List of Summoners

This is a list of all Summoners who have signed up for the current storyline in the NA region.

You can access the spreadsheet directly hereOr, if you like, you can check the raw form responses.

From Previous Arcs

Here are the lists from previous storylines.

35 comments on “List of Summoners
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  2. enemyofentropy says:

    Hello, blueshark15 here (piltover). I have just won my promotion to silver, and also changed my name to enemyofentropy.

  3. […] List of Summoners (NA) […]

  4. Darthzues says:

    I don’t see myself here…? Is there anything I missed, other than doing the signup google forms and posting on the forum page?

  5. […] List of Summoners (NA) […]

  6. HuntingPanther says:

    Hi, I just wanted to mention that I signed up for SI, silver.

  7. Bloodless08 says:

    Hi, I signed up yesterday and am hoping I can be a gold sub for Ionia in today’s match. I have done all the required posting, the list just hasn’t been updated. I will be online during the event and u can contact me via email as well or on the Ionia boards.

  8. Rushing Hakw says:

    Hey i filled out the forum twice because i didn’t think it worked the first time could you remove me from ionia? thanks!

  9. ConceptStyx says:

    Hit lvl 30 and now im in Silver :D

  10. Killer11477 says:

    I signed up for bilgewater two weeks ago have you added people since then?

  11. Ryu the first says:

    I’m a silver 4 now! Would you please update that? Also, I’d just like to say that I absolutely love your work here, and honestly Riot needs to hire you for their lore (just as long as you can keep doing this lol)

  12. daniel says:

    can u please update

  13. dantheman2 says:

    I got to level 30 and I was placed in Silver 5.
    please update lol

  14. Cobra Commander says:

    Hey! New here, I just actually got placed again and I got Bronze. I wasn’t sure if you needed an update on that or not. Anyway, this is going to be awesome either way!

  15. FallenAngel says:

    Anytime baby

  16. Why am I not on the list? I signed up for Bandle City.. :(

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