyre, though Ashe politely declined.

Interestingly, Ionia is also pretty positive on the Shadow Isles, perhaps in part because the Isles recently helped them communicate with the spirits of the monks of Sannig Kloster and lay them to rest at last.

The Freljord likes Ionia, dislikes Bilgewater

Right back atcha, Ionia. The Freljord looks favorably upon Ionia, and distrusts Bilgewater. It may be that Queen Ashe is too practically minded to be impressed by Bilgewater’s humanitarian acts to date.

The Shadow Isles has no strong feelings one way or the other

The Shadow Isles seems perfectly willing to negotiate with anyone. It might be said that they’re most positive toward Bilgewater, and have occasionally shown resentment toward Ionia and the Freljord, but they’ve also cooperated with them.

Demacia v. Noxus, Piltover v. Zaun Tournaments

The factions split quite cleanly on this matter. Bilgewater and the Shadow Isles supported Noxus and Zaun, while Ionia and the Freljord supported Demacia and Piltover.

Bilgewater and Desmeya

Bilgewater seems to have overall liked what they saw on Aeaea. They have used their new role as Valoran’s representative pro tempore to the Nyrothians to arrange for certain needed raw materials to be sent to Aeaea, and to provide them with select texts on Valoranian techmaturgy. Desmeya, renowned as the greatest living enchantress in all of Nyroth, and a noted expert in automata, has pledged to personally assist Bilgewater in its future endeavors.

She will almost certainly not turn anyone into pigs. And she tells Nami she might be able to help her in particular. (I’m kidding. I’m kidding! Mouse away from the comment button.)


Bilgewater will be exploring Kibu.

Ionia will be exploring Scheria.

The Shadow Isles and the Freljord will be exploring Krocylea together.

Caitlyn, you monster.

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