The Spookpocalypse may have been un-cancelled


I may have spoken too soon: the Freljord and the Shadow Isles may be fighting one another after all.

Summoners: click here to cast your votes if you haven’t already. It is VERY CLOSE. You do not want to have to tell people in the next arc, when they ask you about Krocylea, that you decided to watch some amusing YouTube videos instead.

(Note: Ionia and Bilgewater may want to reconsider who they’re siding with now that the Shadow Isles has summoned the avatar of war to led them on a campaign of slaughter and devastation. They can do so here.)

I’m briefly back before I leave for the evening. As discussed, staff has been given the necessary information and access to the poll results to manage things in my absence. They have full authority to make ad hoc rulings and otherwise “GM” this evening’s events.

So, stay tuned. If the two factions decide to clash after all, the matches will begin at about 6 Pacific.

One note on timing: I would encourage staff to be lenient with forfeits and match start-times, given the short notice. Exactly how lenient they want to be is up to them, but it would be a real shame if this all ended in forfeit.

Given the sheer magnitude of force being deployed by both sides, this could get quite unpredictable. Each faction is nominating a Champion to lead them on the island; those Champions will make the necessary decisions should circumstances change. (They sure aren’t going to ask a bunch of pansy Summoners what to do.)

So, there’s a non-zero chance that we’re going to have an army of the undead led by the avatar of War battling cosmic horrors from the Void on a post-apocalyptic island that has known a thousand years of war since a great mage-battle destroyed their great gleaming crystal nexus. And did I mention that the undead army will also probably be lead by Mordekaiser, wielding a blackforged iron gauntlet stamped with hex-seals of command, torn from the corpse of a thousand-year-old tyrant slain by Elise in single combat after their armies had destroyed one another?

Does anyone have a guitar? Can anyone write a metal song about this?


Caitlyn, you monster.

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2 comments on “The Spookpocalypse may have been un-cancelled
  1. I’m literally going to write a metal song about that right now, or at least the lyrics. It’d be a nice break from the evil satany stuff my last few projects have been about.

  2. ChroniclerC says:

    To be fair, that ~does~ sound incredibly metal.

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