Rumors around the Institute (preliminary inter-faction attitude poll results)


In the most recent set of island selection polls, we asked Summoners from each faction to give their initial thoughts on the other factions. (We’re at about the midway point in the arc, and we’re encouraging factions to start thinking about who their friends and enemies might be.) Here are some preliminary results.

Note that these are just casual “straw poll” results. You can join the fuller discussion here. We’re also planning to work some inter-factional decisions into the next round of island explorations, giving factions more opportunities to help or hinder one another.


Here’s a quick (and debatable) summary:

Faction Favors Dislikes
Bilgewater the Shadow Isles Ionia
Ionia the Shadow Isles Bilgewater
the Shadow Isles Ionia? Bilgewater? Ionia
the Freljord Ionia Bilgewater

Faction-by-Faction Review

Bear in mind: these were quick straw polls only.


Bilgewater considers the Shadow Isles to be a useful potential ally, while exhibiting considerable disdain for Ionia.

BilgewaterAttitudeThis is somewhat striking, given the presence of the Black Mist. It would seem that strategic considerations regarding the present situation in Nyroth trump the Black Mist issue…or perhaps they believe that collaboration with the Isles might allow them to restrain the Mist.

Here’s what the Summoners had to say:

Summoner Comment
Darksun Dragoon While I bear no particular ill will towards the Freljord, as it stands right now they are the only faction that stands any chance of overtaking us. Despite our past tangles with Ionia, time and again they have failed spectacularly to do anything but harm themselves.
Baxter900 Though we share the same goals, at least on the surface, Ionia has been extremely aggressive towards us, whereas Freljord, though somewhat bi-polar in their attitude towards us, has been actively pursuing the same goal, and has been willing to cooperate.
Wexiomatic The island of death is a threat most low, but their skills and magics could sow, a victory for Bilgewater most great, so let’s make an alliance, even though the hour is late.As for Ionia, there’s not much to tell. They’re both dangerous and stupid, and they keep giving us hell. So we’ll keep shutting them down in their hour of need, and act completely against them in both word and deed.
heavyweapons guy Shadow Isles can bring dinosaurs back to life if they ded
ottoman714 SCREW YOU IONIA
SuperNinjaWeasel Regrettably, I don’t think we can trust the frosties. I have mixed feelings with allying with either the Isles or Ionia; both have given us reasons for and against allying with them. I think that, more than anything, we need a bit of time to decide who we really would need (and who’s ideals we agree with).
XalkXolc Quite frankly, any alliance is rather tenuous right now. An alliance with the Shadow Isles could be useful, but going solo has been fine for us so far, with no reason to stop.Freljord is our current rival, but we really don’t seem to have any real Problems with a capital P with them, they’re just the biggest threat.

Ionia hates us.

darkomega242 Ninjas are jerks,ice people are tripolar . and us and SI could make a mutual and helpful alliance.
Rextreff Ionia are ninjas who can’t do sneaky sneaks and Shadow Isles is too weak to betray us
Jpdaniel I refuse to ally with the shadow isles.And Ionia seems to hate us with a burning passion. So ya know.
WalkerNash Fuck books.
The Red Warden Frking ninjas always acting superior to pirates
Wizard996 Bad terms with Ionia right now. While Rex DID point out we helped in Shon-Xan, the scars in this arc are too fresh to bother with a past that long ago.
The Isles is spooky, but an alliance with them would be…interesting. I, Wizard996, have explained my reasons on the forums.
Freljord is tripolar, need to know where they’re at before the knife goes in as we look away.
Still Eternity As much as I do not trust the Isles, they currently serve our needs quite well. They have the military we lack, and we have the power they crave. An alliance could prove to be beneficial. However, the moment they go behind our backs and betray our trust, I vouch for nothing less than full extermination. They’re on thin ice with me, and I’ll be keeping my eyes out.Ionia, we have no business associating with whatsoever. We have nothing to gain from them and our relations are strained at best, hostile at worst. There is zero need to even consider them.

What about Ionia itself?
Ionia likewise seems intrigued by the possibility of an alliance with the Shadow Isles, perhaps seeing room for common ground in their shared concern with the afterlife. As for Bilgewater, they seem equally contemptuous of the pirate-kingdom, despite its more peaceful direction since appointing Nami their leader.


So it seems that a lot of people want to ally with the Shadow Isles. What about the Isles themselves?


The Shadow Isles seem to agree that both Ionia and Bilgewater could be useful allies…but at the same time, they show marked animosity toward the Ionians.


Curious. Let’s see what the Summoners had to say:

Summoner Why?
silencermage We seem to have a proposed alliance going on with ionia that theyll support our petitions, lend us a single champ, and provide assistance when they can with us doing the same for them. To be perfectly honest i’d prefer climbing to the top with the other underdog then beg for the assistance of the two winners. “Death frees us all.” Karthus
Ragingfangs They are to powerful simple as that
Kuronan Shadow Isles could definitely use Friends In High Places, and Bilgewater are in those high places. Besides, most of our Victories are against Ionia, so making them our allies will be detrimental to our place on the Balance of Power.
ChroniclerC My distaste for Ionia is well-documented, but we’re in last place. Beggars can’t be choosers.
Damaster00777 Ionia cock-blocked us on the first petition. As such, I would like to bomb them. I know that’s disproportionate and vindictive, but I feel that that wound was deep to the fact we were in last at the time.Also, Spooky pirates OP.
RaptorAttacks Freljord needs help to win, and we can be nice and SHARE!screw ionia doe. lel.
Ares the Proud Bilge has the most influence.
Rakdosis Begrudging alliance
StormRevolver Allying yourself with the strongest faction is such a boring choice

So what about the Freljord?


The Freljord seems to think that the Freljord should either go it alone or forge stronger ties with Ionia. It shows no marked dislike for any faction, however, other than Bilgewater.

Here are their specific comments:

Summoner Name Why?
Flaadym Thematically Ashe, as leader of the Freljord, would more than likely agree with Ionian policies more than the rest.
Matsokune That’s just terrible.
Tanadon Nobody likes the troll pole.
AbiwonKenabi I think Freljord should be open to temporary agreements for petition purposes, but should try to stay away from permanent alliances with any participating Factions.
Wrath of Avarice Because they’re winning, of course. You asked which one I hate the -most.- I don’t hate Bilgewater, but they’re in the lead, and it’s the same group essentially that won last arc. It does get a bit tedious.

There you have it.

What do you think?

I’ll post a new attitudes poll shortly.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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4 comments on “Rumors around the Institute (preliminary inter-faction attitude poll results)
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  2. Revoluxionist says:

    Let’s hate all the pirates!

    • Quiloren says:

      We all just want peace here at Bilgewater…

      Regardless of what you others choose, please consider helping us in our quest to better the position of all in dire need of assistance. Let’s work to keep the Nyrothians safe.

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