Loresplosion II

2014-12-20 - Nyroth

I decided to do some more lore revision tonight. I had to stop partway through Neritum, but I thought I’d share the initial results. I also recently posted up another lore recruitment thread; we should be getting some reinforcements for our intermission lore team shortly, which will help us to finish up the rest of this, including the two issues of the Herald that we’d like to fit in.

For reference, there will be about 22 Nyroth lore updates when all is said and done, including Lore Event VI.

Yeah, I know: Why didn’t we just say there were SIX islands?

Edited Nyroth Lore

An airship expedition travels to the island of Nyroth and reports back.

Interactive Lore Event I
A brief interactive lore event following the prologue.

Interactive Lore Event II
In this event, each faction selects a starting Research project and makes some other decisions.

Update 1: The Harrowing Approaches
A brief introduction to the Harrowing season.

Update 2: Time To Troll
The Freljord recruits Trundle by petition and wins Udyr’s allegiance on the Fields.

Update 3: Not Your Hero
Nami hires the mysterious mercenary known as Jax to fight for Bilgewater.

Update 4: Avalon (Exploration by Bilgewater)
Bilgewater liberates an island from berserk hextech automata.

Update 5: The Harrowing
The Harrowing comes to Runeterra.

Update 6: Death and the Dead (Exploration by the Shadow Isles)
The Shadow Isles discover an island of undeath: and necromantic forces beyond even their control.

Update 7: Emain Ablach (Exploration by Bilgewater)
Bilgewater restores a verdant island to prosperity, and gives Maokai hope of one day revitalizing his home in the Isles.

Update 8: The Automata (Exploration by the Freljord)
The Freljord pursue automata spotted on the mainland of Nyroth.

Update 9: The Ancient Library (Exploration by Ionia)
This is where the jokes about Ionia and libraries come from.

Update 10: Aeaea (Exploration by Bilgewater)
Not all island have to be sinister. This one has sunshine, parties, and fruity drinks, as well as plentiful vowels.

Update 11: Argyre (Exploration by the Freljord)
The Freljord discovers a splinter civilization of “prehistoric” yordles, worshipping their own Mothership.

Update 12: Korag (Exploration by the Shadow Isles)
Remember the crabs? This is where they came from.

Update 13: Sannig Kloster (Exploration by Ionia)
Ionia decides to check out some more books. What could go wrong?

Update 14: Return to Argyre (Exploration by the Freljord)
The mighty warriors of Avarosa versus tiny little yordles.

Update 15: Neritum (Exploration by the Shadow Isles) [editing still underway]
The Shadow Isles does battle with Kaius, the Millennium-Tyrant of Neritum.


I’ve created a forum discussion thread here.


Caitlyn, you monster.

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4 comments on “Loresplosion II
  1. […] we’re going to go through them as a team. Our current focus: updates 11 through 15, i.e., “Loresplosion II”. I’m going to sweep through and write these. (Exception: Junpei will take the lead on Return […]

  2. ProjectRysa says:

    Can anyone inform to me what updates are from the First Loresplosion, and which updates are the new ones? This would be greatly appreciated.

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