12/4 Support or Oppose Voting and a Pact

As promised, the support oppose votes are now available and are available below. These will last until Friday night. There is a petition that might dramatically alter the featured matches this weekend.

Results are as follows:

  • Bilgewater
    • Research Assistance (DC: 100).
    • Formal Inquiry into Ionia (DC: 135)
  • Freljord
    • Research Assistance (DC: 100).
    • Substitution of Field (DC: 130).
  • Ionia
    • Research Assistance (DC: 100). They will burn favor on this.
  • Shadow Isles
    • Research Assistance (DC: 100).

There is one remaining thing of note. He has come time and time again offering his aid towards their miserable plight. He was rejected thrice, but still he offered week after week. Now, through their desperation, The Shadow Isles will embrace him. He will lead them. They will follow him. They will slaughter and mutilate for victory. There will be no mercy, no remorse, only death, and they will fight until the whole of Nyroth is permanently stained crimson by the blood of their enemies. Even if they do not succeed in the arc, they will succeed in exercising total annihilation.

Hello darkness, my old friend.

Krocelya will be so much fun.

Support/Oppose Voting

EDIT: I’ll give Bilgewater and Ionia a chance to reconsider their decisions on Kibu. This poll will only go through if there’s a significant number and there are significant differences between this and the original poll.

Faction Standings
World Systems Feedback
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2 comments on “12/4 Support or Oppose Voting and a Pact
  1. […] (Note: Ionia and Bilgewater may want to reconsider who they’re siding with now that the Shadow Isles has summoned the avatar of war to led them on a campaign of slaughter and devastation. They can do so here.) […]

  2. StormRevolver says:

    so we cant support or opose with our 0 favor? :)

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