What’s Next for Nyroth

This is a revised overview of the remainder of the arc. We’ll be cutting it a little close, but I think it should be quite manageable. It does mean we’ll have to ask people to be a little more on their toes.

Thursday, 18 December, 24 CLE

I’ll post up the other lore event resolutions, and a poll for the Freljord about how to handle Yoroth. One of the main questions will be whom it will bring along.

Friday, 19 December, 24 CLE

I’ll finalize the weekend Featured Matches. (It’s left up in the air pending resolution of those Yoroth decisions.)

Saturday through Sunday, 20–21 December, 24 CLE

We’ll hold Featured Matches and otherwise work out the final resolution of events prior to the conclusion of the dispute.

Monday, 22 December, 24 CLE

The League will conclude the Nyroth dispute and begin determining the ultimate victor.

A final arc-ending lore event will be released. The centerpiece will be the victor of Nyroth making some critical decisions about what happens to Nyroth. Every faction will have important questions to decide, include setting their path forward into Intermission and the next arc.

Staff will begin sleeping again.

An awesome scored intermission will soon follow. More on that later.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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