Champion Recruitment Results for 10 July, 25 CLE

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Here are the July 10 recruitment results, just in time for Factions Friday.

Roster Banner - Noxus

10 July, 25 CLE—Vladimir, the Crimson Reaper, enters the dispute on behalf of Noxus. Practitioners of ancient Shuriman magic disparage modern spellcraft as small-minded and petty, operating on a human rather than cosmic scale. When they unleashed this ancient magic in the opening days of the war for Shuriman independence, they swiftly overwhelmed the Noxian mages, and their magic was crucial to repelling the assault of Cassiopeia’s legions from the walls. Now Noxus’ ranks are bolstered with Noxian Summoners trained in the closely guarded secrets of Rune Wars magic, and the tables are beginning to turn. Vladimir delights in striking down Shuriman soldiers, proving that whatever cosmic power their immortal Ascended masters might wreathe them in, they themselves are only human, and their lives ebb and flow with the hot blood in their veins.

Vladimir was born to a noble house, and inherited both the prestige and the sadistic bloodlust of his forebears. The former he found hollow and unsatisfying; the latter he embraced, and nourished, until it blossomed within him. It drove him on to commit a series of murders in his youth, and he fled the capital to escape retribution. In the mountainous southern outskirts of Noxus, near the Tempest Flats and the Voodoo Lands, he encountered a hemomancer, or blood-mage, who taught him his lethal art and was in turn slain by his student.

Vladimir returned to Noxus in 20 CLE. A murderous display of his new powers won the attention of General Boram Darkwill and secured his admission into the League of Legends. (His house, which had disowned him after he fled, was all too happy to welcome him back and gain for itself a Champion in the League; the families of those he killed were persuaded by Darkwill to let bygones be bygones.) He fought for Noxus in the (unsuccessful) battle against Ionia for the southern islands of Galrin, Navori, and Shon-Xan. When Jericho Swain overthrew Boram Darkwill in 22 CLE, Vladimir quickly found himself welcomed into the highest levels of Swain’s new government.

Roster Banner - Piltover

10 July, 25 CLE—Lux, the Lady of Luminosity, enters the dispute on behalf of Piltover. Though Demacia largely refuses to become involved in the present conflict, it has agreed to send Lux. The Lady of Luminosity herself is curious to investigate theories that Demacian light magic originated as a splinter school of Shuriman solar magic. She will join Piltover in their research on Shuriman ruins, many of which have now risen up from the sands for the first time in millennia. She is also advising Jayce and other Piltovian researchers as they work to create a new type of techmaturgic device capable of channeling optical and prismatic energy. Should Piltover find itself battling Void demons or the undead, it will be most glad to have Lux on its side, given her key role in developing exorcism and banishing spells during the Hextech Revolution.

Lux’s true passion has always been the study and practice of light magic, though circumstances have forced her to turn her talents toward more destructive ends. Before being compelled into military service, she dreamed of attending the Schola Splendorum in Demacia. (To this day, she insists that, having completed only general magical studies, she is not properly a light mage, but “just an ordinary mage.”) She is proud to serve her country, and agrees that Noxus and its dark allies must be stopped at any cost…but cannot entirely stop herself from imagining what her life might have been like if she’d been given a choice.

Piltover captivates Lux with its love of learning and commitment to individual freedom. When she arrived at the League in 20 CLE, she was broken and disillusioned, resigned to what she saw as her fate; her encounters with Champions and Summoners from Piltover were some of her brightest memories in this dark time. She eagerly embraced the opportunity to learn more about Valoran’s other civilizations and their magical arts. On the subject of embracing, she soon became quite enamored of Ezreal, the self-taught Piltovian mage and explorer. While observers have noticed an apparent cooling of their once affectionate relationship since the Battle of Shurima, they do seem to remain on generally friendly terms as she arrives in Shurima to assist Piltover on behalf of Demacia.

Roster Banner - Shurima

Shurima won partial early victory last week, gaining entrance into the League and securing Shurima’s sovereignty. The more generous rules applied to membership petitions have been replaced by harsher standards for Champion admission. (Shurima loses its next two Champion pickups.)

Detailed voting results are available here:

The runners-up were Dr. Mundo (Secondary) and Blitzcrank (Secondary).

Prior Recruitments

Recruitment Rules

Recruitment opportunities occur about three times per month. Factions may recruit either a Secondary or a Tertiary, but if they recruit a Tertiary, it also consumes their next selection. Factions may not recruit two Tertiaries in a row, unless they have exhausted their Secondary options.


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