12/2 World Systems Catchup(Commerce, Espionage,Research and Petitions)

Now that Thanksgiving is all done, we may now play catchup on the polls results and this weeks polls. The petitions polls are at the bottom if that’s all you are interested in.

Project Poll Results

  • Bilgewater is now working on the Forges of Avalon
    • Avalon’s core factory was badly damaged in the battle to free the island from the berserk automata. The Avalonians themselves are wary of rebuilding it. Viktor, however, is intrigued, and has requested Bilgewater’s permission to examine what’s left. Generally skeptical of pure machine intelligence, the sophistication of the automata has led him to reconsider this position. He believes that the Avalonians can be shown the way forward to the Glorious Evolution.
  • Freljord is now working on World Runes.
    • Lissandra and her Frostguard mages have been carefully studying the leyline maps drawn by the Freljord’s scouts and Summoners. She has announced that the ancient texts concerning the enemy known as the Watchers may unlock the mysteries contained within Nyroth’s arcane foundations. The Frostguard has volunteered to take upon itself the mortal dangers of delving into these cursed tomes, for the good of all Runeterra.
  • Ionia is now working on Clockwork Monastery.
    • The Clockwork Monastery lies in ruins, and is said to be inhabited by vengeful spirits. The old stories speak of many wondrous inventions curated by an eccentric order of monks who have now (presumably) died off. Its gates are sealed with seemingly unbreakable metallic mechanisms, and no living soul has set foot inside for centuries. Ezreal claims that, with Ionia’s help, he could decipher this mystery and gain access. Many Piltovian researchers are curious to learn what is inside.
  • Ionia is also working a shrine for the Nyrothian dead as their industry project. It will give a research bonus during events when complete.


  • Bilgewater
    • Research: 29 commerce spent. 87 research
    • Industry: 29 Commerce spent. 145 industry.
      • This completes Zaunite Warpgate.
    • Final Commerce: 57.
  • Freljord
    • Research: 16 Commerce Spent. 48 research.
    • Industry: 16 Commerce Spent. 90 industry
    • Politicking: 16 Commerce Spent. 16 favor.
    • Final Commerce: 47.
  • Ionia
    • Research: 7 Commerce Spent. 21 research..
    • Industry: 7 Commerce Spent. 35 industry.
    • Politicking: 6 Commerce Spent. 6 favor.
    • Final Commerce: 20
  • Shadow Isles
    •  Research: 4 Commerce Spent. 12 Research.
    • Industry: 4 Commerce Spent. 20 Industry.
    • Final Commerce: 8


Everyone heavily voted against spying of any kind.

Research/Industry/Danger Rolls

I will start listing all world systems rolls, including and beyond this one, on this document. Please give feedback on this.

A brief summary of accomplishments below:

  • Bilgewater
    • Finished Zaunite Warpgate giving 2d20 additional commerce a week for the arc.
  • Freljord
    • Finished Glacial Embassy, giving 30 favor and 10% additional favor from arc events
  • Shadow Isles
    • Has now rebuilt all of its military
  • Piltover
    • Didn’t get attacked by Void Train
  • Zaun
    • Finished Primordial Power. Zaun is actually safe now. Relatively.
      • Zaun will have a much smaller chance of blowing up now.
    • Finished S.P.E.S.S. Zaun’s first flight was an astonishing success
      • Zaun’s tactical and strategic options have grown immensely

No one blew up.

Current Faction Standings

The at glance view that includes this weeks favor and commerce changes:

Research Research Progress Industry Industry Progress Current Favor Current Commerce
Bilgewater Forges of Avalon 68.90% TBD 12.20% 110 120 Bilgewater
The Frejlord World Runes 18.20% TBD 2.00% 38 54 The Frejlord
Ionia The Clockwork Monastery 40.00% Nyrothian Shrine(Research) 45.80% 53 26 Ionia
The Shadow Isles Night Terrors 62% TBD 0% 38 9 The Shadow Isles

Industry Project voting will occur on the next set of commerce/industry polls.

Go to the Faction Standings Form for more detailed information.

League Petition Polls

This will be the second to last Petition poll of the arc. There will be one more set of petitions and two more commerce/espionage polls.

In interest of quicker and more votes, the polls will be listed below instead of on the forums.

These will last until Thursday morning, and then support/oppose polls will go up immediately after the votes are counted up.

That’s everything.

Faction Standings
World Systems Feedback
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3 comments on “12/2 World Systems Catchup(Commerce, Espionage,Research and Petitions)
  1. Wizard996 says:

    Incorrect. Bilgewater is tied, by completing both the Moonstone and Atlanteans, and are well on our way to finishing up the Forges of Avalon already.

  2. StormRevolver says:

    so basicaly zaun finished more research than any active faction :)

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