This has been a test of the Spookpocalypse system


Something has just come up, which will occupy my evening beginning at 7 Pacific. I actually have to run in about 10 minutes, so here’s a quick post.

The quick version of Krocylea: there are two mirror kingdoms that hate each other. There is a nexus in the land between them, which probably explains the eerie duplication.

There was a very real possibility that the Freljord and the Shadow Isles were about to engage in an epic clash on Krocylea. If so, we were going to have matches between the Shadow Isles (and their Bilgewater friends) and the Freljord (and Ionia), to help determine how the battle would play out.

Friendship is magic

It looks like Krocylea will play out as follows:

  • The Shadow Isles will dramatically summon Aatrox to Krocylea. The skies will darken, lightning will flash, and he will lead them into the glorious carnage of battle.
  • The Council, and basically everyone else, is going to be really freaked out by the Isles throwing in with Aatrox. (See: the Aatrox special rules, which I unfortunately can’t C&P right now because I should have left five minutes ago.)
  • The Shadow Isles will rampage past the Freljord and attack the kingdom on the Freljord’s side, together with the kingdom on SI’s side. (The Isles will agree to “their” kingdom’s request to help them conquer their hated, identical enemy.) Barring some truly bizarre dice rolls, the Shadow Isles will utterly obliterate the other kingdom, and raise the fallen to join the undead army of Mordekaiser and Hecarim.
  • The Freljord will not try to stop the Shadow Isles. It is opposed to taking any part in such destructive acts, but will not intervene itself.
  • Instead, the Freljord will seize control of the nexus while the two kingdoms are busy fighting, and try to repair it.
  • The Shadow Isles will cooperate in the attempt to repair the nexus. Whatever benefits may come from repairing said nexus will be split evenly between them.
  • Ionia will aid the Freljord, and Bilgewater will aid the Shadow Isles.

Freljord, seriously guys

There were 27 signups for the possible matches tonight, of which only 5 came from the Freljord and Ionia combined. Uhhhh. That could have been awkward. You’d have to dress poros up in little Summoner robes to avoid a forfeit.


The relevant GDocs have been shared with Naggarok and lorestaff. They are empowered to take any appropriate steps to ensure things proceed smoothly while I’m MIA.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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6 comments on “This has been a test of the Spookpocalypse system
  1. Tolack says:

    HOLD ON! I was happy to co-operate with SI because I thought that would mean THEY WOULDN’T GO ON A BUTCHER SPREE FOR AN EXTRA 20 STRENGTH ARMY! Holy shit, SI is seriously too strong right now. Not even a joke. THEN THEY BRING AATROX IN ON TOP OF THAT!!??! We would literally need to 3v1 SI, but BILGEWATER IS HELPING SI!?!? I mean cmon, that’s literally best army gets a power boost allied with best navy. GG WP.

  2. kayokane says:

    Only Five people from Ionia/Freljord, I don’t like the sounds of that :o

  3. StormRevolver says:

    i still dont realy like it that the help was kinda forced on both faction. what if they didnt wanted to share loot?

    • CupcakeTrap says:

      (Briefly back.) They had the option to refuse to cooperate/share with the other side. Both SI and the Freljord said they would prefer to cooperate/share than to fight.

  4. Rextreff says:

    Don’t worry. Bilgewater has a robot army and a dinosaur army. Maybe not yet a dinosaur robot army, but we’re getting their.

  5. endervictorious says:

    (can’t handle this military on si)

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