Schedule for this weekend’s Featured Matches: Piltover v. Ionia (March 21), Icathia v. the Freljord (March 22)


league of legends

Summoners of the League of Legends! Hear ye and be warned that the Council has decreed that a contest of arms upon that Field of Justice known as Summoner’s Rift shall conclusively resolve the disputes hereafter described.

21 MARCH, 25 CLE. PILTOVER asserts a right to conduct a search for missing Piltovian persons on land belonging to IONIA, without Ionian interference, those persons having gone missing during the investigation of an extradimensional phenomenon pursuant to the Agreement on Threatening Phenomena of 24 CLE, and to conduct such additional experiments as may be reasonably related to that search.
22 MARCH, 25 CLE. ICATHIA demands enforcement of a contract for the transfer of certain artifacts under the ownership of  the Frostguard tribe of THE FRELJORD, which protests that Icathia did employ arcane means to drive the contracting party (now deceased) mad, thereby invalidating the subsequently signed contract.

Let the word of the League be as law, lest all the powers of Runeterra arrange themselves against ye. There may be no appeal.

This weekend, we’ll have special Intermission Featured Matches between Piltover and Ionia (Saturday, March 21) and between Icathia (the Void) and the Freljord (Sunday, March 22). As these are Intermission matches, anyone is free to put their name in the hat for either or both factions on each day. We’ll be using the Intermission Champion rosters. (These rosters tend to be much more lenient and broad than one would find during an arc.)

What are they fighting for? Piltovian researchers picked up on some disturbing extradimensional readings on the coast of Ionia and investigated, as they are permitted to do under international law, but now some of them are missing; they want to continue their search without Ionian interference, while Ionia argues that the emergency has passed and they must be allowed to supervise the Piltovian operation. Meanwhile, a Frostguard sage contracted to sell certain artifacts to an Icathian prince, and perished soon thereafter; the Frostguard is now blocking the transfer, alleging that the agreement was made under the influence of telepathic duress.

Matches will begin at 12:30 p.m. Pacific (1:30 Mountain, 2:30 Central, 3:30 Eastern) on each day, and there will be three matches per day. These matches will be held on the NA server.

Matches will be streamed at

Matches will be conducted using Intermission Champion lists.

Saturday, 21 March, 25 CLE—Piltover v. Ionia

International law recognizes a right of all League member-states to trespass into the territory of another state in the event of a dangerous extradimensional event that threatens Valoran generally. On Thursday, 12 March, 25 CLE, a Piltovian vessel, the Zealous Pursuit, detected unusual readings from the coast of Ionia on its way to port. The Summoners on board informed the captain, Oliver Hemley, that they sensed severe dimensional disruption, and executed affidavits to that effect. With the terms of the treaty thus fulfilled, after receiving approval via transvox from the Admiralty, the captain brought the Zealous Pursuit to an emergency landing and deployed the ship’s company of riflemen to aid in the investigation. They expected to confront demons from the Void; instead, they found a surreal landscape resounding with unearthly chimes and bizarre creatures. When an Ionian delegation arrived on 16 March, they were stopped by Captain Hemley’s marines, who told them that several members of the expedition had gone missing, and that until they were found Piltover was considering this region under their temporary jurisdiction. Some went so far as to imply that Ionians were behind the disturbance in the first place.

The course taken by the Piltovian vessel the Zealous Pursuit. The disturbance was detected in a remote region of Zanuri Province.

The course taken by the Piltovian vessel the Zealous Pursuit. The disturbance was detected in a remote region of Zanuri Province.

While Ionia and Piltover had generally enjoyed amicable relations, this incident brought increased tension, heightened by the veiled accusations thrown back and forth. Ionia argued that the “emergency” had passed, and that in any event the treaty was not meant to provide exclusive control to the investigating party. Piltover countered that an implicit purpose of the treaty was to allow Valoranian states to investigate potential wrongdoing, and further that until its people were accounted for, it had a vested interest in maintaining control over operations in that region.

The matter has been submitted to the League of Legends for resolution. Perhaps anxious to maintain unity in the wake of the Nyroth dispute, High Councilor Kolminye took the somewhat unusual measure of sending both parties to a mediation session, to see if they could work this out among themselves.

Summoner C Drive endorsed the Piltovian position, in response to a question from Niko Dogan of the Herald. “Potential danger in the region is still high. Until the area can be objectively deemed safe, Ionia should stand back and let Piltover locate their missing crew and analyze the disruption.”

“With all due respect,” Jayce agreed, “the last thing we need is a second team working at cross-purposes. The equipment Captain Hemley’s men are using is very delicate. I personally pledge to take a look at their readings myself and help speed things along. The sooner we wrap up this political side-show, the sooner I’ll be able to focus on the science behind this.”

Summoner Wrath of Avarice delivered a veiled critique of Ionia, which caused a modest stir. “While Ionia generally behaves in a respectable and trustworthy manner, that doesn’t automatically absolve all its members of any responsibility. If they are allowed to interfere with Piltover’s investigation, any and all results uncovered from it could be tampered with or skewed to protect Ionia’s interests. That must not happen.”

Others were more vehement. Summoner Giacomo proclaimed that, “Ionia, and its self-appointed leader Karma, have this sense of entitlement that they really can’t uphold. If Zed, Syndra and the sad events at Shon-Xan are of any proof , they cannot control their people! I’d rather have mine, look into this matter. We don’t know what’s going on here, we must conduct research on the area until these Piltovians see their families again!”

At that, Irelia rose from the gallery. “ENTITLEMENT? I’ve had enough of Piltover’s snide insinuations!”

Summoner Nebuiosus joined her. “Piltover is obnoxiously using a clause in the treaty to try and exert sole jurisdiction over an area that belongs to Ionia. By refusing to allow the sovereign nation to aid them, they’ve shown their hands, and I refuse to stand by and let Ionia be treated in such a manner!”

Perhaps in an effort to avoid giving the media any more red meat to chew on, the mediator abruptly called for a submission of final offers. As expected, there was no meaningful overlap in the proferred terms, and the session was terminated.


The second match in this set has been selected for inclusion in the hexchromatic sensefilm archives of the League of Legends.

Zanuri Province, located on the western Ionian coast, is a barren land. The rocky ground never supported more than a few villages and monastic communities among the towering Zanuri mountains, and even these were scoured away by the first Noxian invasion. The soil has been scorched into lifeless dust by Zaunite techmaturgic weapons, and nothing grows here any longer. In one place, it seems that the Zaunites used an entire mountain for target practice: its upper half has been completely blown away. From time to time, certain Ionians have discussed the possibility of sending an expedition into Zanuri to investigate rumors that some of its clans survived by hiding away inside the mountain tunnels. Such proposals are invariably vetoed at the highest levels. Whatever may be there, mutated and warped by the aerial bombardment, it is best that it stays there.

Being well acquainted with Zanuri’s dark history, Captain Hemley feared the worst when the hextech sensors on board the Zealous Pursuit began clanging and blaring as they sailed past. His transvox message back home to Piltover, requesting relay to Ionia and Demacia, had the tone of a distress signal. When they found not a Void-infected hellscape but a scintillating otherworldly realm of strange wonders, he sensed an opportunity. He had quickly regretted his panicked call for Demacian reinforcements—and counted himself fortunate that Demacia was having a great deal of trouble clearing the deployment with the League’s bureaucracy—and did what he could to keep the Ionians at bay, as well. Ionians might not be as “smite-happy” as Demacians, but neither did they share Piltover’s appreciation for scientific inquiry.

The matches on the Fields resolved in Ionia’s favor, albeit somewhat narrowly. Ionia secured a ruling that Piltover’s authority to administer the “zone of perilous disturbance” had expired, restoring the region to full Ionian control, though a partial Piltovian victory established Piltover’s right to continue searching for their missing personnel, as well as their right to refuse to turn over the reports and sensor readings they had gathered thus far. With a League edict in hand, Irelia led a detachment of soldiers and Summoners into Zanuri Province, and established her field command center at the base of the “decapitated” mountain.

Captain Hemley’s missing crew members were all found, alive and apparently unharmed, but generally in a rather odd state of mind. The Zealous Pursuit set sail for Piltover once more. Although their investigations were cut short, they did manage to take down some very interesting observations. The researchers at the Academy might just be able to make something out of it.

As the Pursuit sailed away from the Ionian shore, they glimpsed the local clan’s troops moving to surround the ruined mountain.

(Temporarily removed; first draft was awful. Basically, they find an ancient shrine that survived the Noxian assault because the warden sealed it up.)

Sunday, 22 March, 25 CLE—Icathia v. the Freljord

A map of the Freljord.

A Frostguard sage named Emwer signed a contract with Prince Kathabra of Icathia, turning over a collection of priceless artifacts in exchange for a set of spellbooks, and promptly died. When the prince’s agents arrived in the Freljord to collect the artifacts, Lissandra ordered the items placed under guard in her sanctuary. The Prince thereupon filed a petition with the League, seeking enforcement of the contract; Lissandra countered with evidence that Emwer had been driven insane by Icathian magic, and was not in his right mind when he signed the contract.

Several Summoners who indicated a willingness to fight for the Freljord in this dispute made statements to the Herald.

Summoner Whitakker, of Freljordian extraction, expressed a message of unity. “Being of the Avarosan tribe, I am no friend of the Frostguard. Yet I cannot sit idly by while the amoral zealots of the Void insist on strong-arming precious secrets from my people’s lands with their twisted visions of madness and chaos. There will be justice for Emwer, and it will come on the tips of Queen Ashe’s crystal arrows. United we are stronger. Long live the Avarosan.”

Summoner ShadowKnight agreed. “It is preposterous that we allow sacred Frostguard artifacts to leave the sanctity of the snowy peaks of the Freljord. To think that they are coveted by the filthy Void-worshippers is even more intolerable. No foreign heretic will touch these priceless relics.”

Summoner Wrath of Avarice spoke against the admission of Icathia as a member-state, which occurred in the aftermath of the Void War. “Icathia never deserved to be recognized in the first place, but if it must be, it needs to learn that its fiendish methods will not be tolerated outside of areas under their direct jurisdiction. Manipulating others and potentially destroying them altogether may be an effective way to get what you want, but that is only when there is nobody there to stop them. Lissandra and the Frostguard are here to do just that, and I intend to support them.”

Summoner The Mimeoplasm was rather more glib. “I hope the Icathians are packing shovels—the weather looks decidedly stormy.”

No Summoners who had contracted to fight for Icathia in this matter were willing to submit a verbatim quote. However, rumors have circulated that at least some members of the Icathian lineup are there as the result of blackmail or other coercion. (Summoner Giacomo’s name is often mentioned in this context.) Meanwhile, Summoner Silencermage, avoiding discussion of the larger politics, referenced a personal rivalry with Summoner Aniv, who often represents the Freljord on the Fields.


The Institute of War believed that all of the Zz’Rot portals had been destroyed, save one rather small example which had been transferred to the armory of the Fields of Justice. (Turns out they’re wrong! More to come.)


Schedules are posted below. There will likely also be some opportunities for last-minute fill-ins.


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