January 17-18th Featured Matches Schedule

January 17, Bandle City vs Shurima

Simple set of games using intermission rosters. The Yordles of Bandle City shall fight the Shurimans.

January 18, Blondes vs Brunettes

Dr. Mundo sent in a special request, he was upset that people were not paying enough attention to his hair. Sunday’s matches will be between the Blonde and Brunette rosters he made back when he was placed in charge. He made a few revisions to the original rosters, but we didn’t think it wise to argue with the doctor.





Ahri|Akali|Udyr|Caitlyn|Darius|Draven|Tryndamere|Fiora|Vayne|Lucian|Gangplank|Leona|Nidalee|Karma|Taric|Jayce|Talon|Wukong|Garen|Xin Zhao|Mundo|Braum|Sivir


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