New Summoner List Posted

Summoners I’ve just created a simple Summoner list for Lines in the Sand. Obviously, I plan to pretty it all up at some point, but the basic functionality is available.


As of this posting, there are 128 (tryhard, early adopter) Summoners registered in the NA region.

SHURIMA! is clearly the most popular, which is perhaps to be expected. We’ll have to invest some energy in showing off how cool the other factions are in the opening lore to see if we can get some people fighting to prove the value of true strength, or for a brighter tomorrow.

Approximately 40% of Summoners have an effective rank (see below) of Silver. About 20% have an effective rank of Bronze, and about 15% have an effective rank of Gold. Platinum, Diamond, and Unranked are each at about 10%.

Other Regions

We’re still NA-only for this arc to start with. I intend to expand to other regions as soon as we have all the systems in place for NA, which will allow us to copy-paste efficiently without tripping over each other. We also need to identify regional admins; if you’re interested, let me know.

Rank Rules

I’ve incorporated a new rank-counting methodology into this spreadsheet:

  • Rank means solo queue Summoner’s Rift rank.
  • Use the higher of current and Season 4 rank.
  • If a Summoner has no rank in the current season or in Season 4, use their Season 3 rank.
  • Only if a Summoner has been unranked from Season 3 onward are they marked as “Unranked”.

Unranked Summoners are tricky for fairness reasons. In pickups, I’m not that worried. For tournaments and Featured Matches, though, I think we need to work out some better rules. Although I hesitate to exclude anyone, my current proposal would be that “true Unranked” Summoners are not eligible to participate in Featured Matches or tournaments, simply as a matter of fairness. Of course, I wouldn’t object to a faction bringing in an Unranked Summoner for a Diamond-level slot on an organized team, since obviously they couldn’t be gaining any unfair advantage.

There are alternatives. We could let them compete as Bronzes, or Silvers. We could make up a rule for equating number of matches played with rank. We could have staffers assign ranks to such people. All of these alternatives leave me even more uneasy than excluding unranked people from such matches does, so that’s my current plan. As always, I welcome your thoughts and suggestions.

Caitlyn, you monster.

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4 comments on “New Summoner List Posted
  1. bakaultima says:

    also dam i singed up for piltover didn’t know i would be one of only like 25 people man i need to train que montage…… ….ok that didn’t work out to well still didn’t get the girl

  2. bakaultima says:

    in season 3 i was bronze but i show up as unranked now

  3. Crazymasterbookworm876 says:


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